Dayak Concentration In Civil Service: Competency vs Cronism/ Nepotism

When Dayak Baru posted the issue of ‘Not Enough Dayak in the Civil Service’ , one of  the most striking nugget that most people,  Dayaks alike failed to dislodge is how deserving Dayaks are in civil service. While  private sector obviously offer another avenue  to fully exploit and appreciate your talents,  the question of your valid qualifications, competency and integrity (zero tolerance for corruption) will always remain the prime  denominator if you dare to use the word  ‘deserve’. Coincidently during the relatively  same period exactly the same issue being  brought up but at a different place, in * Penang State Assembly to be exact, again  bear the same arguements (posted at  bottom part) and points but reveal a rather  form of conspiracy theory that Umno indeed  set up the policy of favouring the Malays over  other races in taking up most civil service concentrations and and of course came  along the suspected practice of cronism,  nepotism, corruptions being placed as basis  of civil service recruitment agenda in pretext of Malays as majority and should deserve it  more than other races. And it is no difference  here in Sarawak with emerging signs that  Dayaks, being the majority here would think and act in the same sick ideology. Having  said that, it is the Chinese that taking the  highly technical posts and it is just  interesting to reveal why: it got to do with  their education system, the level of  intelligence, origins/ history of civilisations,  all of these make us Dayaks nothing sort of  a very inferior beings, let alone to rightly  claim a job to yourself just because your are  under-priviledge majority and need selective  favours to survive. That is all Umno sick  culture and Bumiputera by large (Dayaks included) can only become weaker and ever-depended almost as crippled man begging  on the street. The following are my  comments on that issue:

Genghis Khan practice meritocracy? Holly  balloney. How do you equate that in this  modern soil? Barbarians have to pass at  least high-school certificate to go out  conquer the world? But wait, ever heard of  nerdy bespectacled Vikings that swept  Europe by storm? If you equate meritocracy  with Singapore’s soft-authocracy rule, then  it’s ok, you’re almost there. It’s like Lee Kuan  Yew telling Robert Mugabe to practice  meritocracy to rule the rest of Africa. Right,  Confucius he is.

Back to the issue, number of Dayak civil  servants, particularly in Sarawak, is highly  dependent on political ties rather than  meritocracy and made worse by Ketuanan  Melayu/Melanau stigma. Local Dayak YBs /MPs basically aware of that and we can see  in many councils offices, govt agencies  where Dayak leaders hold office bearers,  somehow Dayaks staffs holding some  ground and numbers. Together there comes  the influence on policy making process.  What is worrying is that, Dayak leaders  making the same tactics as Malay leaders:  Outright cronism and nepotism in picking  civil servants on ball-carrier basis rather than  their own valid qualifications.

Then came along another issue: is there  enough numbers of really competent Dayaks  deservedly to get the jobs, just because to  champion our Dayaks’ place in civil service?  Why should Dayak scholars, intelectuals  choose to live in comfort zone knowing that  they sided govt leaders which clearly corrupt  and abusing own Dayaks? You see, the  issue of meritocracy is almost non-existance  in civil service perhaps explain the root  cause of corruption. When you are  profesionally competent, your basic principle  is integrity.

For instance you work in local council as  land development committee members. If  you hold a strict rule on housing  development conditions and reject outrightly  any bribes from developers to expediate any  project approvals, you will contribute  efficiency and effectiveness in your council  jurisdicted area’s economy. Your action will  be a standard bearer for other approving  authorities like Bomba Dept if ever they  become corrupt and asking bribes. The  housing developers will make sure their  planning submissions are true, complete and  without errors with all relevant authorities  approvals knowing that any bribes will incur  extra cost normally 10-20percent (as rule of  thumb) so you as competent civil servant  remain the frontline against corrupt practice  and surely the housing developers in turn will  point at you as example of clean authority  and other authority should clean up their  acts as nobody want to waste any silly  money. In the end, property buyers will enjoy  speedier projects at very “true” market prices  thus local council reputation as clean and  responsible authority will only bring more  economic benefits in long run, as doing  business doesn’t incur extra cost of  corruption. Here the cost of incompetency  will directly shows in every end products if  not checked: low quality property products  and improper town planning.

