For as long as any Dayak can remember, there’s not a single Dayak worthy as Dayak’s truly legendary warrior or paramount leader fighting wholeheartedly for Dayak cause. None. Even the immediate past and present Dayak leaders, none of them truly as ‘Dayak first, anything else last’ since ‘Money’ first, ‘Power’ second, ‘Lust’ third, maybe ‘fake Christianity concerns’ fourth but ‘Dayak’ being the very last thing in their mind. Just take the top 50 Dayak politicians/ministers/leaders alike and all of them either directly or indirectly own some AliBaba company be it construction builders, developers, suppliers, concessionaires, permit holders with almost 100 percent dependent on govt tits to survive and nearly 100 percent humping on Chinese sub agents/ sub contractors to get their works done on behalf. These Dayaks effectively develop a ‘rent-seeking’ culture, introduced none other than from their Umno masters. Collectively these Dayaks may collect RM4-5billion of govt projects with half a billion ringgit AliBaba quickie cash collected meant for ‘running’ their respective political parties or something. Put it simply as those money for themselves solely and of course providing balls for Yang Dikasihi, not for you or the rest of the Dayaks. It’s all goes back to square one of human nature: every dude for himself and money wanted more than needed.

That is why before you moan about ‘Dayak first, anything else last’ you must tell yourself is that really what you want rather than what Dayaks in general need the most. Yes, it’s need vs want debacle. What you want may not necessarily what you need. More of being realistic rather than over-ambitious. Even our govt of the day doesn’t operate the way we wanted but rather suffice for our basic need. Unity is good, just like many Dayaks want to have a common Dayak language, ‘Dayak’ as common race denominator for non-muslim native Sarawak (thus effectively another major ethnic race) and scores of Dayakism under the sun. But do we Dayaks really need that all stuff? Well my Dayak folks, that is the catch and smell the danger will you. Stuffs on common Dayak identities such as race denominator, Dayak language are good starters but think back where do we go from here? It’s sounds all too familiar when Dayaks try to claim more place in civil service without ever thinking are we competent, qualified, trustworthy enough, let alone being visionary enough to stamp such authority loosely on the fact that we Dayaks are majority Sarawakian therefore we should get our due even resorting on cronism and nepotism. That is Umno culture where you wanted to buy respect and force others to respect you rather than the need to earn it. Yes, in all fairness we Dayaks wanted to be on equal terms with the rest of other races in Malaysia but to chanting ‘Dayak First’ should be on the basis on ‘need’ rather than ‘want’.

I always wanted loss-making palm oil plantation schemes turned into large-scale donkey farming but Dayaks may not fancy the need of enjoying donkey meat which is low in cholesterol just like boer goat muttons, at least that is my view on need vs want. Same principle applied when we Dayaks want to have a many things in common – value, objective, mission, vision, one enemy, one struggle – but in fact Dayaks generally in a dire need of hell lots of things mostly the result of govt’s delay tactics, stupid policies, all the things considered by many Dayaks are almost impossible to fight or change. A state of Dayak hopelessness. Dayaks’ need vs want is truly a case of substance over form. Do not be fooled easily by those ‘Dayak First’ things. Most of the time those Dayak politicians particularly, championing the need of common Dayak language as form of Dayak unity actually the very same goons that has been dividing the Dayaks all these while. A divider crying for unity. How ironic isn’t it my fellow Dayaks, when some politicians try to project something that Dayak don’t really need but being enforced as utmost priority. That is why I always restrain Dayaks from listening to that keroncong song called ‘Segulai Sejalai’ but instead regard certain issue that is in dire need for Dayaks immediately; land and education issue. Both are considered vital resources namely the human capital resources: Chinese schools as alternate education, equal awareness on vocational centres and basic investment for Dayaks.

Dayaks now cannot afford to lose the last treasure of all, that is their land and cannot afford to left behind and mess up with current education system. Without proper check and attention these two nutjobs will affect gravely the younger generation of Dayaks with fast depleting of land rights/ resources and carrying practically a worthless degree. That is far worst than being a poor beggar on the street. Some say beggar cannot be choosy but for Dayaks, we got even nothing to choose in the end! Come to that point of ‘Dayak First’, it’s a good point as future charter but not now. Dayaks will not lost or divided just because we do not have proper civil presence be it common language or common race. Once a Dayak, always a Dayak. Or called it as ‘lakia’ or whatever. A Foochow can only come to terms with a Hakka or HengHua if not as a Chinese. It was the politics and its stupid policies with stupid politicians that divided the Dayaks. The very basic foundation of any community to survive depend on their resources available or in other words the source of livelihood, income, opportunities. For all Dayaks especially the rural Dayaks, the immediate need now is the issue regarding land resources and human capital advantage, the two most precious treasures for Dayak to survive. The future Dayak kids will appreciate us more if now we correct certain things that is vital for their life foundation such as land resources, education assured in right direction and custodian. It’s only natural for them to be as proud and united as one Dayak and everything under the sun is Dayak, rest assured. Maybe with Kalimantan Dayaks as long lost brothers but not as savage murderers of Madura immigrants, mind you.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

‘Segulai Sejalai’ is not a keroncong song but a communist pop rock song made popular in North Korea. Sorry my bad.