Another day, another snippets right Dayaks? Just when you thought Dayaks might find a way to plan for Great Revolt against Yang Dikasihi, the good ol’ days of Ming Court looming again with dopeys such as Yaakub, Sng, Tajem pop up their ugly head once again. Dr.John’s mingle with the word ‘betrayal‘ for us to ponder is nothing sort of refreshment for those Dayak having selective memories and evil prophecies alike. For all the filth and vilification against Yang Dikasihi, however, able to subdue us the Dayaks with spectacular grip unlike any other tyrant in the world combined, without much or almost zero bloodshed is nothing sort a perfect divide-and-rule job in history. 

In my previous comments, I stated many times that Dayaks are just too unintelligent and volatile to govern and become policymakers. Dayak’s sakai mentality, be it you the ordinary kampong longhouse folks or minister or great intellectuals self-appoint or not, remain the biggest stigma of all in order for Dayaks truly to embrace ‘change’. We got no immediate civilisation to look upon as great custodian for this land called Sarawak, too much stupidity time and again has been acted upon without guilt and remorse. As scattered animist lurking around the Borneo jungles, how would be so naive to face Brunei kingdom and be part of his subjects when with one appearance of a big battle ship suddenly the whole state come under James Brooke only for WW2 to end it and the rest of Malaysia formation history witnessed the ever demise of Dayak into native antiquity until this very day.  For shit-eating nuggets like commentator KonyBY and the goons alike is a typical Dayak muppets example that would take any crumbs to deny the rest of Dayaks wish to remove all the puppet masters that been dogged Sarawak for so long. Just like pensioners paid by Pahang govt to go online fight anti-govt blog (and surely view porn) for free, shit-stirring is KonyBY day job here huh? You slimey wankers.

Even setting a common objective, that is having the common enemy against Yang Dikasihi is a far cry made into consensus so it just made sense that those puppet masters such as Yaakub and Sng and the likes (you know who) able to pull strings remotely full of last laughs. Dayaks are just trapped in balloon effect, from left to right, whoever hold the base. YB Gabriel Adit might pop out but not enough to release the burst for now as it’s all goes back to the original puppet master, Sng, that control the rest of Tajem, Salang, Ajang, Dagangs and even Masing goons now. The fact is why Masing faction recognised by ROS is just a favour from Pak Lah to stop his nemesis Shahidan Kassim from further nuisance together with Sng-Dr.M-Ting Pek Kiing axis and the whole ‘Bernas’ scams debacle, not to mention RM billions of projects either under Sng and Ting Pek Kiing as sweeteners to mess up the Dayaks more. Betrayal indeed the major thorn in the flesh. Dayaks, once again, the trapped deers in the forest fire unable to run much in time. Same ‘ol shit, different day. That is just the PBDS-PRS fiasco alone, not yet the SNAP-SPDP-James Wong and PBB-Yaakub reconciliation nutjobs that will put Dayaks’ demise in such a grand finale.

How to unite whole bunch of Dayaks would require one large zoo and forest rangers armed with tranquilers with one aim: to shoot at will and cage them one by one. Precisely what Yang Dikasihi did over these 30 years and you Dayaks keep betraying your own Dayaks for nothing, frankly speaking. Name me the richest Dayaks now and for once he will have to surrender all his money to Yang Dikasihi for that is his loot, not for you Dayaks. You think by signing to surrender Sarawak for Malaya for getting 5 percent oil royalty knowing that 95 percent instead should be Sarawak takings is the wisest trick a Dayak can do just because Sukarno scarecrow will invade you? Dayaks has been a joke since day one. To hear Adit opt to join PKR just because his past alliance with Sng faction deemed automatic rejection by PBB and served with u-turn note for PRS Masing faction is hopefully another typical benefit of doubt case. Anwar can only come here for prep talk and rooting some rich influential Foochows for support DAP-style but again, you Dayaks should let the options open for Chinese partner-in-crimes and fully utilised the resources available even it’s no match to Yang Dikasihi stockpiles.

Sakai Mentality is a great tool to analyse why Dayaks use or abuse the double-edged sword called ‘betrayal’. Dayaks and Chinese command 70 percent of all Sarawak population but ruled by 5 percent Melanaus is beyond nearest logic. The Chinese own financial solidity while not necessary own most of the lands here but Dayaks remain the biggest loser as they are either delayed, ignored or blocked from owning at least their ancestral NCR lands, the only remaining treasure as everything else looted away by Yang Dikasihi. The Foochow timber barons, always the prime benefactors are ripe for the pickings if betrayals remain the game plan as you can sense it now. Sarawak DAP is good example of how they concerted their effort a la guerilla warfare that saw SUPP down to their knees much like George Chan willing to knee for his splendid failure in capturing urban Chinese voters. With our democracy operates on the highest bidder basis, there is not much room for fair play anymore. But that is Dayak, as I mentioned in previous comments, being unpredictable, elusive and volatile in nature perhaps even Yang Dikasihi cannot contemplate so much that only our state election differs from general, nationwide election to the blockade of Umno into Sarawak summed up the fact that we Dayaks indeed taking betrayals for fun, shock and awe. Yaakub can only live long enough to witness that all over again.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Don’t be mistaken for my negativity but I do find something familiar when Noble prize winner James Watson (DNA pioneer scientist) claimed that black people are not intelligent and therefore should not participate in any intelectual cause for civilisation, he is talking on his fear for letting loose a bunch of animals to rule the world according to the rule of the jungle. From Idi Amin of Uganda, Mobutu Ssese Sseko of Zaire (now DP Congo) to Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe nightmares now, there are just too much evidence that people with animal instinct betrayals (maybe effect of childhood playing with animals) are unfit to rule. Yang Dikasihi posses that trait generously but only with flair and soft-authoritarian, the only question now is his succession plan viewed as confirmed political dynasty deemed relevant to present sentiments or not. Dayaks meanwhile remain the inevitable threats but like the Africans’ rule of animal instincts, either we’re intelligent enough to regroup, fight orderly as a unit(one-to-one candidate fight) and hunt in packs elusively or we all let loose biting anything on your path. Now that’s full of fun, shock and awe, right Dayaks?