A very fine TraTraTraOhhhHaiii to you all Dayaks. Let me begin with a rather bleak prophecy, a Dayak minority to rule over the whole Dayaks. It’s the Dayak Bidayuh, not other sub-tribes of Dayak. The rule of minority is nothing new in Sarawak with Melanau virtually took control very much the affairs of Sarawak governance under Yang Dikasihi, a Melanau himself. Why Bidayuh being picked by Yang Dikasihi as his sub-agent to rule the Dayaks? It’s a long history of minority rule by the Bidayuh themselves. Within the Bidayuh group there are also many sub-tribe with different dialect and customs but the dominant Bidayuh tribes of all is the Bisingai, considered as minority elite of Bidayuhs. They always regard themselves as superior group above the rest due to the fact they are the most educated and priviledged. They do not hold the top jobs for now but formed the force behind every policy that always gooning Yang Dikasihi. Even Bidayuh’s own ethnic association, Dayak Bidayuh National Association or DBNA is heavily influenced by Bisingai elites (comprising of top politicians, professionals, contractors). Yang Dikasihi is very fond of the idea of minority rule therefore the Bidayuh would be the perfect goon to be given the top jobs such as ministers, state secretary, National Service chairman, top academics cronies for local universities, state govt agency heads, all of these to show the rest of Dayaks that become a goon is worth the heavens and shall you do the opposite expect a wrath from Yang Dikasihi.

Some Bidayuh leaders in past did face the wrath such as Dr Patau Rubis of Tasik Biru DUN with his acrimonious fallout with Yang Dikasihi led his expulsion from the then-BN component SNAP party. Those days however, unlike the alternative media now, he was portrayed as the ultimate traitor by all pro-govt dailies and lead to believe as traitor even until today for his ‘crime’ going against Yang Dikasihi. But far bigger crime yet to come and the crime comes from the top Bidayuh leaders themselves now that keep gooning Yang Dikasihi as the future Bidayuh kids will bear the stigma from the present misdeeds: minority rule over the Dayaks, the Little Napoleons. By keep aligning themselves to Yang Dikasihi and gain authority as false Dayak enforcers, the Bidayuh slowly aping what the Melanaus have been doing in Sarawak history as the minority ruler (over all Dayaks, Chinese, Malays alike) and remind the rest of the Dayaks that opposing govt is a futility act and not worth fighting it. Such a zero tolerance towards democracy and freedom to choose your own leader. Bidayuh with less than 200,000 population able to gauge such authority in short time and only the majority Iban predominantly under J*bu can exceed Bidayuh in term of Dayaks’ state govt powerbase. The fact that J*bu praising the Bidayuhs for keep supporting Yang Dikasihi and deserves bigger govt grants is indeed a further rubberstamp of Bidayuh’s minority rule. This is a very ugly ploy by Yang Dikasihi to split the Dayak and making Bidayuhs as liability rather than proud achievement in the eyes of marginalised Dayaks in general.

Not all Bidayuhs are happy for that ploy, albeit the top jobs being bagged by their leaders. They are growing dissents especially among younger Bidayuhs and that trend can be seen in recent general election where Bidayuh MPs facing formidable fight from Bidayuh opposition candidates, some are first-timers able to get extra 4000-5000 votes with exception to Serian MP that gain bigger majority of 10,000. The most despicable Bidayuh MP in recent Bidayuh history arguebly Mambong MP (from PBB) Dr James Dawos with such hatred being compounded after the dubious Bengoh water dam project commenced resulting in many conflicting claims of affected Bidayuhs being compensated unfairly and yet to move into new resettlement area while Bidayuhs there will never forget the biggest lie of roads, bridges cutting thru the mountains promised for them donkey years back by current Works Deputy Minister SUPP MP Yong Khoon Seng. The fact that Dr James Dawos as NREB chief ought to be condoning the project with hastily prepared EIA report under directive from Awang Tanah and Yang Dikasihi. He survived the election onslaught from dismayed Bidayuhs from the help of SUPP-controlled Chinese voters and the ever-BN bonking Malay voters. To which extent of how depleting or continous support from Bidayuh voters in the next impending state election is yet to be seen but the determining factors definately the Chinese voters. Even SUPP gauging on this factor that they have Bidayuh ADUNs such as Dr Jerip and Ranum Mina plus MP Riot. Even SUPP now in denial mode to lure a Dayak Iban to join them, ADUN Rayong. 

The next level for Yang Dikasihi is slowly grooming the present Bidayuh leaders to jointly cohoot with their Melanau counterparts in safeguarding other crown jewels such state GLCs, timber cartels, construction and housing sector, and finally the assimilation of Islam among Bidayuh communities. Yang Dikasihi will always ensure the top job even for TYT role must be held by his appointed goons with foremost requirement a muslim. Bidayuh therefore become the second in line for the ‘throne’, after his preferred Melanau clans. Now that Yang Dikasihi able to divide and rule the Bidayuhs and breaking the effort by other Dayaks to unite them plus let J*bu to solve the Iban-generated heats, it seems that his plan for political dynasty is very much in place with the crown prince Sulaiman waiting in the wings.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Bidayuhs are just too obedient like most Dayaks under siege from Yang Dikasihi and the more they accept the dopes from Yang Dikasihi, the more they held themselves ransom as any signs of opposition toward Yang Dikasihi means their bloodlines will be simply cut-off. Sakai Mentality disease will show that they can only dig the grave deeper in return for the false wealth, live beyond their means, while the next generation of Bidayuh kids will wake up in disbelieve and disgust just how cheap their forefathers have sold themselves and served the enemy Yang Dikasihi and contribute indirectly or directly to the demise of Dayak unity. Perhaps Bidayuh leaders just happy to serve the enemy and allign conveniently with govt of the day and lead the false alarm to the rest of Bidayuhs that they have too much developments to lose while Yang Dikasihi practically got NOTHING to lose, with or without the gooning from Bidayuh leaders.