So, why it’s all relevant to Dayak civil  service? Because before you crying about  the number of Dayaks, are they deserved it?  How competent and trustworthy they are?  How credible the acedamic qualifications ie. surely not from dubious substandard  university or simply bought the degree? How  many of Dayaks, even thru political  membership, technically knowledgeable of  their post? How blatant it could be to put  influential Dayak political party members as  policymakers, without competence and  resort to bribes as their final say on  approvals. This culture exist universally in  history of civilisation. Confucius demand  great integrity among Chinese govt servants  during Emperor rule and laid the basic  meritocracy guideline by enforcing strict  public examination as main gate for being  civil servants. It’s sad to note the level of  Dayaks’ education and proper governance is  still remotely low now. No need to mention  the basic Dayak negativities such as  alcoholism, gambling, decadence, inferiority  complexity that already embedded in Dayak  mentality. This stigma will remain ages to  resolve. The very stigma also that prevent  Dayaks to unite against it’s own common  enemy the Yang Dikasihi that no need  further introduction.

Only when Dayaks gather all in big numbers,  pull out an all-out effort against Dayaks’  common enemy then you can talk about  redistributing the Dayak-Malay ratio in civil  service. Do not call it as justice act yet as  Dayaks in foremost themselves must be  truly, deservingly get the job with correct  qualification and integrity. That’s one step to  gain or earn proper respect. Gurkhas are no  great nerds like Jews intelects but their  bravery are legendary so much that the  British can only employ rather than fight  them. That’s another form of integrity and it  come in many other forms. So what is  Dayak competent at is up for us to choose  (definately not casual drinking). Never too  late. If many assume that rural Dayak voters  that caused so much mischief in defeating  ruling govt due to vote buying (as alleged),  then the new generation of Dayak voters will  pick it up to prove otherwise. The ill-informed  older voters don’t deserve the blame as they  are what they are, subject to easy  manipulation by corrupt politicians.

If Dayaks being the majority in Sarawak  deserve more in civil service, in what way  you want to envision it? A highly competent  govt servants? A pampered brain-dead  cronies just sit there collecting bribes? In  other Malay-majority civil service you know  already how the culture operates, are you  willing to let Dayaks being the other type of  Bumiputera to receive the same lowly  perceptions? Zimbabwe’s land reform and  redistributing to the blacks from the whites  land owners just because the blacks are the  original natives, the majority and deemed the  rightful owners doesn’t give any sense if the  blacks don’t know how to toil their own land.  Robert Mugabe just want to grab the land for  himself thru cronies and thugs. You give an  acre of land to a Dayak and Chinese, bet  your arse the Chinese will earn money many  times from the Dayak but using same size of  resources. Just like Kalimantan Dayaks  seeing the Madura migrants working idle  land much better than own Dayaks, the  Madura become so good the Dayak can only  envy, decide to riots and kill off the Maduras.  If Dayaks getting the most share of civil  service then how it ended? Basis to employ  even more Dayaks? The right to form  gatekeeper to take bribes?

Yet another point of credibility. Nepal have it  fair share in finally dethrone a ridiculous royal  rule, but their reputation as fearless and loyal  soldiers is stuff of legend and will never ends.  British govt still employing Gurkhas as their  special forces now, deploying them to  warzones. So same goes to Dayaks, there  must be some form of fear factor to Dayaks  that deemed a deserve point to champion for.  A low-level council worker like lorry driver?  Typical. A councillor that only hope for RM50  per attendance for council meeting? Pity.  Being a chairman for some state govt  housing agency just to enjoy the perks like  chaffuered Jaguar? Leech. A D.O. assistant  going around the village selling some palm  oil schemes hopefully getting bonuses from  fertilizers supplier? Wankers.

Seriously, I can only noted when told by  some Chinese businessman that Dayaks  workers is better than Malays to employ.  They are not prone to stealing or plain lazy,  let alone procastinating. Maybe true? But  comes Gawai, there goes the long holiday till  drunkyards goes up to the roof. I’m not being  negative but when I listen to a Dayak lecturer  talking about Dayak voting patterns, he is  merely cover-up his support for beloved YB.  There goes a waste of taxpayer money in  paying salary to so-called a Dayak  intelectual. Talk about live-TV hypnosis  sessions.

