Behold Dayaks, behold. Let us straighten the article regarding Jews achievement as example of the importance of education to Dayaks: it outright anti-Jews, almost anti-Semitic and boy, what could go wrong when it’s written by a disgruntled mullah. The obvious ploy is blanketing education as Jews prima facie from Islam’s own weaknesses and Muslims’ backwardness anywhere in the world. The author failed to recognise one single flaw: abusing or using your knowledge.

Nobody knows the exact origins of Jews, some of them are black Ethiopians to the Russian Jews or maybe some experimental seeds from alien race but the world knew exactly that they’ve killed their own messiah, Jesus Christ. And how guilty they are till this very day. Being the ‘chosen people’ and almost being a natural-born intelligent select group of people is either a gift or a curse, whichever way you look at it. It could be the God’s curse for Jews that for killing their own messiah, God shall not granted them ever lasting peace upon them despite their gift of intelligence from God. And it’s natural for the world to appreciate their vast contributions and for certain part of the world to hate them like Iran and the lunatic mullahs. Hitler view them as a curse and threat with so much hatred only for Iranian president Ahmednejab to deny the Hitler’s Holocaust as nothing more as fictional historical accounts/ false sympathy but actually both of them, no matter how they try to kill them all they will not be able to erase God’s gift to the Jewish people: intelligence.

With that intelligence, comes the responsibility whether you are going to use it or abuse it. For good or evil. Jews did the both throughout the history of mankind. The rise and fall of great civilisation was all by their design and destruction. Mostly started in their native Israel biblical past and present with Arabs as their arch enemy until now like Iran and the rest of the Middle East. They created socialism but failed only to create a counter-idea of it: free market capitalism and democracy. Certainly it failed too with current global financial crisis that stemmed mainly from sub-prime nutjobs with the Jewish U.S. bankers and insurance barons deliberately plot it all to create a chaos (a la George Soros’ Chaos Theory). This chaos aimed to two groups: Arab sheikhs and newly elect President Obama. They know that most govt around the world subscribe to monetary instruments such as U.S. insurance, stocks, bonds etc. but insurance (the prime link to any financial markets) is the best tool to screw-up and lead the financial black hole slowly. Just like a small break in a river dam. The Jews bankers find the right spot to burn all those oil money from the Arab sheikhs right here from their own U.S financial den. This whole mess will provide a burn-out soil for Obama to clean and fix for being the first nigger chief with the easiest margin victory. That’s the same tactics used by Saddam on Kuwaiti oil fields before they fled: conveniently burn the oilfields. Burning down the house tactics indeed. And it’ll affect the whole world whenever the Arabs put their money and unfortunately affect others too. God knows just how smart these Jewish bankers are and most of us unaware that the single country that U.S. will salvage and reverse it all back: China. Jews shall make use China’s vast central bank reserves to hold this global fire-sale and leave the rest burning, ultimately the Arabs.

That is just plain abusing your intelligence, my Dayak folks. We are just a very tiny particle in the whole universe galaxy if comparing Dayak to Jews. But the essense of abuse still the same, just like some of our Dayak talents goes to waste or abuse, mostly as political goons. Pathetic shame right? Our Dayak anthropologist-minister can only watch how own fellow Dayaks being divided and subdued by Yang Dikasihi thru his Dayak goons, wonder the anthropologist term cannibalism comes to his mind eh? The very same goon that crying for Dayak unity while all these donkeys years of his own hardwork vigorously splitting his own Dayak knowing that some Chinese Rajah will take them to defeat him for good. Then there another level of abusing intelligence but in the opposite way that is insulting intelligence with the idea of certain fruits to be made as mystic god to worship against Dayak poverty. Such a fucking joy to note that. The same goes to the very Dayak academic experts that act as plain goon to Yang Dikasihi from their very comfort zone in public universities with each election you will see their pea-sized brain analysis of Dayak voters’ votting patern toward BN. That’s the product of keeping the Dayak poor for ease of control and no intelligence needed to see such crap by BN. Education agenda for Dayak therefore will become a self-defeat when the leaders themselves abusing their intelligence just to keep Yang Dikasihi in power.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

That is why education agenda for Dayaks will always be defeated. The smarter the Dayaks, the harder for BN to subdue in later stages. Intelligence is not in our Dayak blood but it can be nurtured and acquired (marry a Jew isn’t that bad idea at all). Of course it’ll be easier if you are born smart like the Jews and also be more aware the hatred towards you for being a smart, intelligent people. The fear of you for abusing your talent is more than the appreciation you get by sharing your talents and that is the roots of hate as some crazy lunatic mullahs’ nonsensical hatred toward the Jews. But for Dayaks historically, talents abused for serving the enemy is more damaging than talents used to spread enlightenment of the danger of serving the enemy in term of Dayak unity in broad perspective. The result now is the ever divided Dayaks. And made easier with current model of democracy of the highest bidder, it took a whole new generation of educated Dayaks to replace the current old ignorant ill-informed Dayaks to defeat the enemy Yang Dikasihi political dynasty and all those Sarawak resources would be shared back in a more meaningful and civilised manner. Can’t find any smart Jews around, don’t worry Dayaks, here we got the Foochows or the Chinese Jews. Also they are good, bad, smart, cunning, educated Foochows. Dayaks can always learn and form some alliance with them. Just make sure you Dayaks form the right package with very much similiarity in religous background and a common enemy for a starter. So there goes the crossroad of new Dayak chapter or the next Dayak dilemma: Being educated to serve or to defeat the enemy Yang Dikasihi? Come on Dayaks, you don’t need a fake Phd to figure it out!