<strong>Happy Gawai Christmas From The Dyaks Blog! OHHHAAAII!!</strong>

Happy Gawai Christmas From The Dyaks Blog! OHHHAAAII!!

Let’s examine a typical, average Christmas/Gawai expenses by a Dayak family:

1. Beers of 10 crates (6 crates Tiger Beer and 4 crates TsingTao Beer). The reason with buying two grades of beer is one for standard show-off  for VIP guests and one for common visitors.
Tiger Beer 6 crates/ RM65 X 6 = RM390
TsingTao Beer or lower grade beer 4 crates/ RM45 X 6 = RM180

2. Chicken meats. At least 10 dressed whole chicken at RM15-14 each. 5 for curry chickens and 5 for fried chickens. Some also cooked in bamboo or pansoh style. Costs RM150.

3. Duck meats. At least 5 ducks at RM40 each dressed whole duck. Good for dark soy sauce stew. Originally a Chinese dish not a native dish to the Dayaks but somehow the Hakka Chinese (the farmer Chinese clans often deriled as the Dayak version of the Chinese) must have thought the Dayak how to cook it!

4. Pork. Ain’t no Gawai without pork! Easily RM160-180 for a 10 kg pork or RM16-18 per kg. That’s only for a typical farm-bred pigs. Those reared free-range pigs at longhouse / kampong definately a prized item. Even rarer a pig/wild boar cross-breed (free-range pig with wild boar) which definately have that extra luxury meat experience. Popular pork dish during Gawai are pork stews (with dark soy bean sauce and whole garlics), pork soup with salted cabbage and peanuts, pork soup with dried bamboo shoots, pork soup with tempoyak (durian paste) and chillies, pork bellies, chops BBQ etc.

5. Liqour and lots of it. Minimum Dayak booze standard is that crap called Label 5 priced at RM40 for 1 litre pack. Serve your Dayak guest with anything lower than that (such as Sahip etc) expect yourself to have that silly grin. At least 5 packs worth RM200. Add with the usual suspects of Chivas Regal (RM85 per 1 litre pack) and learn a bit about the American Civil War with Jack Daniels vs Jim Beam (both RM80 per 1 litre pack). Recently the red wines(in paper box) making rounds as the new sidekick for Dayak booze party so dumped in the Stanley Wines (RM50 per pack of 3 litre) and Peter Vella Wine(RM70 per pack of 5 litres). Anyway the Dayak always reserve the ubitiquos “Tuak”/fermented rice wine and the “Langkau”/distilled rice wine (History Channel: Sadly the lazy Dayak learned half-way how to distilled properly rice-yeast combo from the Chinese thus derived with the half-baked liquor called Langkau). Overall booze cost easily RM500.

6. Vegetables. Lots of chilies, gingers, onions, garlics, potatoes, salted cabbage to cook the Dayak favourites such as chicken curry, pork leg with salted cabbage, pork loins with smoked garlics with dark soy sauce stew. Dumped at least RM100 for veggies.

7. Soft drinks. Coca-Cola and tons of it. RM38 per 1.5 litres crate, times 5 crates. Perfect for liquor mix-up. RM200 down. Some would add the semi-booze soft drinks like the Anglia Sandy. RM25 per 24-cans crate. To fool the Malay visitors the Malta malt drinks is a perfect drink to serve as alternate to Guiness Stout (Malay drinkers would fantasize Malta as Stout, true story yo!).

8. Sweets, tit-bits, crackers. Especially salted peanuts the necessary evil to down the beers and boozes. RM100 for this crap.

9. Lemang or glutinous rice in bamboo. Served with chicken curry. Costs RM70 in buying bamboos, glutinous rice and coconut milks ( set of 10 cooked lemangs).

Total foods and drinks expenses easily cost around RM2,000 or more for a typical Dayak family.

And that’s only for Gawai. Six month later the Christmas looms and it is fairly the same amount again splashed out which easily tops RM5,000 or RM500 per month aside. Twice the celebration, twice the ‘wastage’?

Nope Dayaks, I’m not telling you folks to stop celebrating Gawai and Christmas. Not even Peter Minos can tell you that just to mourn unnecessarily for some Queen of Thieves’ funeral. In fact having both would tell UMNO and Perkasa that to enter Sarawak they need to kill both to invade totally Dayak into minced meat.

The point is, if the Dayak can spend such amount just for the sake of feasting and making the Chinese grocery shop towkeys richer and richer every single year, then the Dayak should spend the same for premium powdered milk, seafood, multi-vitamin supplements for their kids.

The Wasteful, Poor Dayaks Making The Beer Towkays RM12 Million Richer Annually?

