It’s season greetings again, my Dayak folks. Time for Dayaks to spend and get drunk with the Chinese groceries ready to pile up their cheap beer stocks outside their shops for the Dayaks to scramble and grab all the craps. That’s how wasteful for most of us Dayaks only for the Chinese traders to reap big profits from selling booze craps mostly from illegal shipments/ contrabands (yes, craps from China mostly) thanks to our ever-leechin’ Customs Dept. Chivas Regal one litre for RM980 per carton box (dozen bottles) or San Miguel premium lager at below RM70 per carton bottles anyone? Right. You see Dayaks, the trick for selling craps in Sarawak is nothing sort of highly coordinated, concerted effort from traders, shipping agents, Customs (Malay, Dayak officers too), HengHua triad gangs all hand-in-hand to share the loots and to serve the demand from drunkyards like us Dayaks without ever selling the booze on fully-taxed price. The booze cartel in Sarawak don’t have proper operation room, let alone to have a headquarters but their command chain is fluid, simultaneous, vigilant yet elusive enough to cover the whole trails. From the supply to the frontline, the key element here is stealth mode. This is a typical operation done much in a manner of guerilla warfare. Remember ‘Guerilla Radio’ song by Rage Against The Machine? It’s the same booze too.

Che Guevaras Guerilla Warfare

Che Guevara's Guerilla Warfare

Guerilla warfare actually made prominent by Argentine-born freedom fighter Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and even detailed it all in his own book (banned here in Malaysia). If you think the Iran mullah being the first dude that called the Americans as ‘The Great Satan’ well Che Guevara probably the first person that openly wage war against American so-called imperialism, pseudo-capitalism so much that Cuban president and Che’s foremost ally Fidel Castro can’t even contemplate the increasingly popular Che Guevara that Castro sense personally a threat to his rule in Cuba so Castro let Che to base his struggle elsewhere. Che’s guerilla warfare tactics initially against other American-backed neighbouring countries gaining acceptance and assistance from locals that share similar ambitions to oust puppet regimes, dictators from Argentina to Bolivia but the movement and Che himself finally face the death. The involvement of CIA operatives that backing the struggling Bolivian govt against Che summed up the degree of relentlesness by Che to fight till his death. He didn’t even surrender but let his last words came before being shot, wounded, captured with both hands chopped off: “Shoot! You only try to kill a man!“.  This is a man with no military background but a medical scholar, free thinker, suffering from asthma, able to lead and influence greater than full 5 star army general for a cause that he willing to put his life with. Probably he is right when sensing the danger of American imperialism, a corrupt democracy and a false, crooked capitalism. But now all of us should accept the fact that a failed capitalism is no worse than a failed socialism where govt try to nationalise and bailout every failed corporate failures out of trillion dollars taxpayers money. A great nation of United States that eventually will consume itself to destruction. Che Guevara is right indeed in some sense, a man ahead of his time.

Che Guevara did not fall into guerilla warfare by chance but by his reaction on the poor people that being oppressed by dictators that claimed to be the custodian of the land while gooning on U.S. govt for handouts and supports. The only reason why Che failed in his struggle most probably due from Castro relucatance to send more funds to him when Castro slowly view Che’s movement deviated from original agenda and Che himself over-obsessed by his own struggle that tend to operate more as left-wing paramilitary unit. But at least Che can show that guerilla warfare at best operated in more meticulous and subversive manner; the enemy cannot identify who and from where the opposition coming from. Che’s failure by making himself easy prey to the CIA is a great lesson for other freedom fighters to pick from pieces, rebuilt it and launched it at great impact none other than has been done during Vietnam War. Yes, it’s the infamous Tet Offensive.

Tet Offensive
Tet Offensive

Simultaneous attacks across Vietnam cities that caught American forces by surprise. A serious blow to the American forces that took weeks to fight off the North Vietnam Army or Vietcong/ “VC” with the Americans claim of victory sounds hollow while VC proved again that the superior American forces somehow can be defeated. None of American intel operatives knew that such attack could be planned by the opposing VC casually in the least suspected place, a coffee shop to be precise. While the VC purportedly received much assistance from the northern supply routes(from Soviet via China) by the American G.I., but the fact is most Vietnamese all over supported VC. Those Vietnamese that fled with the American during mass troop withdrawals in 1975 were the former supporters of their French colonial masters. Or the American goons. The failure of U.S. in Vietnam war was due to one factor: the Americans simply don’t know their enemy. It’s goes back to basic by Sun Tzu’s Art Of War Know Your Enemy.

Certainly history is funny in some sense, repeat itself well. The Iraq war once again shows that U.S. never learn their lesson, still in denial mode just like when they tell the world that Vietnam war isn’t a lost cause. The Iraq war also fought on pretext of terror and Islam fascism, as crude as blaming the fear of fast-spreading of communism to South East Asia by the Communist China with Soviet backing. U.S. govt should’ve been concentrating their military presence in Afganistan, keeping the Taliban mullahs out in the mountain caves while imposing the crippling economic embargos on sponsor nation like Pakistan and Iran until the mullahs left nothing but the stones and sands to eat. Only intelligence hold the key to fight war on terrorism. The reason why I indulge on guerilla warfare as relevent for Dayaks struggle against Yang Dikasihi is because the history from others taught us not to repeat the failures by adopting better strategies.The VC can easily poked the U.S marines into the jungle full of booby traps and underground tunnels spreading across Vietnam, hide their tiny body between the trees while carrying their AKs and then easily finish them off. Actually our Dayak past leaders (including opposition) somehow try to emulate this but lacking only one thing; that is they often make themselves an easy target/ open prey for Yang Dikasihi, the very same mistake done by Che Guevara that led his capture by the CIA. The VC meanwhile just keep their patience and employing guerilla warfares to keep frustrating the U.S. forces even by means of living in underground tunnels for ten years. Once again time and patience (a rare commodity among Dayaks) ultimately the deciding factors that made VC victorious in getting U.S. forces as common Vietnam enemy that lead their shameful withdrawal from the war full futility and simply a lost cause.

