Greetings From The Dyaks Blog!

Welcome and greetings to you all Dayaks and the rest of you people and phony bots and dopey fakes alike!

This is the blog for those seeking the lunatic truths that shape our world today, right here from the Dayaks’ dimension. As the preface suggests; “The Politic Of Donkeys: How Dayaks Are Duped Into Worshipping Rajah Yang Dikasihi.”, it’s how Rajah Yang Dikasihi ever perfecting the divide-and-rule job over Dayaks by using deliberate, delaying tactics that’ll keep Dayaks poor for ease of control. Here you all are highly encouraged to analyse and rethink all the deliberate manipulations/ exploitations/ conspiracy theories over Dayaks’ looney Sakai Mentality, nonsensical political ideology-idiocracy debacle, superstitiously intelligence mediocrity, supernatural boondoggles that in turn made the Dayaks in disarray and divided only to make Rajah Yang Dikasihi and his political dynasty to rule Sarawak indefinately.

The coming news/ comments are some of which my previous postings from other opinionated sites and also scores of interestingly loony news from this ever-loony land called Malaysia and its minions and goons and beyond. Whether you believe our world are ought to be made from unlimited stupidity, pseudo-cynalism, hypocrisy, crazy religous cults and superstitions, racism lunacies or based on pure logic, common sense, political correctness, scientific parameters, or the world will end in year 7000 according to Nostradamus, it’s all for your brain’s amusement til the edge of logic. The Dyaks Blog can only preserve the final amusement: worship the mystic wonder of stupidity.

Stay tune my fellow Dayaks!


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