Great proposal of a Dayak college from Dayak Baru! Since J*bu mention ‘talk is cheap’ it’s doesn’t matter what we share here. A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step, as some confused philosopher might say.

Right Dayaks. First and foremost, I suggest the name of the college must avoid any word or sounds like ‘Dayak’. Our civilisation and history doesn’t dictate us to command such stature yet. It’s also not flamboyantly marketable (such as Kepayang College/ Institute Of Technology etc) and can lead to prolong stigma of being called ‘lakia college’. Just use any grand English name. The quality of its highly competent lecturers, all-English medium, oversea university affliates/ twinning partners, zero racism policy, all of these factors that made the college can ‘sell by itself’. If you insists on putting Dayak Agenda then the lecturers are ought to be the best bunch of Dayak lecturers and management group or board of directors. They are many good Dayak lecturers that promote only the best education policy but trapped in a lousy college or racist university due to lack of promotion or opportunity to implement their idea. Again, Amai Betong College of Excellence or Sinar Dayak State University should be avoided at all cost.

College platform:
Should consists only those related from education field with aim only to produce good graduates with relevant to job demand, unlike now that producing as much quantity of Bumiputera graduates regardless of quality. With that, DO NOT include POLITICIANS OR THEIR FAT WIVES to mess the college with their hidden political manipulations either as management team or that goofy hat chancellor, which in the end will pose a threat in form of holding or stopping govt financial funds if in the first place the college will ask for it. The best link-up with various Dayak associations (Iban, Bidayuh, Kenyah, Penan ethnic association etc) is to include them advisors as each education committee from these Dayak associations send their representatives. They can even form a koperasi/cooperative holding company/ trust among them to raise funds and become shareholders of the college. They will bring all datas of how many of Dayak students need assistance and get a place in the college (of course the best, bright, deserved and financialy underpriviledge Dayak students first). Also, we can include our Dayak brothers from Kalimantan for various inputs (World Dayak Federation?) and potential future students from Kalimantan to study here at the college (another college income source too). Better naming the best and most successful corporate figure as chancellor rather than some joke YB or his SPM-level wife.

Management team:
Many of them Dayak lecturers, professors in Unimas either ‘self-trapped’ by own politician goons or scared to voice their idea or displeasure of how education system should be run or implemented. They can only contribute at highest level of integrity in a relatively independent college, produce the best students and get their pay/ bonuses deservedly based on their effective and efficient approach of logical education system rather than on ‘political gooning’ basis. Some private colleges employ Indian, Canadian, Chinese lecturers in courses like IT, finance, accounting, law and this can only give more dimensions and ideas to improve the college. Employing part-time lecturers (from retired but top professional such as bankers, lawyers, accountants) or visiting professors is another option.

Priority course:
The courses offered must be relevant, job-ready, to make them highly sought by employers. Look at local job demand to avoid mismatch. In Sarawak, the demand mostly from private companies and construction sectors. For instance finance/accountancy courses, the college should associate the courses with external bodies like LCCI, ACCA, MIT, MIA and accounting software companies to train the students as relevant to job demand and chartered themselves as qualified accountants or tax consultants. Their degree is worthless without being chartered. The same goes if the college wish to offer law, quantity surveys, engineering, architecture courses. The college also can offer short-term/ certificate courses on electrical/electronic/handphone devices repairs, computer repairs, AutoCad drawings (as architect project assistant), basic law, insurance study (with affliates from insurance companies to take them as authorised agents), stock market analysis (with local brokerages to train them as licensed remisers or chartered financial planners or online trader courses) with certain course can be upgraded into diploma or degree level. Feng Shui short-term courses isn’t that bad either, some Dayaks are highly superstitious though. If the college can afford it, they can affliate with MLVK to offer more vocational short-term courses for less achieving but ‘handy-kraft’ students to complement what GiatMara or Kolej Komuniti can offer but not available in other Dayak-populated areas. Regarding Dayak Kalimantan, they even have Dayakology Faculty in their respective Kalimantan university so affliates with them will bring more joint-studies on Dayak-related subjects/history as well as other courses (Eco-Tourism as Dayak tour guide, train Dayak as tour agents) can be exchanged for mutual Dayak benefits with affliates from Tourism Ministry.

The college must not view study loans as their lifeline therefore to get as many students as they want since the loans will be grabbed while pay no regard on the degree quality. This is what happen to most Bumiputera-own colleges/ IPTS/IPTAs when they get easy money to give dopey degree. You can imagine the EPF irrecoverable loans to PTPTN amounts to RM billions yet many graduates are jobless. Someone ought to make out of these loans and that is the fake professors with their innocent look and naive concerns for Bumiputera students. These so-called education loan scams actually deprived many other deserving students since loans cannot be reimbursed/recycle back from previous students due to their non-performing loans. The college therefore MUST NOT become a crook to loot the loan money. Be a responsible, respected and reputable college even if you only operate from a block of shophouses.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The main structure of the college is offering relevant and job-demand courses, many external/ chartered bodies as affliates, foreign university as twinning programme partners, non-politician management team, all of these will make the college highly sought not only for Dayak but from other races also. Some college built their reputation as producing the best quantity surveyors, accountants, lawyers etc. to become a specialist college. While some college/ university built their reputation simply for teachers to get their degree for pay upgrade, almost half-hearted intention to upgrade yourself and that is a hollow concept of being a graduate while the college happy to get their loans. ‘Lepas batuk di tangga’ as some says. The direction is yours. From a block of shophouses a college can grow into another full-fledged university. Understandably some argue to give focus on Dayak students but balance on quality and quantity is important. The college can operate on two area namely short-term and long-term courses if money permits. Remember that some Dayak pledge RM2 million to challenge J*bu so why not get him to this college as direct way to help Dayak students with first Dayak student batch will receive free calculator and English-BM dictionary. It’s the time to show that Dayaks ain’t easy to fool since talk is cheap and will always cheap according to J*bu. So Kepayang College? Not in a million years.