Made no mistake, our education system is nothing sort of shame and point of ridicule nowdays. The only thing consistent in it is the inconsistency of implementing effective language medium of critical subjects such as math and science. The biggest losers or casualties in this whole moan and groan definately our rural Dayak students. That lead to finding ways to stop this downward spiral from ever worsening rural Dayak students that already facing real shit in terms of underfunded schools, lack of computers, to even the teachers themselves merely blind leading the blind in teaching math and science using English. Therefore, Chinese schools offer another alternative for Dayak students to implore as stated in my arguement that appeared in Dayak Baru with different views and shit-squirting replies:

Chinese schools Is Dayaks’ Sole Education Alternative

Wonderful greeting from Dayaks. Humid and hot weather indeed. Another hard day work for most our rural Dayak folks in planting paddy now. Another day to wait for Dato’ Seri Tiong King Sing to teach our dear farmers about the latest farming technology from Taiwan. Sad joke, Apai Tiong! You should enjoy yourself strolling around the fetish red lights streets in Kaohshiung there having hot bath with Hsu Chi, not some farming stuffs. Betel nuts aside, Taiwan is one of the top destinations for Malaysian Chinese students completing their studies. These students merely sneaking to enjoy Taiwan’s top universities which is highly stock up with American inputs. Years of technical-war with mainland China means indirectly heavy U.S. presence in their policy, especially in military prowess and of course their education system. Their base of technological and intelligence advancement lies in their universities only for mainland China to play catch-up. You may question the validity of some Chinese here with Taiwanese degree but honestly, they are many times better than UM degree holder. Some Sibu graduates already implement their knowledge here such as in plantation and farming. You can see many pilot projects started such as the *hybrid rice plantation in Lundu which yield minimum 3 harvest per year. Yes, that hybrid rice coming from Taiwan rice strains. Experimenting here at Sarawak soil can only expand this type of rice’s unexplored potential further. *To those interested in new type of rice and possible large-scale, high-yields rice farming:Ribuan Insentif Sdn.Bhd. / Empire Supplier Co. Lot 148, Lorong 5A, Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak. Tel. 082-481345. These Chinese rice farmers now only need land, vast area of lands to develop it to maximise the rice yields and harvest multiplifications. I’m not glorifying Taiwanese education system for some hot bath with Hsu Chi, no please for Bung Mokhtar Radin the Bigfoot from Kinabatangan’s sake, it’s just another education alternative for Dayaks.

Just Piss Our Confused Education System Off.

As mentioned in my other comments, Dayaks basically gain nothing from our own education system. Consider these sick tactics that compounding all these years just to keep Dayak very poor academically:
– Under-funded missionary schools constitute indirect, mysteriously anti-Christian policy.
– Deliberate posting of low-quality teachers to Dayak-populated schools.
– Stinkly corrupted school rationing contract means lower food quality being supplied to rural schools, which is mostly on Dayak-populated schools, severely affecting brain development
– Scholarship for top Bumiputera students basically a bogus policy as top Dayak students being sidelined for Malay students.
– English-to-Bahasa flip flop policy is worst than drinking tuak in term of making students drunk and lost.
– Burdened with PTPTN loans while cannot even get a monkey job with practically worthless degree from substandard university/college while university owners made up from fake Phd holders continue to reap easy money from these loans.
The word Bumiputera therefore should be banned by law as it serves no purpose at all when Dayaks, coined under Bumiputera so-called caste stature, just a hollow inclusion. The same word dictates 30 percent equity for business ownership but in fact the Bumiputera shareholders are just appointed cronies and nominee Alibaba shareholders. It’s only a phony concept where suddenly a Dayak back-breakingly planted his hill paddy suddenly received some shares in YTL Properties believing that all the mandatory 30 percent Bumiputera equities in stock market share capitalisations being distributed to all humans bar-coded as Bumiputera. Rightly to say those practicing polygamy by divine law requirement will benefits the most then. The more the merrier. That is why to any sober minded fellow human beings such as Chinese don’t really care about this dope called Bumiputera. They don’t need it but the Malay also needs their money in many ways. That is why Chinese are self-sufficient when coming to their education system. They fund their own schools no matter what, the local businessmen donating cash and building materials to build their own Chung Hua schools so much that they being branded ultra chauvinist in pursuing their own mother tongue Mandarin but yet they contribute the most of tax revenues and almost universally all sort of experts and business fundamentals to our country. In simple word, our national education is not worth for every penny the Chinese will spent for their Chung Hwa schools. Their education system can only reliably promote the best potential in human capital: math and science, but still promoting, not neglecting both English and Bahasa Malaysia as core subjects. Even the ever-shameless Borneo Post highlight the issue of more Bumiputera students enrolling for Chinese schools. Borneo Post might be own by Chinese tycoon of KTS group but their news broke the myth: Dayaks can only seriously consider Chinese schools.

