A very fine yet pungent-smelling day for you all Dayaks. Ah, that delicate taste of fresh durian really utilise all your senses but be caution though not to drink any liquor unless you fancy having a chokin’ blue lung. Speaking of warning, and by all means I’m not advocating black magic or feng shui as red magic even though I know many of you all Dayaks enjoy flirting with devil spirits and supernatural method in transporting your minions by wrapping them inside a cloth and flew them airborne from Pontianak to Biawak FOC excluding that RM20 express boarding. Right, the following article was written long enough for thoughts (or perhaps already writings on the wall?) before the March 2008 general election. Happy reading, Dayaks!

Feng Shui World issue Jan-Feb 2007 (Page 64) http://www.wofs.com

Feng Shui Excursions To Putrajaya by Lilian Too

In October 2006 I thought my 22nd Master Practioners Course (MPC) at the lecture room of our new office premises in Northport, a recently finished building that sits at the tip of the Mid Valley shopping mall. (fast forward to next paragraph) I took them to Putrajaya after a week of learning feng shui in my clasroom. I wanted to showcase the feng shui of Malaysia’s new capital. It was a very impressive sight, driving by the modern buildings of this mega city. But as the bus made its way slowly along the boulevards of Putrajaya, something odd struck them. “It’s so quiet” someone observed. “Yes there’s no one on the roads. Is it a holiday?” I too felt that the energy of Putrajaya was rather yin. It seems he city was built to accomodate cars more than people. It does not seem to be pedestrian friendly. There’s hardly any soul in sight! The jolly mood of the group soon grows quiet as the bus moves along the straight road from the Convention Centre to Dataran Perdana where the Prime Minister’s office is located. We stop and get down, bringing our compasses with us. “Let’s take our orientations” I tell them.

In feng shui it is so important to determine compass directions. Only then can we can apply different formulas that reveal the quality of surrounding energy; whether it is beneficial or not. Directions of roads, rivers and hills disclose a great deal about the energy of any place. Directions must of course be taken from the correct place. To analyse the feng shui of Putrajaya, we need to determine the facing direction of the most important building in the city and this of course the Prime Minister’s office. Putrajaya is the seat of the Malaysian government. It is from here that power and policy emanates, so the feng shui the feng shui of Putrajaya does not affect the Prime Minister, it affects the whole country. To find out if the feng shui is beneficial or not, we do not need to go inside buildings. What I was teaching my students that day is lanscape and environmental feng shui analysis at its most sweeping. Here the location of hills and water, high land and low land are analyzed to determine if there are major physical afflictions. Compass directions serve to anchor the landmarks of surrounding waters, hills, valleys, roads and buildings and the Pa Kua formulas help us determine their meanings.

There are few tourists at Putrajaya that day. And although the rest of Kuala Lumpur was raining heavily, Putrajaya stayed downcast but dry. The sun was hidden behind rain clouds. Standing in front of the PM’s office we looked straight, past the flag fluttering in the breeze (it looked torn) and down the straight road. We saw in distance what looked like a massive arrow shaped aimed directly at us. That was the International Convention Center which had been built to look like a bird to “symbolically soar” into the skies, someone had told me. But standing there in Dataran Perdana just in front of the PM’s office, it looked like an arrow and it looked threatening – like a dark bird swooping towards us. It is coming from the South – the direction of the bird! Of course it is far away, perhaps a couple of miles away, but because it is located on elevated ground and it is so BIG, it was visible and it sure looked hostile. So there is this straight road and there is the Convention Centre poised like an arrow hitting at the most important building in our country. The energy is surely harmful! Every person with even the most amateur knowledge of feng shui knows how damaging a straight road can be when it is aimed directly at one’s building. Perhaps something can be done to soften the effect of the straight and the big arrow at the PM’s office?

Alas there is more. If we were to superimpose a Pa Kua onto the whole area of Dataran Perdana, we would realize that the PM’s office sits North, the mosque sits West and between the two buildings – the Northwest – there is water and there is a deep hole. The Northwest is the sector that houses the energy of the patriach, the leader. The NW is the most important sector because the luck here determines the luck of the leader. This is a metal corner. Water here exhaust metal, thereby exhausting the leader’s chi. Worse; having a hole here suggests that the luck of the leader is seriously undermined. Is it possible that the feng shui of Putrajaya’s Dataran Perdana is causing problems for us here in Malaysia? It would be interesting to see if filling the hole in the NW would help improve matters and better yet, would it help if water here were filled up completely?

Feng shui is a subjective skill and expertise relies on interpretation but I have been rather distrubed by these feng shui afflictions here in Putrajaya for some time. Events and developments of the past few years suggests that perhaps I am not wrong in my assessment. Using Google Earth, a new software anyone can download from Google, one can see Dataran Perdana in Putrajaya and its surroundings very clearly, so those reading this story might want to check for themselves and make up their own minds. There is built in compass that comes with the software, this indicates the direction with a margin of error about ten to fifteen degrees. For my students, the excursion to Putrajaya was an exceptional learning experience. There were many beautiful buildings there whose feng shui we could study in some depth. The city itself is an awesome showcase of Malaysia’s Mahathir years. But whether the new capital Putrajaya is beneficial or not (for Malaysia) surely only time can tell.

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All I can comment here my fellow Dayaks, that negative feng shui in some way do us a favour by indirectly weakening Pak Lah.