Almost all Dayaks keep at least a copy of Holy Bible in their house. It is a very important element in any belief system that seeks continuous and widespread appeal of their faith and insists on faith renewal from each follower from time to time. Being religious is like being in love. You take a vow and declare your love till death do us apart. I do read bible, not to become fanatical theologist but to study the way Jesus speak against nonsensical lunacies. When some Jews rabbi question Jesus’ wisdom in disallowing/discouraging divorce for married couple as contradicting Jewish tradition that divorce is allowable as final resort, Jesus simply said that in early days Moses knew that his own fellow Jews people are world’s most stubborn people so to disallow it will make them even more stubborn and that is the reason why early Jews followers adopted it. The same goes when Jesus chased away tax collector from church as Jesus would never allow anyone try to make a cut for himself in God’s house. Save for the miracles and all the David Blaines, one can imagine how Jesus can tolerate during his time all those hardline Jews that go against him, mocking him as ‘King of Jews’ that lead to believe that he is a such a dangerous cult for Roman masters to ignore therefore Jesus must be made scapegoat, kill him for good once and for all. Unfortunately, most of us Christians, Dayaks alike regard Holy Bible, be it Old or New Testaments in a very narrow perspective with some prayer leader himself simply unfit to explain it intelligently and effectively as relevant to our ever changing world and we fail to emulate the Jesus’ leadership quality against injustice, tyranny, nonsensical religious myopic thinking but we are more towards superstitious elements such as miracles, sainthood etc. things that make you out of reality, practicality and common sense.

This is a problem of mental-block in which people are lead to be trapped mentally. Take the commandment that say Thou shall not kill. When you think about it, most of us think it in a very narrow perception: physically killing people is dead wrong. You are right; it’s a crime punishable by death. Even the church authority worldwide particularly from the Vatican always go against abortion/family planning/birth controls or using condoms as it doing the same as killing unborn child and simply an act of anti-life. For human rights group and Aids activists who are branded as anti-life fears that Aids will be forever widespread, let alone receiving billion of dollars in R&D grants to develop Aids vaccines. Abortion deemed as direct killing and prone to abuse/ guilty pleasure as accused by church authority but little they did to support the growing number of populations and how to provide them food, medicine and education just because any life creation is God’s gift therefore should not be killed. But to fail for taking care of them is far bigger crime, just like praying without action. Some even believe to let food magically appear by itself just like Jesus miraculously able to use few baskets of bread and fish to feed thousands of followers. We are thought to be very single-minded in almost any form of belief and never question the authority that claimed to be the guardian of faith. It’s sad to note in Philippines in which the powerful group of church authority (have a reserved place as lawmakers) that supported the corrupt regime of Arroyo govt but neglect their mostly poor followers in the vastly Catholic nation. Poor people are left to keep breeding and increasing the population while the church provide nothing much in advice and assistance, yet nobody question the church authority as divine block in national politics which by any means as simply supporting a corrupt regime.

Faith tends to make you a very rigid person and that is a dangerous mental block or mental trap: never question the authority that provides you the belief system. Dayaks are not excluded. We are not supposed to question the church prayer leader, how the church money being managed, any possibility of funds fraud or some Church leaders really that divine after witnessing a miracle from a cross-sighted coconut leaves. You can only hope for the best that after you donate your hard-earned cash as mass prayer collection, the church committee will not swindle it for themselves. The same faith can be expected from Dayaks not to question their own leaders that seems to be in fishy dealings but as blind faith operates, you must maintain your believe even if you don’t see it. When some church members question where the church funds has gone, you’ll see scores of church leaders and his goons in quick defence and playing denial mode but for the sake of the church, the overall committee will just move on while the church accounts keep disappearing into thin air. You see, there’s a similar pattern that the more Dayak question Salcra’s money, the faster for J*bu and his goons try to divert the loot elsewhere for safekeeping. The problem for Dayak is, there only one Holy Bible to keep, to depend and to pray for but during these challenging times and crooks become more creatively cunning, it’s highly recommended to keep another two bibles: a calculator and English-BM dictionary. Both cost less than RM100. Ok, put it RM150 if you opt for scientific calculator. Not really a bible, just another everyday common household items but the function is just as important as Holy Bible to our Christian faith.

There are more than enough evidence from Dayak participants themselves than mere oral historical accounts (passed down as Dayak folklores) of just how dopey these plantation schemes works. From the lack of legal assistance, proper explanation (English to BM vice versa) of the agreements before signing, prospective future returns, let alone who are the cronies and crooks behind the schemes, Dayaks are taught to never question the authority like J*bu or Yang Dikasihi with his “I’m the government” policy. Between the precious vast areas of NCR lands, lies the delay tactics such as propagated by goons Dr Manang that by participating in such schemes the land titles will be given out gradually as to coincide with the value-added infrastructure being built on the lands. Isn’t it logical that those lands supposed to be given titles long before the schemes started to avoid land ownership disputes such as happening now with the Dayaks being trapped by the ‘land custodian’ such as plantation companies, private developers, cronies but the more Dayak question it, the more govt revealed just how much the schemes have changed their livelihood with ‘miracles’ such as dividends, scholarships to plantation participants’ children, resettlement housing projects, their lands value increased due to improved infrastructure etc. Those total amount of ‘miracles’ is nothing to what the nepotism cronies has swindled over the years and nobody care to question it as if it’s all legal and common practice. The Church Of Salcra will insist on the Dayak followers to worship the mystic god of Palm Oil for the miracles it brings no matter how low, crappy the returns are. The profit and loss account, balance sheet, annual report aka the Salcra Holy Bible will forever written as it is, every dollar and cents printed inside just sufficient to disclose by law what is necessary for public view, no question allowed. As another goon Johnny Sadong said you can only naked in front of your legal wife which means that to other illegal wife(s) or concubines mistresses there goes the big animal party with ill-gotten money free flowing. So for those Salcra cronies few be it the suppliers, contractors, AliBaba nominees shareholders in joint-venture companies, all of those direct conflict of interest and how the big loots gonna be shared among them will not be exposed, rest assured!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Perhaps calculator and English-BM dictionary as divine Holy Bibles for Dayak is best described as the unsung heroes. Commonly found in any house but rarely promoted as simply the effective tools that can easily defeat all those boondoggles by J*bu to dupe the Dayaks into plantation schemes of whom mostly lack calculation and English language expertise. Speaking of unsung heroes, remember what Kanang Langkau did when he rejected the idea of Datukship for him as false since he is just too poor financially to command such title compare to what stereotypical rich Datuk holders seems to be. Actually it’s a splendid swipe toward govt. Instead of adequately honouring the brave soldiers, the govt made the former Simanggang communists to surrender but in return turning them as filthy rich housing developers and contractors and we all made to believe that’s the fairest deal to end the war confrontation from Indonesia’s Operasi Ganyang Malaysia. So protecting the crooks is worth much more important than defending those that sacrificed their own life (like in case of Kanang) and resources (like in case of Dayak NCR lands)? You can only choose to believe it, my Dayak folks. But I believe in calculator and English-BM dictionary, at least they don’t lie, figuratively and literally speaking.