There’s a stuff by blogger Azly Rahman regarding Dayak issue, ‘Dances with Dayaks, Tribute to Sarawak’  that prompted me to reply him:

Greetings to you Dr.Azly,

Right, here we go again. Debating a native tribe that slowly dying, defenceless, marginalised, force-fed with sudden modernity, and finally become endangered species fit for a zoo or museum antiquity either for fun anthrolopolgy or subject of ridicule. The American natives like the Red Indians, as your preface, much luckier than most natives here in Malaysia be it the Orang Asli, Dayaks, Kadazans and the whole bunch of non-muslim newly-civilised animists alike. Yes, Red Indians did reduced themselves until they have to live in Reserved Lands in America with hunting bisons and robbing trains in their good cowboy ‘ol days but at least now U.S. govt grant them casino cartels to operate on their reserves area while at night they turned into werewolves to bent their revenge on the whiteys. Despite modernity they get lucrative casino business and continue their werewolf lifestyle. Sort of. From my thoughts as Dayak Sarawakian, and straight from my testicles I do feel that the Dayak natives here, despite all their animist and backward mentality shall not end up as Red Indians. Do you think Dayaks are prone to settle for less and at the same time preserved our laid-back mentality? While Red Indians got casino business so we Dayak deservedly get what, some bumi-status PKK Class A, CIDB G7 license for AliBaba quickie cash business?  Since Red Indian fancy themselves as werewolves, Dayaks therefore fancy as donkeys, the world’s most obedient creature, resembling Dayaks in general that ever-obediently bow to BN in full glory of ignorance and sakai mentality?

You see DrAzly, we Dayaks are either lucky or fated to be force-fed into many influences of civilisation. No shit-stirring but I already blog it all about Dayaks political struggles, ideology, and even idiocracy in full technicolor in The Dyaks Blog. We view modernity as stepping stone to play catch-up with other superior races, not Malay but the migrant Chinese Foochows to Sarawak, at the nearest as standard bearer (explained later). Dayaks are lucky for receiving early English education and a bit of modern belief system of Christianity by those missionary minions brought by the dubiously-called White Rajah Brookes. That were the basic ideas of modern civilisation ever to grace the lives of many Dayaks, of whom were shifting cultivators and hunters. But History book conveniently pointed the Brookes as the invading crooks that siphoned out whatever resources inside Borneo soils but Education ministry failed to point out the actual goons that served the Brookes administration were the very same Malays that promised James Brooke to defeat their enemies on behalf of Brunei Sultanate only to make James Brooke pissed off that certain parts of Sarawak be handed over as reward was never materialised. A big battle ship with guns aiming at Sultan Brunei crib did concede a vast state of Sarawak to James Brooke and the rest of the history later is up for the likes of historian to distort at whims and fancy to what we read at schools as History subject. History are custom made to confirm semi-hallucinated patriotism, rather than truth no matter what the sentiments and facts they may be. Mind you, Hang Tuah must be some muslim chinese army general from China Xian province hence his name actually Chang Chuah as special China envoy-protectorate of Malacca. So much for a customisable History book, eh?

When I say lucky for Dayaks to receive some early civilisation ideas, now turn to what fate brought to all Dayaks today. Many things actually but firstly, the very tactics of divide-and-rule employed by the Brookes to control and subdue any resistance be it from the early Dayak Ibans, the Hakka Chinese that revolted against unfair Brookes’s state ruling particulary the lopsided tax system and charges. Divide-and-rule tactics basically the same thing that being perfected now by Sarawak Chief Minister ‘Yang Dikasihi’ Taib Mahmud, same shit different Rajah. Using the rich Chinese timber barons as prime cash movers in Sarawak politics, Yang Dikasihi able to split the Dayaks into various political parties with each elected Dayak leaders are either being held ransom or simply goes to bed with it, accept defeat without a fight. Secondly, fate also bring along the Chinese migrants brought by the Brookes be it as workers or merchants to toil the land of Sarawak and slowly now made themselves now, particularly the Foochows, as the proxies puppet masters for Yang Dikasihi to run the vast cartel of timbers and plantation schemes. We Dayaks don’t blame them as they are born intelligent beings, a product of thousand of years of China civilisation, people that posses superiority second to none to Jews and Indians civilisation.