For now, Dayaks can only afford a  backstage role, supporting characters. Way  disasterous for being a policymakers. With  current state of disarray, effectively divided  by own leaders, talking about civil service  placements can only means nepotism and  cronism for those most Dayaks getting the  top jobs. What Dayaks must do now is how  to kill off their one and only common enemy  first. Then Dayak leaders set a new govt  policy based on merits and integrity, of  course themselves set example. Beheading  is not an option but still a stuff of legend for  Dayaks to ponder on common enemy, much  like Gurkhas known for their fearlessness.

Come on Dayaks, we can do much better  than organising and hypnotize by that  keyboard-quality music awards, believing  that we are entering in new era of civilisation.  Those Elvis jumpsuits, side burns, bell- bottoms? Just pathetic pact of muppets. ( End of my comment)

From the same post at Dayak Baru, a  commentator js ask:
“If there are not enough qualified and  compentent Dayaks to be in civil service,  isn’t it probably the cause and effect of the  current education system or we ourselves  don’t like to excel in education?”

My reply basically further add-ons from my  previous comment:
There goes the fox, you got it.

It goes down to our education system rather  than Dayak students desire to excel. Plus  the Dayaks genetic brains and food diet  relation as well. A culture of dysfunctionality.

Just pick up any highly technical jobs from  any civil service like hospital surgeons, JKR  engineers, JAN accountants, LHDN auditors  and mostly ended in Chinese govt staffs but  that’s all. But look around all the menial  general jobs like drivers, cleaners, tea ladies  you get Bumi staffs mostly. But for top post  like directors, secretaries, senior officers of  course held up by Malays mostly.So where  Dayaks staffs stands? Quite scattered  around. From directors to drivers.

Our education system basically racist and  confused system, one way or another. And  one of the world’s most wasteful education  system. Govt should just give free education  up until bachelor degree programme, given  the RMbillions that PTPTN, Mara loan out to  students but failed to recoup most of that  money, let alone to pay back to EPF being  the loanshark to PTPTN. This type of  spending will only encourage low-quality  colleges being set up, sucking the student  loans and give back practically useless  degree which the students find no job at all.  And stuck with the loans as well. The only  beneficiaries is the low-quality university  college owners, some of them are basically  a con artist with dubious PhD with their only  intention is grabbing student loans in return  of monkey degree. Given the fact that many  Dayaks being court-summoned (as publish  in dailies lately) to pay back their study  loans summed up the rotten state of our  education system. Which can only tell that  they can’t find job with their silly degree.  Most of them are ill-informed about the  college background and marketability of their  degree, and how easy they can get study  loans is another point for them to jump to  any college, feeding themselves to sharks  basically.

It’s bit and parcel of why Dayaks are sort in  numbers to be competent enough to fill the  civil service, particulary the demanding and  technical post: education conjobs. The far  bigger flaw in our education still the racist  policy, bundle in as much Malay students in  colleges universities regardless of merit so  that they can own a degree whatever actual  quality students they are to the market  suitability. That’s another point to ponder, not  to mention the quality of lecturers and faculty  heads, deans, professors and their policy  that seems only to degrade the quality so  low that the only thing to be proud of is the  shining new university buildings. And there is  the issue of English language as the medium  which complicate the education system  further down to stone age. As much as 100, 000 SPM students failed their Math,Science  subjects and bet for sure most of them are  rural students, which by no suspects are  Dayak students among the concentration.

Another important note mentioned earlier is  Dayaks brain genetic and food diets  relationships. Perhaps it explains why  Dayaks are not good in calculations, highly  technical thinkings compare loosely to  Chinese per se. Civilisation wise, Chinese  should conquere the world if not for Admiral  Cheng Ho failure to bring more ships to circle  across the world, almost actually. The  Chinese reach what we call as Brazil today  and explain why scientists finds Chinese  DNA traits in among native Americans  bloods. Chinese are superior breed of  humans, long before European and Arab  scholars combined together. Only with  proper food intake does the brain and body  can function optimumly, building brain  inteligence and these can only be practised  ages to derived the results of civilisation.  Multiple that fertile number of humans with  active brains does the creation of clans,  groups to form a stage of colonies and  nationhood. Some say Chinese so advanced  that they are could be intermixed with alien  race from space just like the ancient  Egpytians but never discount that.

