Unbelievable isn’t it my fellow Dayaks. A black U.S. president, Mr. Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama, finally a reality much like the semi-fiction movie of “American Gangster”. In that movie, Frank Lucas (played by Denzel Washington) simply using U.S. military aircraft, bribe the G.I.s during Vietnam war to smuggle the drugs directly to U.S. market enabling him to sell almost pure heroin at twice cheaper price than any competitors. So elusively succesfull that even FBI director couldn’t believe that the godfather of all druglords in U.S. since 1968 is in fact a “black nigger” and not some typical white Italian American mob bosses contrary to popular believe but my view is more on Lucas’ common sense and sheer intelligence rather than sick racism that determine success or triumph.

Of course Barack Obama is no black mob boss or dopes like that, but he believes that Americans are matured enough finally to reject sentiments of racism and he know only common sense and sheer intelligence is greatly required in order to steer the tough economic outlook, against the lunatics like Iran mullahs hiding nukes in the Afghan mountain caves, Russia effectively a new corporate CCCP Limited, and that North Korea funny wigs. Financial, Communist and Jihadist are lunatics trio that would be Obama’s greatest enemy, the same enemy type that beleaguered from JFK to Reagan til Bush The Retard now combined. And so the common global enemy.

Lots of heap and praise and hope ushered upon Obama’s victory with anti-racism take the core stage even to our usually-shameless local news media. Try to tell Umno that even a black nigger can be President is like hanging Orang Asli effagy at PWTC and look, worship this god of original bumiputera you pricks! None of the media mentioned the real reason is intelligence and common sense but rather the victory over racism and general stupidity. And you all too Dayaks, as long as there’s no real consensus on intelligence and common sense then Dayaks gonna lose their resources slowly and finally we are kept inside a land reserves as museum antiques for public display and bit lucky if granted casino license to operate inside reserves area. Yes, we’ll reduced like the Red Indian natives of USA and the only way for Red Indians to fight off the whiteys is by transform as werewolf and appear in the semi-black Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

On Dayak context also similar with now it depends on how well Dayaks can see the real and present danger, who are our common enemy and their deliberate tactics, our own weaknesses like the Sakai Mentality disease, what are the options readily available now, education remain our top priority or arguing which Dayak best represent for all Dayaks that constitute inter-racism being indirectly promoted further divide Dayaks by our own device, all of these can best summarised as barometer for Dayaks’ intelligence and common sense that is lacking in strategy and unity. Some of you may rightly disgusted at some hijacked issues such as land issues in DUN, being fought of by non-Dayaks hoping for the benefits and justice of many Dayaks but if you ever think that if ALL the best Dayak lawyers cum YBs (BN or opposition combined) hold in one group to check-and-balance on land issues, then much of the evil plans by Yang Dikasihi can be stopped. Now you can see the talent of Baru Bian is greatly missed in the DUN sessions to question the dubious nature of state land code. Almost none of Baru Bian’s succesfull NCR land cases against directly or indirectly the Yang Dikasihi and his cronies being reported in our local ever-shameless dailies but his negative potrayals (to reduce his election votes?) just like many other Dayak oppositions voicing a small valid criticism, as good as any anti-govt news. I hope that Dr.John can dedicate a section of all Baru Bian NCR land case, his valid arguements, and many other NCR land cases by other Dayak or non-Dayak lawyers, as many of them scattered around and finally neglected. Politics of NCR or something.

Basically we are in right direction thru our own iniatives, alternative media, NGOs, etc. and unknowingly we actually discuss the Dayaks history, cause of our general retardness, possible remedies and hopes just to stop injustice toward Dayaks. We are discussing the strategies all these while, only in different substance rather than fixed form. The enemy within may read it now and how well we decode it up to you to keep and digest. That’s all I believe, and I won’t condone blanket propaganda that Dayaks must kiasu-ly getting all the resources rightfully just because we are the collective majority and not present the real worth of Dayaks to govern without cronism, nepotism, corruption. There are still many good Chinese (not all Foochows are bad timber crooks) to gain support and resources and finish off the Yang Dikasihi once and for all. Yang Dikasihi and his goons, Dayaks among them, may getting the votes and rule on crooked democracy based on the highest bidder but they’ll never getting the respect from all Dayaks.

Meanwhile recently, the ever-shameless Borneo Post printed on Friday 31st Oct 2008 Page 23 some prayer ads, whether it is dubious or divine or hypnosis let us read it shall we:

Holy Spirit; you make me see everything and show the way to reach my ideal. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory. AMEN.

Person must pray this 3 consecutive days without stating one’s wish. After 3rd day your wish will be grante no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to publish this as soon your favour has been granted.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

I know, I know, laugh your heart out, it’s the RM20million lotto, Yang Dikasihi finally swim off to Australia for good, Elvis did marry a Dayak wife, Dayak Syndrome finally got the vaccine, AIDS also can be cured except for gays, no more religion based on beards, Hang Tuah actually a mullah from China province of Xian, first Dayak colonist landed on Mars and planted durian plus rear ikan empurau there succesfully, Betong is vibrant casino city or the Las Vegas of the East, yoga discovered as teleport travel like Star Trek making Mongolia trip in 15 minutes, our own brain function as telepathic mind that’ll replace computers (everything operated by our mind: Affirmative-Time to make babies-Affirmative) but Dayaks low IQ means as usual we struggle again in next era of mankind civilisation millenia while facing the global one common enemy, the alien race from space.

Come on Dayaks, what’s your wish?