Whenever I saw some Chinese street hawkers selling fake medicines or magic stones purportedly with dubious healing power, they are just utilising less than 10% of what other similar type of conjobs available just like those miracle healing programmes (in some satellite TV channels) with nonstop prayer praising Jesus for giving the pseudo-evangelist the power to heal people by just watching and singing with them. Jesus would never imagine that his powers, instead of touching individuals, can be broadcast live to achieve the equal goal: to heal illness or physical misery. Only in this time 2,000 years later, the same effect could be transmitted in virtual multiplication for the benefits of millions of viewers by well, watching it. These TV evangelists are just smart, they just bonking on Jesus’ famous word: “Those who believe in me will have a place in heaven“. But in fact the TV evangelists, for their ability to convince people after playing with their blind faith, just want to pocket millions of satellite TV contract money. They are many ways to con, cheat, convince people out of their logic if you got these two not-so-magical skills: motivation and hypnosis skills. No matter what type of profession you are but if you have the skills, you are in great demand for your ideas especially during the time when everything is in denial mode such as when alien invasion in inevitable but govt can still convinve that they are just weather balloons and even if they are alien beings for whatever superiority for sure they are just as friendly as Papua New Guinea cannibal tribes. You can only sweet talk, cast a spell and convince people all is fine don’t worry folks, sort of.  Basically that was my idea when Dayak Baru discussing “Motivating Students to Learn” and find a way try to motivate someone no matter how hard for him to attempt/ solve the maths for instance, only two things matter: motivation and hypnosis. Below are my view:

I’ll make you believe!

Motivation and hypnosis: DIY shrink.

If kids can be motivated automatically upon careful guidance, respect then you are closer to validate what deemed to be a long search of one magic tool in education: hypnotise the kids. Motivation and hypnosis is brothers in arm. Just like bank finance officer and ah long, they both operate on same modus operandi: be my slave, you bonkers! So all of you out there, the so-called motivational speakers and the variation everywhere from evangelist leaders, self-glorified stock market gurus, feng shui doomsayers, morning show preachers, you all got kids to straighten up.

Motivation and hypnosis is both dealing with mental block, or in this case for kids that is easily feel de-motivated. Why some kid just badly demotivated, say, failed to solve some maths and that’s it I’m doomed, I’m going to work as Trienekens bin collector for the rest of my life? This is where professional hypnotists aka motivational speakers do the trick and wonder with one simple words used by shrink traditionally as: “l’ll make you believe!

A good example is on sports. Look at how Fabio Capello turned England football stars from the brink of self-destruct. Many might say that Capello using a no-nonsense, strict regime in training and turning these oftenly over-hyped stars into one combative and composed unit that winning all their World Cup qualifying matches so far with plenty of goals. Nope, Capello merely unlock their mental block, as he said when he first arrived puzzled by how low they can performed for their own country compare with their club performance. Financial gain understandably not on their radar but the stars, individually good players, simply don’t click together. Capello is right: problem of mental block.

Kids at school facing the same thing, almost a disease called mental block. Proper guidance, respect is just part of this but do not constitute it as automatic motivation yet. Another important last remaining puzzle is to hypnotise the kids. Remove the fear factor like the fear for math difficulty. Ask the kid, when you play your PS2 game GTA, how you get the car from the owner? I wait a bit, whack the guy and sped of with his busty girlfriend. Haha. So how bad you wanna whack this math, boy? So you show him just how easy it can be done. Set an objective, step on the process and if he stall on the process, find the thing that block the answer. A good math teacher is the one that can identify the blocking part that most students face and struggled with. Here, the teacher must console his students with clear and concise way to solve the equation. He must able to feel the students’ fear and anxiety(the mental block), all the way to the solution. That is hypnosis in broad terms.

Of course not many teachers, parents possess this skill but it can be acquired. It’s almost a gift, that’s why some people born with it and came with it, well, the abuse. Con artist, traditional healers, political strategist, to name a few that rely on their hypnotic rhetorics to make people believe in them. That’s why you hear things like I married a wrong man, Gosh! we elected a lunatic prophet as president, I feel funny and foolish after planted this fruit called palm oil, I swear on this longhouse that Dayaks are originated from Taiwan natives, my vodka feels like langkau after I got it as a gift but feels jolly rummy, I know your Phd from some polynesian Fiji island university is bogus but you did that one great talk, bravo!

I find another snippets from Dr.John of Dayak Baru from the same post:
“Both teachers and parents have to constantly come up with new strategies to ensure good academic performance of the students. It seems that they even have to resort to bribes sometimes.”
My comment:
As rightly noted, education bribery is real and sick culture. Those parents who can afford it of course will just pay and bail their kid to get the degree, especially when studying abroad with public perception is always unsuspecting of oversea degree holders. Buying a degree is no big deal nowadays, just like buying yourself a Datukship. Only that it’ll become evidence once the person with fake degree for sure will never perform when dealing in actual working environment. It’s a competitve world out there so some will buy their degree to get promoted or boasting their hollow CV, some with great public speaking and hypnotic-like skills surely make their fake degree even more believable. That was exactly what my remarks meant in earlier comment. Fake degree holders with hypnosis skills can only be a dangerous mix.

Education bribery often derived from family with deep-rooted corruption culture. When either parents live their life on bribes money, one of the way to siphoned out the filthy cash is thru their children’s education, mostly on foreign university/college. It become worse when their kids themselves are not excelled in their study so spare the tought for bright one that is as good as receiving govt scholarship for being outright smart. Now for the not-so-bright kids study oversea, what the parents can do to salvage the kid? You guess it right: just pay for the degree and bring back their kid home as newly “graduated” student.  What could possibly goes wrong here?

The Dyaks Blog Conclusion:

Right, one thing lead to another. I always notice that people with motivation and hypnosis skills are somehow legit conmen. Just like if Toastmasters Club actually Swisscash Club in disguise. People with outstanding oratory skills, public speaking prowess with Hugo Chavez to beat, coupled with fake Phd and dubious titles like Sir or Dato Sri, they are either dangerous or comedic, or both. The best example just right here when our Domestic Trade/ Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Ahamd said his decision to increase fuel prices was perceived as ‘brave’ by foreign journalists. Brave my ass. The dangerous thing now is his stupidest decision means there’s no way for other goods to be reduced in price anytime soon as damage was done good. The comedic thing meanwhile, the longer he stay as minister, the more he’ll look like a clown, no matter how many times the fuel price going to be reduced. The true test for people with motivation and hypnosis skills is when in absurd denial mode, when things doesn’t work the magic healing wonders, when Jesus said “I’m done, I didn’t received my cut or royalty for giving you my heavenly healing powers, Ciao!”, when instead bringing hope or joy to people you bring misery and sense of hopelessness. Just remember this Lincoln saying: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.