So what got to do with us Dayaks? We lack  proper diets and suddenly we brought inside  civilisation by British, Arabs merchants,  Chinese migrants here inside Borneo  bringing in religions, idea of governance until  today we as a citizen. Dayaks food staple  basically just enough to breath and work on  daily basis. Not much changed as shifting  cultivators, nomads, animist believers. Stone  age people only with extra clothings and  Kenyalang fur skullcaps. Hardly any  ironsmith except for gongs, machetes,  spears, blowpipes thats all. Let alone any  masonry skills to create or mix concrete so  at least to leave us any structure except  wooden longhouse with grandest architecural  marvel is “pasak” on the pillars that hold the  longhouse structures intact. Apart from that,  there’s nothing much that show Dayaks are  inteligent being. It got to be the proper food  diet, the source of brain intelligence. Hardly  any fresh foods, meats due to lack of mass  farming and livestock breeding skills. That  lead to eating a lot preserved food, the very  opposite of nutrients that stall brain  development. Just like if you deduct DHA  content in powdered milk content, babies will  not retard but same as their parents, slow  thinkers. But why Chinese never consume  DHA and somehow paraded with civilations?  It’s all taking time but we Dayaks rush into  new civilisations and faced it with other races  that already accustomed with civilised way of  living.

Now, we live in almost all aspect of  modernity, hardly any famine to restrict us to  consume proper food diets. But the  inteligence level still very much dependent on  DNA passings. We Dayaks lacking that  priviledge due to our infant civilisation  timeline unlike Chinese to the nearest. That  explains why a Chinese kid better in Maths  compare to kampung Dayak boy, frankly  speaking. To blame Dayaks don’t have  desire to excel in studies is not necessarily  true as everybody wish to be smart, study  hard and achieve good grades. It’s just that  some of us Dayaks evidently hard to master  Math compare to Chinese. That’s why in  every govt dept, the most technical staffs are  Chinese, a meticulous Add.Math teachers  are Chinese, not to mention the traders,  businessmen. But above the rest, their is  universal concerns among Dayaks parents  now on educating their kids be it in rural or  urban Dayaks. Some speak English to their  kids, sent them to Mandarin class or enroll  them in Chinese schools. This is one way to  play catch up with the Chinese. In a bad,  corrupted way some Dayaks choose to  marry Chinese in hope for better DNAs, form  a business on Alibaba basis to run it like  most Dayak politicians do for quick cash  upfront. Intelligence can be observed,  nurtured, trained or even crossbred.

In today’s world with access of modernity  and information on proper food diets,  awareness of educations, you can only  blame yourself not to develop yourself. In all  fairness, Dayaks are gaining numbers in civil  service with direct/indirect influence of our  Dayaks leaders be it political or intelectual  cause. The only issue is how to tweak the  loophole that considered as barrier for  Dayaks to development all-roundedly. We  have the numbers, population wise but to  which direction to forge our authority? Bigger  Dayaks civil service staffs? In what ranks?  The top policy management, the admin level  or office boys? If present education system  deemed a failure even to the extent that  Dayaks hardly find jobs in govt sector, then  how about working in private sectors? Yes,  the Chinese towkays. But Dayaks again  lacked education and only useful in manual  labour workforce. How widespread it is if  Dayaks to adpot Chinese schools, be  proficient in Mandarin as everyday Bahasa  Malaysia and English, good in calculating,  learn with the Chinese how to survive in the  fittest resources, as owners of vast idle NCR  lands why not Dayaks themselves form  iniative directly with big Chinese plantation  companies rather than politicians that only  proud to parade the meagre dividend payout  with actual land ownership still belong to  Dayaks thus Dayaks ultimately have the final  say on their own land resources? The  Chinese are smart. They don’t have lands but  they use our Dayak politicans to cohoot and  still able to toil the lands above.

But that is all business sense as money  doesn’t pick on skin colour. You yourself  pick the right solution, how to contain the  crooks but the same time learn from them as  well how they can make money out of  almost nothing. That’s why you must be  smart likewise cunning and intelligent. Why  cry to work with ‘gomen’ when you make  more money outside? Dayaks are not that  intelligent? You can only learn and try.  Foochows were poor migrant but their acute  thinking that lead them control the  agricultural produce initialy and then now  forming virtual cartel on timber and  plantations with only gatekeeper is the Yang  Dikasihi for now. Dayaks can never remove  the Yang Dikasihi now but Dayaks can learn  the trade/ tricks with the Chinese.