Just how much the Chinese grocery shop towkeys profiting from the Dayak booze galore? To give you some tips one towkay can easily sells 3 contennas of beer during Gawai. Mind you a contenna loaded of beer is anywhere between 10-15 palletes and each palletes hold 40 crates of beer (of 24 cans). That’s 9,600 cans of beer worth easily RM50,000 per contenna. In one small town of 8,000-10,000 Dayaks population with 10 grocery shops and supermarkets that’s easily 10-15 contennas of beer sold worth well above half million ringgit. Note that these booze are smuggled, tax-evaded and perhaps falsely stamped as baby clothings from China.

Don’t forget it’s twice the amount to include the Christmas booze too! You can see on beer alone the Dayak can spend literally millions only to end up as gazillion gallons of urine. No wonder J*bu claimed in one survey about Dayak alcoholism problem that Dayak spend around RM12 Million worth of booze each year. (more…)

Mandatory IQ Test For Voters - Let's Kick Out The Idiots From Voting!

Mandatory IQ Test For Voters - Let's Kick Out The Idiots From Voting!

This is perhaps another proposed solution for EC on how to improve our democracy: Mandatory IQ test for voters.

There must be some sort of control and filtering for such an important decision-making process and democracy is at best not to be ruined by village idiots and pirates with MyKad.

When democracy being hijacked by gerrymandering, money politics, fake voters then something must be done to reduce it albeit stopping it completely remains a fat hope.

And don’t even think that with the recent announcements by EC in reversing the usage of indelible ink and postal votes means BN UMNO listen to people’s advice. BN UMNO did it for show-stopper only knowing very well the fake voters alone can still save BN nonetheless.

OK, let’s return to the IQ test.

This type of IQ test relatively non-quantitive (no calculation involved) but visual-based. This is a very suitable form of IQ testing. Using visual…exactly how BN also depends on Dayak voters being visually impaired to identify only Dacing logo as the only savior of their soul.

Some people knows how to respond better and logically while some simply duped by the same trick over and over again resulting in low IQ marks.

It’s relative as well that democracy driven mostly by non-idiots resulting in higher income nation and less corupt. It’s proven all the time. When Idris Jala said our Bank Negara gonna bust come 2019 it’s because of too many idiot voters keep on voting BN knowing very well how evil and corrupted BN is.

Idiots keep on voting for idiots? This is not right and must be stopped.

The test require plenty of focus, sequence, balance and logic of answering 39 questions in 40 minutes. That’s one trick for every one minute. Tricky decisions that wringle your mind. Exactly the same scenario in your daily routines: picking the best loan deals, whether low-price offer is for expired food or not, to donate or not to bogus church charity, to vote BN or not…

Next, what is the parameter for passing a voter? A score of 130 and above? That would wipe out 90 percent of EC voters list. Otherwise BN accuse it as unfair to only let top 10 percent smartest population to vote (but it’s OK for BN to let 10 percent of top crony population looted it all).

Remember that BN still enjoy gerrymandering-based democracy where BN can even win simple majority on less than 15 percent votes. Is that fair?

The best passing mark should be 100 points and above. Should be enough to kick out the idiots.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Yes talk about fairness here. This test can be done anytime, anywhere, anybody. Fair enough. To prevent online rigging, the questions can be randomly re-arranged and the correct answer can be dynamicly placed (not necessarily on same spot). It is nearly as unique set of test for each voter to start from.

Also it should be one-time shot test for everyone, just like the voting system a vote for every man. Fair enough, again.

Finally the democracy is truly by the people, for the people, from the people. Idiots no more. Fair enough?

Low IQ Idiots Must Be Banned From Voting!

Low IQ Idiots Must Be Banned From Voting!

Gerrymandering explained:

“… the smallest constituency in Malaysia was 13 percent of the national average while the largest was 288 percent, in contrast to the UK’s which smallest and largest constituency are 77 percent and 153 percent of the national average respectively…If the EC is sincere, it should redraw all the constituencies, this is not gerrymandering, this is outright cheating.”  – Ng Chak Ngoon said at public hearing by the parliamentary select committee (PSC) on electoral reform

Let’s recap the initial eight demands made by Bersih 2.0:

1. Clean the electoral roll
The electoral roll is marred with irregularities such as deceased persons and multiple persons registered under a single address or non-existent addresses. The electoral roll must be revised and updated to wipe out these ‘phantom voters’. The rakyat have a right to an electoral roll that is an accurate reflection of the voting population.

In the longer term, BERSIH 2.0 also calls for the EC to implement an automated voter registration system upon eligibility to reduce irregularities.

2. Reform postal ballot
The current postal ballot system must be reformed to ensure that all citizens of Malaysia are able to exercise their right to vote. Postal ballot should not only be open for all Malaysian citizens living abroad, but also for those within the country who cannot be physically present in their voting constituency on polling day. Police, military and civil servants too must vote normally like other voters if not on duty on polling day.