Leapfrog Advantage For Chinese-Educated Dayaks.

Dayaks and Chinese accounted 70 percent of Sarawak population, or the majority is non-Muslim. The elder Dayaks generations now are maybe rottenly corrupted by Ketuanan Rasuah but the upcoming Dayaks are no donkeys to carrot-dangling by. Chinese businessmen facing a hard time paying their bribes through Malay and Melanau masters here to jump start their business only in the end they dealing with resources that are mostly Dayak-owned. These resources are land and workforce. Education is one of the barrier that both Dayaks and Chinese can ditch these leeches out. Ironically, Chinese and Dayaks has been battling the Brookes’ colonising expedition, the Japs, and now the One Common Enemy. If Chinese schools being the major choice for most Dayak parents sending their kids, the opportunity is boundless. Dayaks kids at least can be trained and sharpen their math skills. Our current education system didn’t promote math skills that are good enough to make Dayak students able to counter the many types of discriminations already being pre-set to favour Malays in disguise as Bumiputera. So the best is sending Dayak kids to Chinese schools. Immediate advantage obviously employment opportunites in Chinese companies but it doesn’t supposedly stop there. Think about business joint ventures and ultimately political ventures with the right team-ups. Melanau only make some 5 percent of Sarawak population but effectively control most resources in Sarawak. That made them the little napoleons of Dayaks. My proponent is not making Dayaks as ruler by majority but rather stop some stupid, injustice things going around. Also it is wrong to give free money to Dayaks just because they are way behind, that is sick culture invented by Umno to help Bumiputera. Iin the end it only makes Bumiputera weak, more helpless by becoming dependent on handouts, bailouts, and laziness. That is why so much failures involving government grants such as Mara, SEDC entrepreneur development programmes with easy money, subsidy mentality already hard-etched culture that is difficult to curb. To teach them to fish rather than giving free fish daily. They key is always on proper education but something has to be done to stop the rotten education system to further damaging future Dayak kids. Chinese schools is just an alternative, readily available schools structure and system but looking at the scope of blatant discrimination and deliberate delay tactics which indirectly to keep Dayaks poor for ease of control by the one common enemy Yang Dikasihi, it seems that Chinese schools is the sole remaining best alternative.

Of course, some shit-eating hobos just can’t sit tight and throw this shit upon seeing my arguements:
“well if you think that is good for your son, go for it. It is of your choice, but why Dayak Baru want children to go to Chinese school, Iban skul nadai manah meh? Baka ni tu kitai dijajoh ulih sida Cina, pia meh jako aku. So think for yourself. Did Dr. John go to Chinese School before? Dr. John is a shining example if successful Iban yet he did not go to Chinese school.”

Which in turn to made me to wind up the idea of Dayaks choosing Chinese schools nothing more than a smart move in term of increasing their chance in improving Dayaks’ human capital advantage:

Reverse The Human Capital Advantage To Dayak Kids.

Greetings or whatever, the no.1 Dayak porn site that made Eliot Spitzer or Larry Craig aroused or something right? Of course there’s no such thing as the perfect, right answer you twat. The word “alternative” is not some idiot skunk singing some punk rock song while wearing a songkok. No, it’s a word to implore for another education option you may consider. Just like you think some pseudo Iban schools as another education system but when you mix our own flip flop education (a mix of English education, then modified by Umno to make sure quantity rather than quality counts) to derive another brand of Iban schools? Jesus, it’s alcohol punch juice mixture that’ll make Dayaks gonna drunk backward another 200 years into stone age. Our Dayak civilisations history is too much a joke to be anointed as education system. The very purpose of going to school is to get basic knowledge, acquire math skills so that you are smart enough not to be cheated in guiding success to your life and not about remembering some shit like patriotism, hidden malay agendas or worshipping some space tourist that declare the earth indeed circling the sun, but our education system did just that. Instead of focusing on study, govt keep arguing which language is the best to suit a duck talking to whole chickens. Going down to the general population and you can see the bitter reality affecting young Dayak students statewide: more dropouts and drifters.