Dayaks will lose nothing by learning from Chinese be it their schools or work in their  companies. Being multiligual is another advantage but no bigger asset than learn to  have a superior intelligence.

To sum it all up, Dayaks must:
– stop eating junk preserved food. Bad for brain development
– enrol in Chinese schools, primary level
– at the same time, focus on English  language
– active in sports. Brain needs better oxygen  flow.
– up to secondary school, choose your own  stream carefully according to your strong  points. If you can’t do well in math don’t  screw yourself.
– you supposed to be excel in studies by  now so scholarship not loans required for  you to enter university/college.
– local university/colleges by no mean a  substandard but you can show differences in  your thesis/findings paper as truly  exceptional. You’re a class act Dayak  achivers.
– you’re so good that employers companies  are looking for you, not otherwise.
– time to reject tuak/poorly distilled carbs as  your booze but choose wine. Glorify your  senses futher, just like inteligence.
– if you choose to waste your talent then go  ahead work in ‘gomen’ or worst case as  lecturers. Blind leading the blind.

But wait, I never mention about Christianity  among Dayaks. Well, no relation to civil  service as religion just a form of neurological  disorder. Some Dayaks(those most  successful, professionals) tend to convert  anyway for some mysteriously unknown,  opportunistic reasons. Religion can only  mean more holidays day offs. Common  sense tells you that our Earth is much older  than 5,400 years old as claimed in Bible and  please, if you are a prophet decending to  Heaven you no need to bring the horse  together, leave it at desert for others to use.  Lifetime virginity is boring anyway. Corruption  supposed to be 11th Commandments or an  outright a fatwa edicts(just like polygamy,  anti-corruption be no difference to enforce).  Christianity only commendable virtue so far  is their war against gay. Strangely some  Dayaks are still animist and practice *black  magic, much like Kalimantan Dayaks that  claimed that they can carry people by just  using red cloth and flew thru air invisibly,  right. But to please your parent just attend  the Sunday mass.

The only valuable thing in civil service is  pension payments and live happily after.  Best part is for Dayaks, that doesn’t required  a very high level of intelligence or  competence though.

*Black magic is a formal religion in Indonesia  or Kejawen. Suharto is the national patron  until the genies/jin inside his body stop  working and God bless his soul to rest. To  hold power, politicans use black magic  extensively but some lonely Sultan use it to  get our local TV station hostess as his latest  Queen.

Another commentator CharcoalArt pointed  out:
“1. Education loans & schoolarship are also  applied to Malay students as well, they in  fact get more. The quality of education  derived from such funds should be the same  for the Dayaks. If you said Dayaks get low  quality of eduaction as a result, then so  would be the Malays. Therefore you cannot  use low quality of education to justify why  Dayaks lacked nos. in Civil Service.”
My reply:
Far more number of Malay students being  court-summoned as well for not repaying  their study loans. But that doesn’t stop govt  from recruiting Malays in civil service,  regardless of the actual qualification quality  but quantity counts. As mentioned earlier, it ’s only bit and parcel of why Dayaks lacked  numbers in civil service, the fact that their  worthless degree from worthless university/ colleges and compounded by allegedly- racist/Ketuanan Melayu policy in civil  service, Dayaks indeed the victim by this  downward filteration. Dayaks are not the first  choice to get the jobs, with substandard  qualifications you can imagine how the  barrier and filter being set up to do the tricks.

