The Ibans are the poorest folks in Sarawak. Yet, they had supported the BN. It looks like they have not found a viable alternative.
– Yang Berkhidmat Wong Ho Leng

Sounds like another unsolved mystery eh? Those Dayaks keep voting BN to get almost nothing. Well, Mr.Wong, they are many conspiracy theories that being discussed to try to explain the almost-supernatural phenom that haunting Dayaks for so long (thanks but no thanks to BN): Dayak To Be Kept Poor For Ease Of Control. Exactly what I’ve said many times that BN deliberately keep the Dayaks poor by using various mechanism, tactics therefore making Dayak in lose-lose situation all the time. Hope is the most common human anomality, most of the time a false one, being abused by BN to give a false sense of hope to the Dayaks that BN, being the govt of the day, is the ONLY source of livelihood and development therefore they should obey and receive whatever they deserve for them, even nothing at all. We Dayaks are the product of many betrayals, in-fightings, selfishness, ignorance, ill-informed, plain stupidity, low intelligence, facing sudden modernity throughout most of our past and recent history. The perfect condition in which Yang Dikasihi forever employing divide-and-rule tactics over Dayaks to what we been reduced now: Politic Of Donkeys, where Dayaks are taught to be fully obedient (just like a donkey) and will not question a single thing even it is right or wrong shit by Yang Dikasihi. Almost worshipping a cult figure.

Take plantation schemes for instance. Yang Dikasihi knows that Dayaks are the rightful owner of vast NCR lands and it’s just far too ‘dangerous’ to give them land titles so Yang Dikasihi will keep delaying the land title issuance while he’ll find ways to loot the land legitimately. The common excuse for Yang Dikasihi is that the fear of most Dayaks will sell it to the Chinese businessmen for quick cash and that would make only the Dayak themselves to blame for losing their own land resources. Convenient fear-mongering shit indeed. Then Yang Dikasihi try to show some compassionate for Dayaks to uplift their living standard by using their vast but idle NCR lands for plantations only for him to put blanket responsibility to his pre-set cronies like Salcra, LCDA and proxy private developers as the land custodians only for him to reap most profits for himself while leaving the Dayaks with much-propagated minute returns on their NCR lands. By omitting the magic but simple gadget like calculator and English-BM dictionary, Yang Dikasihi able to dupe the Dayaks into ‘surrendering’ their lands knowing that most of them are rural Dayaks with limited English literacy, almost zero access to legal assistance and govt themselves not even bother to explain the propective returns from the plantation schemes so the English-only plantation agreements is the perfect conjob ever to dupe the Dayaks in recent history. With their lands being locked up, fed with low returns, the Dayaks can rest assured to kept poor for ease of control.

Just to recall the following quote:
“Chong also said he suspected a conspiracy as to why the people, especially the indigenous communities, were deprived of opportunities and resources to better themselves. He joked that the BN government is probably afraid of losing ground if the people become smarter.“They want to block access to the community for fear that they will get smarter and become more knowledgeable and can see that the Barisan Nasional government is horrible. So the more educated the people are, the less control they (BN) have”
– Yang Berkhidmat Chong Chieng Jen

So the question of why Dayaks seems to be out of alternative other than supporting BN is not by fate or chance but by design. Taking advantage from Dayaks’ sheer ignorance, being ill-informed and brain-dead stupid has been a staple for Yang Dikasihi as his divide-and-rule gameplan. The same tactics has been used to dupe Dayaks be it in plantation schemes, education system, basic infrastructure development, land title issuance and down to dividing Dayaks into various political parties headed by his Dayak goons. It’s always been a simple agenda of blocking the Dayak unity be it the Iban, Bidayuh, Penan, Orang Ulu etc. by any means. The same tactics also being used to divide the Chinese Sarawakians be it a Hakka or a Foochow and somehow the Foochows always get the blame as the timber crooks that act as puppet masters while the actual ‘Tok Dalang’ behind it is Yang Dikasihi with their business interest being held ransom. So it’s safe to presume that the Chinese (particularly the business community) to kept rich for ease of control, with Yang Dikasihi play stick and carrot over the Chinese, “Wanna keep your business here? Pay your due to me.” A very opposite way to control the Chinese indeed, unlike the Dayaks but both under the control of Yang Dikasihi. Dayak and Chinese alliance easily make up over 70 percent of total Sarawak population and rightly the formidable partner to govern Sarawak but rest assured Yang Dikasihi will not give a single shit for it.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The best way to unite everybody is by having the common enemy, be it you are a Dayak or a Chinese. Dayak can only gain by forging fist with the Chinese with bigger chance to finish Yang Dikasihi once and for all. I don’t see the need of anymosity toward Chinese or Chinese trying to infiltrate powerbase from the Dayaks. History shows us the real culprit have always been from Yang Dikasihi and his maternal uncle Yaakub and using proxies to deny a united front be it the Dayak or Chinese groups. Remember how some Chinese Rajah and his son now from Kapit that duped Dayaks for so long? Of course it’s a joke should be discarded as pathetic Dayak history but DAP can lead the way that justice fought for common good. It’s not unusual to see a Dayak playing Chinese chess and beat the crap of all Chinese competitors as for DAP to serve the marginalised Dayaks. Poverty by design or delaying tactics affect anyone but created and controlled single-handedly by Yang Dikasihi. For starters, it is highly recommended to turn criticism into jokes and manipulate it as potential vote gains. Just like when J*bu release his gas, we Dayaks can only laugh our heart out knowing that whatever it is it’s all the bollocks to please Yang Dikasihi and same goes whenever Robert Lau try to speak fluent Bahasa Melayu, it’s no better than a duck try to spoof the whole chickens. Perhaps, manipulating jokes is the best form of attack.