Recent statistics shows over 100K SPM students either failed their exam or simply left out due to their already poor English profiency initially and then failed their Math, Science subjects. Bet your last pubic hair that rural Dayak students make up the numbers, which indeed an indirect education rights’ hijacking. Sorry, Singaporean factories in Johor not gonna take more new Dayak workers. Already rural Dayaks are at severe disadvantage, bred with original Dayak gene of low intelligence, adding this never-ending education lunacies, what positivity can you hope out of this in the next say, 20-30 years from now? Fortunate Dayaks like Dr.John is a small Dayak sample to make a big human capital for Dayaks to claim this Sarawak as our Dayak kingdom. Yes, Dr.John may not the product of Chinese schools but how many Dayaks made the cut to the top? Are you proud of the overall result compare to other major races per se? What quality can you expect from Dayaks holding top govt posts from nepotism, cronism without proper, truly competent qualifications but you regard it as Dayak deserved success? And by using govt study loans to get your degree succesfully meaning you’re hold for ransom unable to speak out for other less fortunate Dayaks that is considered as anti-govt?

Your dismay over Chinese dominance is understandable but have you ever thought why? They started with zero business capital when arriving here but they already battle-hardened with human capital to survive. They got a long history of civilisation and the Foochow migrants are just some China unwanted drifters group, yet they virtually control the timber, plantation cartel here in less than a century. Not yet the most dominant cunning Chinese of all the Cantons, Hainans, Manchus in the early Opium War heydays that basically cohoot with the British to dupe own fellow Chinese mainland from Hong Kong, if they ever coming to Borneo and God knows if Borneo becomes another China’s crown jewel. Chinese are intelligent, we are not. Chinese may not directly the majority landowners here but our own Dayak leaders made them the “new” landowners. And we Dayaks already lacking in human capital that is our basic intelligence in math skills, calculations, foresightness, cunning minds but here we are with just less than 30 top Dayak politicians with some Dayak YB happy to accumulate RM500-600m worth of all projects and keeping AliBaba RM50-60m personal wealth and self-declared yourself as saviour of Dayaks on behalf of the Yang Dikasihi. That is more like *Nick Nolte as phony Dayak saviour in movie “Farewell To The King”. A few thousand of Dayaks only feel the swift air of happy living while the rest of the majority Dayaks will struggle back to ol’ jungle days. Typical Dayak just happy to settle for a small peanut crumbs aka. Sakai Mentality.

That is why another alternative is Chinese schools for wherever Dayaks may find convenient, aprroximity, location-wise, to send their kids to study and reverse human capital advantage to Dayak kids. Why choose the equally underfunded mission schools when you can at least let your kid sharpen their math skills in Chinese schools? When they are already math savvy in primary Chinese schools it is another option to continue for other medium high schools or the same Chinese high schools. With proper guidance, nobody can take the developed human capital from your brain. Human capital basically non-transferable, unlike easily tranferable as Dayak YB shamefully subcontract a project wholesome to Chinese contractor for a meagre sum of easy money. You are the master of your own human capital.

Well, Iban-medium schools maybe a good vision but not yet. Enough of our rotten schools, no need to add more circus. No reason to be panic that we are losing Dayak identity, forget our history, or shit like that just like the Malays would fear English schools might turn them as American or embracing Christianity. In China province Xian, there are approx. 20 million muslims but they are still Chinese blood and soul, not change into Arab or Malay. So stop that sick fear-mongering. Get every opportunity to improve intelligence in early stage as it can be acquired. Schools are supposed to make you a really smart ass, not a confused bum.

*Nick Nolte by the way cherish some Dayak value like drinking. Got arrested, jailed for DUI some years back, again and again. Still active in acting til today. Bunch of Glen Campbell’s southern night booze culture.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

My arguement is simple: Dayak students can always opt for Chinese schools. They can at least sharpening their brains out of their usual mediocre Dayak brain ability by indulging into punishing math learning methods employed in Chinese schools. A first step in truly harnessing human capital while other obvious benefits including multi-lingual skills. When Dayak students already have firm footing in math skills, it’s up to them to develop themselves no matter which high school medium they choose to continue next. We always blinded by the fanfare of high-achieving Dayak students from urban and suburban areas but little perspective given to those rural Dayak dropouts which still command the biggest numbers and well, the biggest casualties of all.