AliBaba is a loose term and nobody know the origins of this term but the word Ali and Baba somehow can be traced, rooted in state of Malacca where during the early arrivals of Chinese migrants into Malaya, some of them gone into mix-marriages with the local Malays (generally muslims) hence the newly convert Chinese carry both the characteristics of Chinese and Malays. They look Chinese but a muslim, and they blend it all be it in their traditions, cooking style, everything but perhaps the greatest innovation of all is when comes to receiving govt contracts. Malaysia is country of protected species where majority Malays often perceived as weak economically compared to the minority Chinese therefore various govt tools being invented solely to help the so-called underpriviledged Malays getting the fair share of national wealth be it govt contracts, education system etc. therefore the govt introduced New Economic Policy (NEP) to help Malays and other natives or Bumiputera. Turn out to be the never-ending policy or never-ending poverty, which ever you may viewed it as this type of protective measure by govt actually made the Malays grew weaker to their mentality of keep hoping for govt subsidies. One of the most lucrative loophole of the whole idea of  NEP is the introduction of certain exclusive rights for Malay entrepreneurs/ contractors in partcipating govt tenders, the bumiputera-status contractor in which govt will introduce projects where only bumiputera companies are allowed to take part in tendering. There are many types of Bumiputera business that being AliBaba-ed out such as car APs, timber concessions, taxi permits, etc but construction was the most common dopes for any politicians, Dayak leaders included, to make quick cash almost out of thin air to become a sudden millionaire.

The common requirement for such companies is that the shareholders/ ownership of the company must be at least 60-70 percent owned by Bumiputera (that is the Malays, natives, and newly muslim converts even a Chinese converts as automatic ‘new’ Malay) while the rest of the owners made up of non-Malays. These companies are required by law to register with various supervising bodies such as with Treasury Department, Ministry of Entreprenuer Development (PKK license), Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB license), Works Ministry, state treasury department (UPK, Unit Pendaftar Kontraktor), in order for them to be granted specific license and tendering amount limit according to the respective area of expertise they are dealing be it in civil works, engineering works, maintenance works etc. Tendering amount is the definate segmentation in which contractors with respective class can only participate in that amount limit so they cannot participate above or below their respective class. Contractor with  PKK Class A and CIDB grade G7 license can expect to enter tender bids at minimum amount of RM20million or above while the lowest class of PKK Class F can expect to begin at tendering project with RM50k amounts. No same company is allowed to have multiple tendering class and the class can be upgraded or downgraded or even blacklisted based on their track record performance, financial status or whether they are still active or appear on paper only. But the rules exist on paper as any Bumiputera can register a company using any dubious names but the shareholders/ owners can come from the same family members, which saw there are more than 30,000 registered class F contractors nationwide. And well behind them are the ready supply of Chinese subcontractors that ever-willing to take their projects on behalf with some even demand quick returns upfront (in-kind) from the Chinese contractors to buy for them some luxury cars, big banglow house/condos/shoplots, send their kids to oversea university/college or maybe some lands at seaside. Those Chinese may even get some Datukship as token of appreciation for completing project on time, on budget. Typical culture of rent-seeking according to Umno and Yang Dikasihi that made the Dayak goons become easily hooked up with it. Wanna sub my RM30m school projects? Buy me the RM3m mansion first, fully furnished plus a Merc and some Thai ladyboys.

The prized license for a contractor definately having both federal-issued PKK Class A and CIDB grade G7 license WITH Bumiputera-status plus the state-issued UPK Class A, able to bid for govt projects virtually in unlimited amount and specific exclusivity for Bumiputera only. In simple words, no Chinese/ non-Malays allowed as majority shareholders. Or is it? Well, having exclusive rights definately means lucrative, rare commodity as mere trading items. Ownership of any companies basically exist on paper or digital print but for some well-connected politicians having the prized asset, it’s a quick cash. Printing your own money. For every contract you received, you can blatantly sub-contract it out to other sub-contractors for simple and quick returns. Rule of thumb is at 10-20 percent rate. How widespread it is now is almost irrelevant as it become everyday culture, perfectly legal as long you deliver the project well, everybody is happy laughing all the way to the banks while respective political parties able to operate from these ‘diverted’ AliBaba funds. You can form a joint-venture to bid for RM billions of mega projects with fellow equivalent Bumiputera-status companies and grew big enough to negotiate with govt regarding progress payment whether in form of cash payment or in-kind (demanding prime-area state lands as contra part-payments or other govt assets). The scope of this practice made govt and the Bumiputera-status contractors almost symbitiotic in nature, conjoint Siamese-twin relationship so much that they rely on each other to survive.

