In any human civilisation history, the idea of the master and the slave and its complexities always become the turning point. Some slaves served their master well, some revolt out against but failed, some just accept the fate that they are born slave, while some not realise they are in fact a slave all these while (possible too). The ancient Eygptian pharoahs make full use of the captured, genetically-intelligent Jews slaves to build them the pyramids as telecomunication tower to contact alien spaceships, and while the pharoahs busy talking to the aliens wondering if aliens do keep secret mistress concubines like humans do, some Jews secretly stole anti-gravity device from the alien spaceship manuals to smuggle out the rest of his slave friends out of Egypt to present day Israel. Then the Arabs try to capture them hoping to learn and gain the alien technology but failed many times and now here the Jews, despite the minority 14 million race globally (less than 0.1 world population), able to rule indirectly 90 percent of world economic, military, science and politic resources. The idea of being a slave somehow lead to over-dependency by the master. That is why for Jews it doesn’t matter the population number or savage nature of Jews history as slaves, they turn their intelligence as tool to make the world dependent on them and can be summed as a saying goes: These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people.

How do I relate the Dayak perspective into the equation then? Only as the very opposite. Dayak don’t have much intelligence but fairly abundance in ignorance and stupidity as I mentioned in other post, Dayaks’ stupidity has become the greatest commodity or tool to the master Yang Dikasihi and BN goons alike. Now, it is clear that Yang Dikasihi actually leaning towards over-dependency on Dayak stupidity to stay in power. For Dayaks to command such a dubious commodity in order to rule the world is unlikely, probably Dayak would never think their un-inteligent-ness is indeed a great commodity. As I said earlier, they are many type of slaves which Dayaks falls well, maybe a type of slave that is happy to become a slave in return for any small things. The very essence of Sakai Mentality perhaps. My arguement appeared in Dayak Baru to try to unravel that a bit but at least we know for Dayaks’ stand as the slave delivery boy, another dimension of pulling factor (bribery) could be the reason why some slave just remain for what they are.

“Ketuanan Rasuah” made Dayaks just another delivery boy?

Wonderful greetings for you Dayaks. Finally you got your title Datuk Gambir. Yes, that sex stimulants that prolong your ejaculations. And yes, from sex maniacs psychopaths to your own son the spoilt brat that got nothing to do with Sarawak other than self-glorifying purposes summed up just how nonsensically phony is the whole concept of titles being conferred. Some people still live in the past Victorian-era looneys, while some people worried with the economic doom and gloom by the same sick maniacs that try to evaporate our pension money into thin air but horrifically Datuk Gambirship being awarded for appreciation. When you think about Dr.John’s concern on Dayak standings, what kind of appreciation needed for Dayaks when in fact Dayaks are just delivery boys?

Know (And Serve?) Your Enemy.

First and foremost, Dayaks must stay calm and patient. “Know your enemy” tactics is an ancient, timeless Sun Tzu advice but Dayaks, rather than learning that from early Chinese migrant to Borneo here choose to learn the delicate art of liquor distillation rather than the Art of War. Instead of joining forces with Liu Shan Bang to fight Brooke’s army and minions, Dayaks still perfecting their langkau distillation. The Japs comes and go, Tun Jugah were offered a magic kite ride also known as (aka) the helicopter and giant toothpicks business aka timbers and some idle lands for farming aka Green Heights housing, that Kalong Ningkan with zero skills on wireless internet to govern a republic called Sarawak, Leo Moggie can’t accept how dopey Yaakub bloke to his Dayak goons but that the closest fight against Taib in the Ming Court affair only for J*bu and Kanyan to tip the balance and now here we Dayaks are getting the crumbs as delivery boys. Categorically during the Ming Court affair if J*bu, Kanyan, Linggi family and just only two Foochow groups such as KTS (Lau family) and RH group (Tiong family) sided against Yang Dikasihi, we could have a Dayak CM today. As you can see now, all of them get their dopes like Salcra plus palm oil cartels, AP car permits, timber concessions, construction projects, lots of token of appreciation for their staunch support for the one common enemy Yang Dikasihi. That ‘close’ if translated in present value is worth RM5-6 billions. Talk about the tip of balance! Right, the langkau is perfect but the Chinese only allow the longhouse trademark as bottle labels, so there goes the 200-years old study by Dayaks gone into thin air. Got it? Back and forth historically, Dayaks stands as delivery boys can only remain as comedic as ever, no matter which master they serve. Instead of knowing the enemy, Dayaks tend to serve their enemy. Our own supposedly Dayak liberators can only become delivery boys. How pathetic!