The postal ballot system must be transparent. Party agents should be allowed to monitor the entire process of postal voting.

3. Use of indelible ink
Indelible ink must be used in all elections. It is a simple, affordable and effective solution in preventing voter fraud. In 2007, the EC decided to implement the use of indelible ink. However, in the final days leading up to the 12th General Elections, the EC decided to withdraw the use of indelible ink citing legal reasons and rumours of sabotage.

BERSIH 2.0 demands for indelible ink to be used for all the upcoming elections. Failure to do so will lead to the inevitable conclusion that there is an intention to allow voter fraud. (more…)


Restore STPM Gatekeeper + Abolish Matriks + Stop PTPTN Scam!

Look closely at the following Malaysia GDP per capita graph:

Malaysia GDP per Capita at current prices/inflation adjusted still stuck at 1980s?

Malaysia GDP per Capita at current prices/inflation adjusted still stuck at 1980s?

Why Malaysian income still stuck at 1980s level? Is it considered a failed nation?

Malaysia A Failed Nation? by Rustam A. Sani

Malaysia A Failed Nation? by Rustam A. Sani

There’s no fancy economics theory here to explain. In fact Crony Capitalism-based economy doesn’t require any genius to explain it. It is down to a rotten education system the main cause of it all. And it’s all because of Mahapokrit as well. Social re-engineering my ass.

But first let’s examine how education system being hijacked out of UMNO’s own inferiority complex. It is based on hate system toward Pendatang students that keep on excel in their studies despite many drawbacks, lack of school fundings and deliberate measures.

Firstly, STPM made redundant examination as SPM and Matriks being rigged to ensure as many UMNOPutra students gain direct entry to public universities. Pendatang students do not have such priviledge except being stuck thrown to STPM lions in Form Six. Yet the Pendatang students able to pass through the STPM and again, face the same undeserved UMNOPutra students in public universities.

How these UMNOPutra students cope and compete with Pendatang students?

Nope it’s not the biggest issue as competition will settle the obvious winner, but at what cost financially to both UMNOPutra and Pendatang students later.

Yes you got it right: how will they repay their PTPTN study loans back. For the those students having good results rest assured they may skip half, reduced loan rates or best of all being converted as full scholarship to top achievers. A-ha…in the end the UMNOPutra students suffered the most…having poor result albeit granted junk 3rd class degree with no employment chance in open job market…ends up as honorable jobless graduate with certified bankruptcy status unable to repay the PTPTN loan.

Is this how BN education systems works toward achieving high-income nation? By fooling own UMNOPutra students and turned them instead as jobless bankrupt graduate?

Obviously it is the UMNO fault all along out of hate toward Pendatang students that always dominating great academic results. Seriously UNESCO should declare Malaysian education system as a scam, highly racist and anti-intellectual.

There are already plenty of debates, strategies to reverse the declining standard of the education system including wasting billions and billions on teachers’ retraning, PPSMI and the reversal of it but still the rot continues. Hell, it’s billions more wasted on PTPTN study funds as well.

The solution and to end this academic disaster is ironically already in place but made redundant: it’s all down at STPM level.

Yes, just revised back STPM as the ultimate test and standard barrier to enter tertiary education. Scrap the practice as using SPM to enter college courses and abolish the dubious Matriculation system as alternate university entry point. Both public and private universities/colleges must accept only STPM holders as students.

This will filter out lots of genuine students from the idiots. And those with good STPM result deserves automatic study loan/assistance from PTPTN. No more free issuance of easy money for anyone from PTPTN. Competency must be rewarded and mediocrity shouldn’t be promoted.

The effect of this measure (STPM as common benchmark entry) will be immediate. Universities/colleges will receive only good, committed and quality students so it’ll be reflective on overall rankings of our universities as well on global standings. PTPTN meanwhile, require much lower funding to operate as the number of study loan applicants will be dropped. EPF can no longer risk of giving soft loans to PTPTN only to write it off as so many student defaulted unable to pay back with their junk degree deemed useless for employment. Colleges(cronies-linked) that depend on predating, luring the unsuspecting SPM holders either close down or buckle up to accept STPM holders.

Now what this means to Dayak students?

Very gloomy to be honest. Gloomy because all these while Dayak students being treated as 2nd class Bumiputra students and also one of the easiest target to be duped by private colleges that offer junk degree courses and also ends up as bankrupt jobless graduate. One can see just how many banners hanging outside the rural secondary schools ready to prey on these rural Dayak students.

