Project: Bengoh Dam
Main Contractor: Naim Cendera
Contract cost: RM310.65m

Naim Cendera website release:
Once completed, this 63 metre high by 267 metre long dam will have a capacity of 144 million cubic metres (1m3=1,000kg or 1 tonne) and will produce a lake with a surface area of approximately 10km square. Designed to secure Kuching’s water supply for the foreseeable future, the dam will be only the second in Malaysia to be constructed using Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) technology, which offers a projected service life of 100 years. The package also includes ancillary buildings, infrastructure and associated works, and resettlement of the affected communities.

Press release:
Tuesday July 24, 2007
Naim gets new project
KUALA LUMPUR: Naim Cendera Holdings Bhd told Bursa Malaysia that it has won a RM310.65mil contract for the construction of the Bengoh Dam in Kuching. AFX-Asia

Sub-Contractor: Sino Hydro Corp. (China)
Sub-Contract cost: RM145m

Press release:
Sinohydro Corporation Won the Bidding of Malaysia Bengoh Water Supply Project
Malaysia Item Department2008-02-20
In February 2nd the Eighth Bureau of Sinohydro Corporation received the letter officially issued by the owner of Malaysia Bengoh water supply project, the total price is 145,000,000 Malaysia Ringgit (approximately 45,000,000 US dollars), which lays a solid foundation for the develpoment of Sinohydro Corporation in the Southeast Asia market.
Bengoh water supply project is the municipal administration public facility invested by Malaysia Federal State, which belongs to the international market non-water and electricity project. This project is located in the Kuching administrative area under the government of Malaysian Sarawak State, which is 42 kilometers away from Kuching urban district and the exterior transportation condition is good. The project is the inpounding and intake water project, mainly provides clean water source for downstream 30 kilometer place Batu Water Treatment Factory to solves the clean water source problem of Sarawak State capital Kuching city. The project includes a roller compacted concrete dam, intake water tank structure, upstream boat slope constructure and operating control office. The total excavation amount is approximately 305,000 cubic meters, the roller compaction concrete is 150,000 cubic meters and habit concrete 20,000 is cubic meters. The project is conducted by the way of primary contractor project, the total time limit is to plan to complete in 30 months.

Contract cost difference:
RM310.65m – RM145m = RM165.65m?