Now with the opposition try to gain momentum with Gabby Adit lead the way, the very important element is being elusive in carrying any subversive undertakings. All Dayaks may wish to get rid of Yang Dikasihi and take our belongings back but here in Sarawak the major financial benefactors remain the same, the Chinese timber barons. Currently they are still supporting Yang Dikasihi but rest assured that they hate George Chan (Taib’s son, Sulaiman married to Anisa Chan, George’s daughter FYI), the Chinese equivalent of J*bu for the Dayaks, as they view George Chan the stumbling block for the Chinese community to ever unite themselves. Dayak and Chinese oppositions can forge a better, formidable team and direct Yang Dikasihi once again the common enemy for all. It was the same thing happened when the U.S. keep pressing the South Vietnam people to fight against the VC when in fact it’s absurd to fight your own kind, Chinese quarters of North Vietnamese against French quarters of Southern Vietnamese. The Chinese here were equally pressed to support SUPP under George Chan with certain Chinese business groups being held ransom or else risk losing their license, permits, contracts, perks, etc. all under one man direction and to serve him only: Yang Dikasihi. The Chinese will not tolerate anything that can damage their business future and slowly you will see DAP will receive more backings than SUPP. How this trend translate as common alliance for Dayaks? That is the elusive part. A part where Yang Dikasihi fear the worst. The fear that Yang Dikasihi can no longer see where his opposition attacks are coming from, more from the Dayak sides or the Chinese sides or both or simply no signs at all that when/ where simultaneous attacks would be carried out or not. The very reason why Ming Court Affair failed, apart of being duped by Yaakub, was due to the fear intended for Yang Dikasihi was not turned into Dayak’s fun factor, much like the VC enjoying the Tet Offensive in full glory while sitting at coffee shops.

Both Che Guevara and the Vietcongs employed guerilla warfare tactics with relative success against the American forces. But the mullahs also do the same only for them to add elements of suicide bombers that drag the U.S. into Iraq as the world’s most expensive video game. For us Dayaks, the gameplan is similar; simultaneous attacks, guessing tactics, being elusive, vigilant, but there’s one thing that can be our own suicide bombers and it’s coming from the govt itself: jokes from J*bu. That’s why Dayaks must ensure continous nonstop criticism-turned-jokes by J*bu. The more the better it gonna irritating to all Dayaks. Remember, the VC launched Tet Offensive more or less as a fun factor rather than a fear factor. It’s fun to see those G.Is scrambling everywhere looking for the VC while the VC themselves sit all day long eating noodles, chatting at coffee shops. It’s not entirely in military form but more on the same substance we use as tactics in order to fight Yang Dikasihi. If Yang Dikasihi can put blind eye on JKR contract to his CMS then there’s no difference if we give some talks, seminars, workshops to longhouse folks about potential large scale donkey farming on NCR lands. Some Dayaks can be suddenly full of intelligent ideas, share some jokes and forge close rapport after few rounds of beer and Chivas. Did I hear some OhhhHaiiiWooo? Right.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Time has change and so do our approach and the enemy as well. The recent shit-stirring in the ever-shameless Borneo Post news by J*bu against so-called Dayak bloggers for being ‘unappreciative’ toward Salcra (and demand respect to J*bu himself rather than EARN it) epitomised what we can view as the beginning of Dayak’s guerilla warfare. Not physically using firearms, bombs but by using our own medium of interaction. While most of our Dayak oppositions regroup themselves now all over the state, all of us the Dayak bloggers doing bit of parts that the opposition may not have the priviledge or time in reaching the mass Dayak online. Govt can hide two things that prevent Dayak from knowing the truth about the plantation scams and other dopes; the calculator and English-BM dictionary, but govt can’t fool the Dayaks all the time, at all places. Arms struggle definately out of question and never will be but Dayak should always do the opposite whenever the govt try to hide the truth, attack the whistleblowers, or try to intimidate any Dayak dare to criticise their wrongdoings by turning it into a joke. And the jokes tend to come from govt themselves and up to Dayaks to manipulate it, the same way the govt all these while manipulating the truth from Dayaks. From who, where, how, why, what factors are the main essence in carrying out guerilla tactics in our recent modern times. The past freedom fighters fought it in the jungles, battling urban warfare but doing it online is totally a new idea. Not new actually if you count how al-aqaeda communicate encryptedly in Arabic confusing FBI and CIA but we Dayaks are not that obsessed just to die in the name of growing the thickest beard while blow your ass off and become martyr to receive virgins as reward in heaven. No, we Dayaks just want to make sure that apart from keeping Bible at home or longhouse, every Dayak must know the importance of keeping a calculator and English-BM dictionary all the time. Check if the word ‘lucrative’ equals the low, crappy returns from plantation schemes which being propagated by govt to eradicate poverty or not. For Dayak’s guerilla warfare, these are our weapons basically and the attack can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime, simultaneous or constant even J*bu and Yang Dikasihi feeling the heat now. Ok Dayaks, over and out.