Ketuanan Rasuah: Dayaks Can Only Get The Crumbs.

Malaysia is a nation built on evasive hypocrisy, simplified autocracy and highly organised corruption hierarchy. Using an intangible racist rule such as Ketuanan Melayu and Social Contract, Umno can only perfecting their manipulations by using dopes like NEP etc to legitimise corruption and printing money for themselves. It is the same race supremist concept employed by Klu Klux Klan, South African apartheid regime, Robert Mugabe’s land reform and now Umno is an exact carbon copy by creating, manipulating various type of tools in the name of Malay rights. Or the right to be corrupted. This is the party of thugs, with their 2,000 delegates choose their president and effectively our PM post, instead of allowing nationwide general election for PM post. That is democracy for you the 27 million Malaysians! And Dayaks being the wholemeal brand under ‘Bumiputera’ beneficiaries is a total faux as the beneficiaries are Dayak politicians and their goons. That’s explain why some commented that Dayaks standing down the last just a bit above the Orang Asli. Just like the wonder of compounded interest turned opposite way, Dayak being the victim of constant delaying tactics, divide-and-rule tactics, ridiculous education system, it’s all compounded to make and keep Dayaks poorer for ease of control. So Dayaks got Federal ministers, governent department heads but is that really representative to what the reality of Dayaks on the ground? One can only propose a purpose-built NGO association for Johor Ibans Association since Dayaks in Peninsular there concentrated the most since many Dayaks fleeing their own kampung that is hopeless for their future. Dayaks may got ministers here and there but sorry, it is all superficial and hollow. None of Dayak MPs oppose the government bill in petrol price hike as opposing means end of their perks, projects received while we all enjoying goods that will never drop in price. But that is what delivery boys do, just like our Dayak MPs in Dewan Rakyat, obedient ball-carrier. They think they can get a bigger share for being a ball-carrier but in fact only getting the crumbs. Ketuanan Rasuah means Dayaks leaders will forever be held for ransom and please, do not be fooled by that PRS chants of being bullied by Umno and PBB. Just serve them right and see how far PRS can bite the hands that feed them well all these years as good, obedient delivery boys.

The Perfect Divide-And-Rule Job.

Historically, Dayak politicians for some unknown reasons, never sit under one all-Dayak political party effectively for one, long sustainable period. Greed, self-centred, egoism, animosity, prejudice among themselves can only be the right recipe for one common enemy Yang Dikasihi to divide and rule them. The fact that Dayak Aduns, MPs scattered around BN component parties perhaps is the best strategy for oppositions to trail and subdue them. Those followed Ming Court affair and read The Broken Shield book will know just how close the Dayaks (being part conspirator along with some powerful Chinese politicians and of course that bloody Yaakub bloke) to form a new state government. But what happened thereafter nothing sort of shame and hatchet job to finally divide and rule further the Dayaks till this very day. Permas a despicable history while Yaakub enjoy his money in UK, spending his life there in pardon. Dayaks to this point effectively dead in unity against Yang Dikasihi, even in opposition side Dayaks are largely scattered in various parties and that can only complicate the matter worst. All is not lost as Yang Dikasihi also running out of time with some BN Dayak leaders slowly broke ranks, the Malays still angry over Melanau over-dominance and Taib’s lack of trust even to his close aide to choose as his successor with his immediate family members and sons inevitably will take over, and this surely backfired with his brand of never-ending political dynasty. Yang Dikasihi divide-and-rule tactics soon will come over himself or ‘taste your own medicine’ is best describe it. So you can see, time is on Dayaks’ side and it’s up for the opposition to regroup themselves in a more efficient but effective manner. They can be scattered but they can only be united if they have a common enemy to fight against. It doesn’t matter which party or group, the more elusive the Dayaks in carrying the attack the better. When the time comes, Yang Dikasihi is unable to see where the opposition coming from as he become Sarawak’s sole common enemy and more interestingly the reversed divide-and-rule tactics began to backfire on Yang Dikasihi once more inevitably. This time there’s no Yaakub or James Wong for Dayaks to team up but Dayaks can only do the opposite to finish the job almost 25 years late. If yang Dikasihi can divide-and-rule over Dayaks, then Dayaks can do the same to the goons that aligned to Yang Dikasihi. It’s up to the opposition to pick my clue. Time has change so do the tactics. But be calm and patient.

