Greetings to you all Dayaks. As you might know by now, save for your laughter, yoga is duly banned for Muslims to practice it along with that religous edict/fatwa on banning tomboyism or slang-called ‘pengkid’. Seriously, there would be no difference of Kandahar mullahs speaking in the caves of Tora Bora as here they got their own clones, the brother in beards lurking around to ban the next infidelism: tai chi exercise and the new Guns And Roses album, Chinese Democracy.

According to the bearded mullahs, there are 3 elements that can cause someone lose their faith or ‘kesesatan’: by characters, uttering words, acts in compromising manner. The set of rules somehow a conflict in substance and form and made worse with mullah’s myopic view and perceived bypass for the rulers/sultans consultation as final word before issuing it as law. We Dayaks and other infidels are in no business to flak on it but it’s all an indirect attempt to put other religion in the basis ‘holier-than-you’. But making yoga is haram actually such a timely and effective effort to stop muslims in general to discover the biggest secret of yoga power: teleport.

Yes, it’s the teleport. The same fictional transport mode in Star Trek, a physical matter travel from one place to another using manipulated electromagnetic force. Purportedly yoga can achieve the same effect of teleport, manipulating electromagnetic force by using body meditation. When arguements says that it’s haram to recite Hinduism mantra such as Aum, Omm or be one with God, it’s just another step to reach a virtual airport to transfer your body to your prefered destination. Kinda your check-in aboard. And what more dangerous destination other than Mongolia since no AirAsia (MAS also?) going to Ulan Batoor anyway and yes, any Malaysian wish to go to Mongolia to find ‘sensitive evidence’ will be spied and kidnapped by the Malaysian consulate minions. The only way to go to Mongolia without trace and passport (and without that sexy AirAsia gals) is by using yoga teleport.

So there you go Dayaks, govt will suppresed by any means for anyone from going to Mongolia and bring back evidence here. Next item is tai chi exercise and the new Guns And Roses album, Chinese Democracy. Tai chi exercise can make you feel painless, invincible and that is dangerous for FRU police to disperse illegal public gathering and street protest while Chinese Democracy well, if played on loudspeaker on mountain top, can hypnotise people to go out against oppressive govt like BN or communist party or making Dayaks finally wake up to realise that it’s plain stupid to worship that mystic fruit gods called palm oil inside the church of Salcra.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The next ultimate thing after teleport is telepathic mind, where you can use your brain wave to control anything much like you depend on computers or appliances to do your everyday works. Speaking of brain power, again, I suspect that Dayaks will struggle with it as intelligence is not our commodity and if mankind ever to leap forward with this new breakthrough in civilisation it is the Jews and the Chinese are the pioneer mechanics of telepathic mind. In any civilisation period, Dayaks are ought to be struggled and far behind in play catch-ups.