Furthermore Dayak students are not exposed in earlier stage of education about English, the rigorous regime of Chung Hua style in studying Maths thus make them ill-prepared to face STPM open competition head-on. Only lucky few will survive the cut, how about the rest? Considering GiatMara? Odd job kopitiam waiter/waitress earning RM350 per month? (more…)

When DCCI (Dayak Chamber of Cronies Industries?) proposed for assistance for Dayak companies to enter Bursa listings, ever wonder what’s that shows or purpose anyway?

Is it representative of what 800,000 Dayaks’ economic standings in reality?

Or more to show off the Dayak BN Cronies ability of their cable-bilities?

DCCI better stop it as most of these Cronies worth PN17 companies without cables from UMNO projects. Worst part those Cronies numbering less than 150 top Cronies basically not even 1 percent of entire Dayak population to held authority on genuine business leadership other than Cronyism and Nepotism.

The wealth apportioned from such practice of course being kept only for these select few Cronies, not the rest 800,000 Dayaks.

So how to engage as many Dayaks possible to benefits from their looting?

To ask the Dayak BN Cronies to teach DCCI members how to bribe for projects? How to alienate cheap state lands for high resell later? How to dupe fellow Dayak NCR landowners to upgrade it as commercial land to fat rich Foochow towkeys only not to be paid later? Or how to run easy money Ali Baba companies?

Nope, Dayak BN Cronies will never teach all of those looting tricks.

And that is why DCCI’s plan to get Bursa listings will fail to sustain their business for long run. And that’s right there aren’t enough Dayak companies being taught and established the Cronies way! The plundered wealth will end in 3rd generation as the Chinese says.

Here’s the lesson: Always share the good stuffs and multiply it.

DCCI must groom and teach all the tricks in the sleave to as many Dayak entreprenuers out there. For all the good and sundry, conjobs, tricks whatever it is share it all. Ever wonder why some multi-level marketing still works and expanding despite of their dubious business nature? These MLM crooks always sharing and recruiting, expanding in one company or another.

Sounds like promoting a scam here? You tell me.

DCCI is a scam anyway. A Dayak scam by the Cronies. Only problem the Cronies aren’t that smart and selfish enough to share their tricks and expand it so big it can create a group of Dayak business cartel.

What a cartel can do? Ever heard of OPEC? Well those sheikh folks can choke us of oil if they wanted too.

And you may ask what DCCI got as Dayak entity to choke and control? Do you see NCR lands? Who control oil palm in Sarawak? Dayak have lands it’s 50 percent battle done but not enough choke on oil palm cartel. Oil palm needs lot of lands. Choke it and DCCI must become Dayak oil palm cartel. Speaking of oil business, what DCCI did so far to ensure oil and gas jobs can be channeled more to Dayak youths? Create Dayak worker oil and gas agency?

How about liquor? Dayak loves booze binge drinking. Can DCCI control beer distribution rights? How about the illegal beer lootings? Why let SUPP moonshine goons control it? Can DCCI send their own goons as gatekeeper at each Dayak village longhouse, any moonshine must deal with DCCI folks first? Sooner or later who knows cock-fighting will be legalised, piss off if DCCI failed to act as state Nyabong gambling commisioner!

You see there are plenty of lootings that DCCI can get other than Bursa listings.

The most important thing is to identify the correct and relevant business to nail it hard. And don’t forget to share it too. Once you share it to many Dayaks until it strong enough to command a cartel status, you got it spot on. Sounds like a typical monopolistic Foochow trader? Damn right!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Last but not least, perhaps DCCI should learn from the Native Americans on how they do business and share it. Good to note that it seems the Native American have full control of their reserve lands and to whom they can do business better on their terms. Perhaps DCCI can have the same mentality that demand greater control of how Dayak lands can be handled best in own Dayak terms rather than being held gun-point by LCDA Yang Dikasihi goons. (more…)

DAP Bongkar Hipokrit UMNO tandatangan perjanjian kerjasama dengan Komunis China!

DAP Bongkar Hipokrit UMNO tandatangan perjanjian kerjasama dengan Komunis China!

Yet another vivid display of hypocrisy by UMNO when dealing with Communist issue.

Seems like only UMNO dealing with China Communist government deemed legit while others muat be viewed as extremism, anti-Malay etc.

Ironically when China government dealt severely towards Chinese Muslim Uighurs rebels, UMNO seems to be blindfolded of it and there you go the Muslim brotherhood thrown out by UMNO.

And so on there are lots of self-contradictory acts by UMNO either promoting Communism only to condemned it yet again. Amazing hypocrisy!

BTW, if there is one thing UMNO can ape from China is how to deal with Corruption criminals…yeah…shoot them dead…no…UMNO’s 3 million members will be wiped out by MACC in no time…noooo….

Video clip: Prof Dr Aziz Bari – Orang UMNO Sebenarnya Komunis