“2. Dyaks said ‘Our education system  basically racist and confused system, one  way or another’ If I understand you correctly,  you then implied that Dayaks students are  generally weak because of this education  system. Cannot be true as the same  education system is also applied to the  Malays, Chinese and Indians, yet the  chinese and indians are better educated.”
My reply:
Again, Dayaks also another end-victim of our  racist and confused education system.  Include the intelligence level of Dayaks  generally and there you go: Dayak students  basically learn and get nuts. The barrier and  filter will always keep the Dayaks in the brink  of acedamic antiquity. Chinese and Indians  are the product of thousand years of  civilisation, it’s in their blood to get better in  study so synonymous as Chinese are good  in business and Indian made a great lawyers  and doctors, frankly speaking. Their  respective medium schools can only enforce  their ethnic superiority but not made them  rigid/unfamiliar to national education system.  Chinese and Indians can easily adopt  anywhere while Malays are just lucky with  sort of artifical protections, affirmative actions  to up the ante just above a bit from everyone  else. What’s store for Dayaks? Count your  luck on those Christian missionaries in  bringing a decent, early English education  here in Sarawak to our elder Dayaks. But  Dayaks are rushed into adapting a modern  civilisations, religous belief system, a  modern idea of politics, socio-economics  patronage, let alone the idea of statehood  ruling. British should stay here longer,  educate and train as much Dayaks as  possible before handing Sarawak to  Malaysia.

“3. You are right in saying that most rural  schools with Dayak students seldom do too  well. This is due to various factors including  mental and materials – the educationists  should be the experts on this. But I disagree  that it is the teachers’ faults. I believe most  teachers whether they are in interior or in  towns are dedicated lot, they are qualified &  properly trained to do the teaching  profession. I believe the faults lies with the  students themselves, perhaps the parents,  the motivation factor, the outlook toward  educations, the community, etc. Again the  expert could dwell in this matter.”
My reply:
Rural Dayaks’ low acedamic achievement  somehow related to those some teachers’  quality. Which inevitably brings: Blind  leading the blind. Bad teachers, weak  mentality of rural Dayak students, indifferent  parent supporting role, it’s a perfect recipe for  disaster.

“4. On the diets – I think Dyaks was making  wild claims & presumptious. There must be  people who do research and studies to relate  diet to human brain capacity. However, just  based on common experiences and  knowledge of the Dayaks – in fact we Dayaks  have one of the best diet in the world! We eat  uncontaminated & fresh vege, fish and meat.  This explains the fact that most longhouse  folk are relatively healthy even at old age.  Therefore to say that Dayak brain cells as  less developed due to diet is unfounded  claim.”
My reply:
The idea of mass farming, water irrigation for  farming and livestock breeding is far too alien  for Dayaks as they conveniently hunt  extensively for wild animals and live a life as  nomads. Simple life equates simple  intelligence. Dayaks only received some  form of new ideas when Malays and Arabs  merchants, Chinese migrants, James  Brooke and his minions coming to Borneo.  Still, Dayaks failed to uplift their overall  inteligence with their only quick grasp is  learning liquor distillation from the Chinese ” arack” into their own. Right, it’s langkau. The  former is simple rice wine or tuak. From  simple yeast fermentation to distillation, it  took 100 years for Dayaks to master the  proper liquor productions. Wish that James  Brooke bringing wine vineyard, grape  plantation into Dayak highlands, Jesus  please.

“5. I believe Dayaks possess the same  intelligences as Chinese, Malays and  Indians. Of course some human beings are  more brilliant than the others – that’s life.  Thus it is not unsual to see Dayaks do excel  in educations, work place, etc.”
My reply:
Ever wonder why Dayaks gradually achieved  as you claimed as same intelligence with  Malay, Chinese, Indians? Perhaps Dayaks  finally get their diet right, good food for the  brains.

“6. Why Dayaks lacked nos. in Civil Service  – Dr John Brian has made many good points  up there. There are various factiors, One of  which I think Dayaks themselves are not  determined enough. I have seen in general  Malays & Chinese put more effort in getting  what they want. They work hard for, they  lobby, angkat boss, etc. Some Dayaks who  knows the trick of the trade in going up the  ladder should learn the culture. It doesn’t  come by itself. There is such thing as ‘work  smart instead of work hard’ ”
My reply:
As I mentioned earlier, if you really that  highly qualified, competent for your job then  none of the things such as office politics,  ball-carrier culture, sex favours should be  considered for you as stepping stone or  shortcuts for your carreer advancements.  You may earn RM millions of bribes but  you’ll end up losing oftenly much more than  that amount, sooner or later. There were so  many of Dayaks did that and none getting  richer by the day because money laundering  never last long. Put it simply as the money  doesn’t belong to you.