The next level of AliBaba practice came to the point of direct negotiation tender, again the preference always on Bumiputera-status companies. This is where the company owner cum top politican bigwig simply come to minister’s office and propose a project directly wihout calling a public tender. The common rationale for his type of negotiation is that ceertain companies have exclusive expertise that no other else have it such as financial background and speedy completion, sort of. Govt meanwhile, as protocols, always insist on the companies to deliver the project using their own money first until completion then the govt will pay either by cash or in-kind payments. The obvious resources being pawn by govt will always be state lands as final resort of payment mode. Certain companies made it to the top and big enough to be public listed on local bourse/ stock exchange and from that point on govt will engage them for the next round of mega bids in other countries such as in India, Vietnam for instance where these companies proudly portrayed as national envoys/ icons. Here both govt also operate on AliBaba basis where both bring their cronies to loot together.

That is the ultimate level where foreign govt act as cover for these AliBaba companies. The best example currently our state govt opt to engage big multinational company from China as main builder for proposed hydroelectric dams. Yang Dikasihi cannot made his CMS or other cronies an easy target in order to get all these dams so Yang Dikasihi rather appoint these dam specialist from China to build the dams. Other previous projects such as bridges, roads projects etc were just easy target so the next level is asking some oversea cronies to come as they are the specialist with proven global track record anyway. How convenient eh? Birds(and crooks) with the same feather flock together. The state govt here and Chinese consulate(Jalan Song, Kuching) forged a relationship recommended by a triad group from Shanghai and local HengHua triads (they have long history of illegal import-export craps from China to Sarawak) as go-between, all covered cosmetically as dam-specialist builders therefore govt no need to expose themselves directly under CMS or Naim Cendera but Chinese companies can do it just as good, corruptly. Afterall, CMS is the sole monopoly manufacturer/ supplier of concrete, the main blocks for any dam-building so Yang Dikasihi still very much looting most of it. AliBaba finally comes full circle, from China to Malaysia and now back to China for favour. It’s all perfectly legal in form but in substance, in essence still a corrupt job. So China punish mandatory death penalty for corruption criminals? Sounds like a sick joke.

What’s in there for the Dayak politicians? Not much really, enough for them to run their political parties and spare change for fantasy plantation schemes. The top few Dayak politicians do have the prized asset but as usual they are all held under ransom from Yang Dikasihi and Umno in order to keep their bloodline flowing: govt projects. The rest of Dayak small contractors still in trial-and-error infant stage or as Malay called it ‘masih berjinak-jinak’. Many of them close shop, facing bankruptcy due to their attitude for being too ambitous and simply cannot manage the financial operation. AliBaba practice only meant for a select few, not the rest of Bumiputera but if you know how to goon for it, the reward is just so big none of the Dayak agenda matters anymore. Sakai Mentality can only become a barometer to which extent that you as Dayak really feel a ‘Dayak first, anything else last’. There’s not much to be proud of these Dayak leaders as they are just another AliBaba agents, solely on self-serving intentions and anytime scared every shit of Yang Dikasihi with familiar dopes like cronism, nepostism is very much their modus operandi. Some of them lucky to complete the projects while some stuck in as join-venture AliBaba partners in doomed Bakun dam projects with RM billions debts ready to drag them hard.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

AliBaba is not a crime as ACA never describe it as total corrupt practice so it’s hard to curb this culture. If Yang Dikasihi can operate in many ways whether using AliBaba local or foreign companies as proxies, Dayaks here can do much business with our long lost brother from Kalimantan side. Well not a big mega projects but at least something to exchange as business partners or even as future soulmates(?). There’s not much trade statistics available between Sarawak-Kalimantan Dayak business communities but certainly there are many business opportunities, just like the local Chinamen here trading with Chinese Singkawang be it medical tourism or sending their kids to local Kuching schools/ colleges. It’s evident during the previous Madura massacre rampages some (if not most) Kalimantan Chinese flock to Kuching for safety with piles, gunny sacks of their almost-worthless rupiah notes and local banks here happy to temporarily keep it. When suggestion of forming a federation for all Dayak (World Dayak Federations or WDF?) just like the Foochows with World Fuzhou Federations, the very first thing is the business, economic exhanges between Dayaks as more meaningful and effective partnership rather than our DCCI here which is very much a failure since politics being too much as agenda rather than consolidating all Dayak business interest. WDF itself can promote more than just business but other Dayak interest such as preserving and promoting common Dayak heritage and traditions, across all boundaries. Now turn to business opportunities. The Dayaks have the numbers and perfect outsourcing business such as supplying labours to construction sites but labour agency now falls much into Chinese businessmen that keep Dayak Kalimantan workers as transit for other sector that need them as workers. Some local Dayak here have construction companies with relevant license and expertise but lack manpower that form bulk of any construction cost. We operate as AliBaba in principle but we can get advantage as Dayak contractors can bid for bigger projects knowing that the cost of labour is lower if we employ them, with cooperation from fellow Dayak Kalimantan authorities. Yes, they become our Dayak construction proxies but if Yang Dikasihi allowed freely to practice it elsewhere, why Dayak cannot do some business? I’m not discounting the social effect whether it is adverse or not but Dayak dangdut music is not that bad influence. No, that ‘Segulai Sejalai’ song is more damaging to all Dayaks.