Right, it’s the time for Spot The Difference and what better start other than the Dayaks’ most despicable sidekick to Yang Dikasihi, J*bu versus the world’s most animated evil capitalist and owner of Springfield nuclear power plant, Mr. Montgomery Burns.

For all of you Dayaks, you can put your arguements for our amusement or amazement but let’s begin with my obervations of the devil duo shall we?

1. Sinister monopoly industrialist:
Both of them gauging on monopoly to control one of the most basic primary industry (nuclear power plant) or commodity (palm oil cartel) for infinite wealth. Mr.Burns can simply shut the power plant to send civilisation back into stone age for fun or J*bu can left the almost-worthless market price palm oil fruit to rot and all of us will have to settle for boiled food for dinner.

2. Sinister town planning:
Both of them would rather have a myopic view on how a township should be: made the people his loyal slaves. But controlling the monopoly, the common decoy is jobs offered no matter how cheap the wages as long they are fed with fantasy and fairy tale that their town no matter how irrelevantly hopeless, wasteful projects such as University of Betong (?) as truly a model state, it’s still a lonely boring town just a bit better than Lachau.

But I let you Dayaks to present any of your noted differences no matter how ridiculously useful for us here to analyse.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The communist propaganda rock song called ‘Segulai Sejalai’ somehow similar to one of the rock song that appeared in Springfield, ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ by Guns And Roses but hated so much by Mr.Burns.