That is why the next final fate, as I can forsee, rest on intelligence advantage. We Dayaks lack in civilisation history to truly claim and govern this land of Sarawak despite being the majority of all Sarawakians. Intelligence roots with civilisation and Chinese here are bred with it to survive despite arriving here pennyless but now they can take it so much that even timbers in Papua or Solomon Islands they can loot since Sarawak was their main training base for timber lootings. That is sheer intelligence. Doesn’t matter if they don’t own legitemately vast area of lands but they own the greatest  resources of all: human capital. Dayaks can moan and groan of native land issues till the last dying moments of Yang Dikasihi riddled with colon cancer but the vast land are all worthless if Dayaks failed to forge alliance with the Chinese. Alliance itself is very wide spectrum and only by smart synergy, moves, tactics can Dayaks with the Chinese (together constitute 70 percent of all Sarawakians against 30 percent Malays/ Melanaus) can finally end the last Rajah Yang Dikasihi of our modern age. Whether the oil royalty to Sarawak is 5 percent or 95 percent (with 5 percent token to Putrajaya instead) as reward for joining Malaya and in return waiting, being delayed for 50 years for a decent road (in Sarawak, dual-lane roads gladly, thankfully regarded as highway), it’s was all the previous decision that equates intelligence. Dayaks therefore were not in the dark of these boondoggles, it doesn’t matter. Intelligence generally not a great Dayak asset therefore any stupidity is a great commodity for BN. Holding power will never been this easier: manipulating the obediently ignorant, mostly poor Dayaks by using vote buyings, fear-mongering tactics and limiting news other than Bernama-led false propaganda.

Be it luck or fate, all of these dopes (divide-and-rule, delay tactics, shortchanged confused education system) being compounded for the last 50 years and here we are the Dayaks being reduced even have to live on a borrowed lands and being deliberately kept poor for ease of control. Many of the Yang Dikasihi goons will dispute it as Dayaks has progressed so much but there’s nothing to proud of when a Dayak minister that rest on nepotism/ cronism rather than actual competency/ qualification and self-proclaimed as saviour of all Dayaks will forever become nothing less than Nick Nolte as Dayak leader in movie ‘Farewell To The King’: it’s all fictitous and superficial in every sense. Ironically it was fictitous and superficial for Yang Dikasihi to blame Dayaks having trouble for settling the issue of scattered, vast area of 2 million hectreas of NCR lands yet to be issued with proper land titles due to result for being a shifting cultivators given that actually the real motive behind it is to ensure RM billions of timbers in those unsettled lands must be looted and any potential land converted into commercial lands only by his ever-shameless crooks and cronies. Hypocrisy excuses are not our way in claiming our NCR lands as it’s all rightly our land but Yang Dikasihi is full of hypocrisy in ensuring we will not getting it while his goons can get state lands alienated or by contra/ in-kind deal for cheap in much more dubious manner.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

So DrAzly, we Dayaks will always embrace modernity as much as we wish all the Sarawak resources not in the hands of crooks no matter what Rajah they are. It got nothing to do with our ancestral culture no matter how ridiculous it may be, as Red Indians insists they will defend it but failed so much that they have to be kept inside reserves land to survive. Somehow being force-fed with new civilisation ideas able to rid some of the bad practices but come along with it equally replaced by another form of evil. The idea of democracy afterall full of fallacy as the system is based on the highest bidder where you can buy your respect rather than earn it. A Dayak YB can win with a big vote, majority doesn’t necessarily translate the respect he may got. We may accept the fantasy palm oil plantation scheme but how dubious it is for some Dayak participants with almost or zero English blindly sign the all-English agreement, without legal advise and cannot be constituted as contract made under duress or undue influence as govt deemed blink one-eye on it as long as they can get and screw-up the NCR lands for the next 30-60 years agreement period with some reportedly getting as ridiculously low as RM1 returns per acre.  For now, Sarawak land resources are the immediate target for Dayaks to rightly claim and conserve while the ultimate treasure for Yang Dikasihi to loot, swindle, cash it out all for safety in his Australia custodians. It’ll be a long, treacherous battle even to the extent that some of our Dayaks’ best lawyers/ freedom fighters are either intimidated or bribed to align for yang Dikasihi but consider it as luck, rather than fate considering that for all these lunatics of civilisations that ever graced our land it was the headhunting practice that was able to kept away from our Dayak culture for good. Count your luck indeed.