Hypocrisy Of Dayak Land Titles Issuance

One of the most thorny issue affecting Dayaks is regarding NCR land title issuance. Yang Dikasihi obviously using delaying tactics everytime the Dayaks creeping up to claim their ancestral land. They were too many grey areas regarding this issue as being discussed in Dayak Baru posting which lead to scores of revealations from other Dayak commentators that bear nothing sort of continous land scams. My comments meanwhile posted below:

Mark Twain said: Buy land, they’re not gonna produce it anymore.

It doesn’t matter whether Dayaks will sell their lands, being irresponsible or downright morons. It’s about you being smart or not, you see things in short term or long term basis. You are looking for passive income patiently or not. But govt must give land titles to Dayaks as the rightful owners in no delay. Resorting to delaying tactics will only enforced perception that govt use it as election bait, an honourary ceremony for Dayaks, with the timing always near on election period or to subdue any arising issues that is detrimental to govt image. All these while the govt doesn’t seem to be really honest, still secretive and selective in regards of giving land titles, particularly NCR lands, Dayaks and Malays alike. Ironically, it’s quite opposite for govt in dealing with private developer to develop certain land area, alienated state lands or NCR lands. Only difference is that the approval were given at lightspeed rate. Hmmm another unsolved mystery?

Now turn to how transparent our govt in dealing with land issues. While other state govt start to implement open tender in alienating state lands for sales, development purpose, our state govt simply refuse to the idea believing that they afraid some big corporations with big funds will easily buying up land lots leaving the ordinary, poor rakyats unable to own land to build their home. Their excuse simply on protecting the interest of poor rakyat and state lands can be turned into public low-cost housing projects. What a pack of slimes. When the opposition accuse the govt of in favour of certain big private developers in dealing with land-contra over cash payment(in-kind) where state lands in prime location being bundled for far less market price, govt simply respond that the private developer hold more responsibility as the new owner of the lands, the developers have to incur extra cost forseable in future. How business-minded our politicians now become, with in-depth knowledge as property developer huh? Which begs the question: Govt now become the spokesman for private developer or the custodian for rakyat? Conflict of interest, no?

If the govt being wary/ cautious in open tender for state land sale against big private corporations, why the govt not issuing all NCR land titles to all deserving Dayaks, so that they can be the legal, rightful land owner? Is it wrong for Dayaks to use the newly titled lands to build own house on bank-finance basis given that banks thru EPF only accept land with proper titles to get the loans? How the govt can be so sure if big corporations getting much of state lands thru open tender will not develop the lands for public housing other than for speculative purposes? That is why all deserving rakyat, Dayaks in particular in no delay must be given land titles since you can be sure, time and again how both govt and cronies big private developers basically can cohoot together in keeping the land to themselves. Delay tactics that indirectly will keep Dayaks from getting what rightfully their properties.

If govt worried that Dayaks will sell the lands to businessmen soon after getting the titles, it’s only begging to differ: govt also all this while cohoot with businesmen, private developers, some with dubious deal involving state lands being alienated without proper disclosure and just full of mystery. The politicians worry of the Dayaks while the politicians worry how themselves can get state lands at cheap price and resell them to private developers without being exposed. Hypocrisy, double standards is definately an artistry only few can master well enough as legitimate cause. No doubt that in cases some Dayaks did sell their lands, even NCR, to businessmen amounting to RMmillions and some sell it to multiple buyers even though on the same land location due to no proper documentary evidence. Govt have valid excuses on that matter but how about politicians ‘sweeping’ big area of state lands thru dubious means? It involves far more bigger amounts of money in terms of lost revenue to govt coffers. A typical case of who is the lesser between two evil. A thief calling others as thief.

Another issue related is the plantation scheme on NCR lands. Everytime the annoucement of dividends given to land owners, there comes the debate on the actual amount received per land owner. Some claimed, after calculations, only worth a peanut per month. Where the rest of the big profits goes to? Is it supposed to be one-sided affair where private plantation developers getting the most of the lion share? Then this NCR land-plantation scheme definately defeat the purpose. Govt can parade some land owners receive RM500K per month from plantation schemes but how about the rest of land owners? Are they fairly distributed of the plantation profits? Somehow here, the idea of windfall tax on extraordinary profits by plantation companies comes to effect. It better to review the tax where the portion of it to be given to NCR land owners by law. Thus in turn, Dayaks will earn more from their NCR lands and not enjoyed unfairly by plantation companies. If they can cover the rising expenses like fuel and fertilisers while still enjoying, sustaining big profits to build spanking new multi-storey headquarters building tower, why not NCR land owners get their dues? Oh, CPO price now at near year-low, sorry my bad. Some may argue that giving to much to NCR land owners will make them complacent, taking life easily and become lazy bones even more with their monthly passive money which may bring early defination of Ketuanan Dayak. I’m not going to proliferate some kind of race superiority here as it can only mean for some dominant race the right to print money/corruption culture in disguise for themselves.

Whether govt worry for Dayaks selling their newly titled lands or govt silence, hypocrisy on their own conduct in state land alienation to certain few politicians at cheap price to be resell high later will lead to only one group of beneficiary: private housing, plantation developers.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Dayaks are ought to be in defenceless position whenever they try to claim their own as the rightful owners. But the worst bunch of all are the Dayak YBs, none of them speak up against Yang Dikasihi when it is clearly a day-light robbery of NCR lands and it’s sickening to note a Dayak YB himself being the minister in charge of land development cannot do much except as by-stander.