Relentless ‘Anti-Government’ Shit-Stirring By Media.

Another form of propaganda by government to inhibit one-sided information to wide audience is through media. You read it everyday and believe it and hypnotized by it. Dailies such as the ever-shameless Borneo Post and the worthless Eastern Times being the classic Gestapo-grade pseudo informants for the masses. Being branded easily as anti-govt for the sake of criticising as easy as George Michael finding a man to mate in the forest is absolute nonsense. It is very sad that our local media can be so rottenly un-independent at all. Unfavourable but factual news and issues hardly make it to the day, which is one of the reason particularly for the rural folks hidden from the truth when half of the world on the brink of capital bankruptcy while the news of palm oil dividends payment confirmed our economy remains on the paradise. When the retrenched Ibans from Johor forcibly coming back home would the fairy tale finally broke the truth. By then even Salcra have to auction off their new multi-storey head office building to the highest bidder none other than the Chinese subcontractor that plow the palm oil for them. Now they have the excess palm oil nowhere to sell, it’s the media reluctantly hit the panic button instead, using diesel biofuels to cover up their losses. Given the fact that in Sarawak there’s no immediately ready large-scale users for palm oil-diesel biofuels, now the media seems to be anti-government news in opposite direction. And yet another unreported truth, the Dayak NCR landowners are cornered, tied up with 60-years land lease contract with the loss-making plantation schemes with no legal options for withdrawal or compensation. So Borneo Post and Eastern Times, need more fan to shit-stirring your news huh?

Go For Chinese Schools, Not DAMA or Elvis Jumpsuits.

Looking at the actual economic state of many Dayaks now, one can only focus more on the younger generation. Basically our own Dayak leaders are hopeless and self-centred to the bone and would not care a shit for the rest of the Dayaks, only for ourselves to pick up the pieces. Coincidently the point I made in my earlier comments, the ever-shameless Borneo Post mentioned about the Chinese schools being favoured more by Bumiputera parents to send their kids to learn the language of business and sharpen their kids’ brain so as to master Math and Science which no one can argue. A huge blow to our Malay-centred, confused national education system indeed. This can only mean one thing for Dayaks future: enroll your kids in Chinese schools. Be multilingual, math experts, and you have yourself a human capital nobody can take away. Forget about DAMA or Elvis jumpsuits, it is education once again the final front for Dayaks, politicians or not, to promote greatly. Go for Chinese schools and learn from the Chinese to succeed in life and not whore yourself up to Ketuanan Rasuah to get easy money, civil service thrash and wasting your brain potentials to finally become a delivery boy. With our current education system it only produce the worst jobless graduates in the world, Dayaks can only turn to Chinese schools to remain relevant, brain-wise. At least one step better than Orang Asli standings.

Finally, Promote Large-Scale Donkey Farming.

No joke but really, donkey meat is one of the world’s lowest in fat and cholesterol content after boer goat meat. Just like some Dayaks, donkey possessed some important quality in life: obedience. That would be a perfect match, Dayak venture into donkey farming. Donkey feed into almost anything, including palm oil fruit, leaves and branches. A failed or loss-making palm oil plantation schemes can be easily converted into donkey farming with returns per acre of NCR lands surely better than that pathetic RM1 per acre after 15 years. Best of all, donkey is so obediently funny that it can play any musical instrument like Tusau’s sape music as per your instruction. Donkeys can only be good in following orders.

I hereby a declare a new politic of development: Politic Of Donkeys.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

That’s how I derived the defination for The Politic Of Donkeys: How Dayaks Are Duped Into Worshipping Rajah Yang Dikasihi.