My remarks on blind faith somehow angered  a commentator Bujang Skrang:
“I think you offend a lot of Dayak Christian.  What do you think & what you practice not  absolutely truth in the real life.”
My reply:
Right, you talk about being offended and hit  your nerve.
But the most offending issue for Christianity  among Dayaks is the mismanagement of  church fund by own fellow church members.  This is already rampant everywhere and not  much safeguarding aspect on it. Most of us  think of prayer but you are duty-bound as  well of the state of affairs of how church and  the system being run. When everybody  regard church management as sensitive and  taboo, church money is a quick ATM for  some clever and good-acting church  members. It’s off topic but church money  abuse/ breach of trust is real and present  danger. Do as I preach but don’t do as I do?  Now that’s a pathetic insult of faith.

*Penang Assembly: Heated exchange over  domination remark
By : Sharanjit Singh, NST

THE issue of Malay dominance in the civil  service dominated the first half of the state  assembly meeting yesterday with Deputy  Chief Minister II Professor P. Ramasamy  engaged in a war of words with opposition  assemblymen of the Barisan Nasional.  Ramasamy, a former Universiti Kebangsaan  Malaysia (UKM) lecturer, accused Umno of  engineering the dominance of Malays in the  civil service over the last 50 years. He said it  had nothing to do with the non-Malays not  being interested in joining the civil service or  any other reason. Ramasamy said it was  pointless to have a recruitment procedure if  the policies were not right. Shabudin Yahaya  (BN-Permatang Berangan) then lashed out at  Ramasamy, challenging him to explain his  accusation. He accused Ramasamy of being  irresponsible for making callous statements  that the problem of Malay dominance in the  civil service was caused by Umno. The  debate became even more heated when  Jagdeep Singh Deo (DAP-Datuk Keramat)  stood up and waved a copy of the Standing  Orders against Shabudin. Jagdeep called on  Shabudin to stop making statements and  using words which could hurt the feelings of  others. Datuk Jasmin Mohamed (BN-Sungai  Dua) jumped in the fray and expressed regret  that Ramasamy had made such accusations  against Umno. Ramasamy had been  answering a question posed by R.S.N. Rayer  (DAP-Seri Delima) on the number of non- Malays in the civil service. Ramasamy said  of the 7,092 employees, almost 82 per cent  were Malays while the Chinese comprised 5 .5 per cent and Indians about 13 per cent.

*DAP branch calls for debate on civil service
NST, 2008/11/19

BUTTERWORTH: The DAP Jalan Tembikai  branch wants Bayan Baru Umno Youth to  retract a recent police report it lodged  against Deputy Chief Minister II Professor P.  Ramasamy. Its secretary, Sim Chee Keong,  also wants division Youth chief Norman  Zahalan to face Ramasamy in a debate to  challenge his statement during last  Thursday’s state assembly that the  dominance of Malays in the civil service was  engineered by Umno over the last 50 years.  Sim said the police report against  Ramasamy was politically motivated,  unnecessary and malicious. “For the last 50  years, the Umno-led Barisan Nasional  government has failed to overturn the divide- and-conquer policy of the colonial British.  The issue on Malay dominance in the civil  service dominated the first half of the state  legislative sitting on Thursday when  Ramasamy engaged in a war of words with  BN assemblymen. Meanwhile, a Muslim  non-governmental organisation, Ikatan  Rakyat Insan Muslim Malaysia (IRIMM) also  lodged a police report against Ramasamy.  IRRIM special secretary Zainol Abidin  Ahmad said Ramasamy should not have  said such things as it could cause racial  tension among the different communities. He  also said Ramasamy should not have  implied that Umno was behind the rejection  of non-Malays in the civil service.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Conspiracy theory that seems to imply that Umno as the mastermind of civil service policy that favour deliberately for Malays is nothing new. In long run, any civil service  guided by racist policy can only breed more inefficiency and corruption. In context of Dayaks meanwhile, already the tendency to do the same under the deliberate tactics  lead by Yang Dikasihi and aligned Dayak leaders to appoint fellow Dayak goons as pretext to give them jobs in civil service but in fact just another gatekeepers and that’s  simply outright cronism rather than actual competency as recruitment basis. But there’s no shame of being sold-outs as long  ast it’s whom you know rather than what you  know / what is your qualifications needed just to get yourself a monkey job.