Morning Dayaks. Let me begin by asking you as a food lover, do you know some fruit called buah kepayang, the hideous looking nutty fruit? Ok fine, that poisonous fruit indeed but some of our old folks got their ingenious method in neutralise the fruit by washing its cynide content slowly in downstream river and dried it. Can be eaten raw after boiling it but it rather tasteless and mild. It’s a peanut in composition as some expert might explain it but nevertheless, despite the tastelessness in nature, there are varieties of Dayak cooking methods to prepare it like cook it with preserved durian paste or unripe flesh with crushed cucumber leaves. Some made it as pickles but yet to see someone deep fry and air dried it to perfect crisp, just like some Taiwanese air-dry vegetable crackers. Right, it is just another typical Dayak delicacy with not much market value really, let alone for international market much like selling rambutan in Harrods London supermarket for GBP20 per kg (RM110-120/ kg). Please Jesus.

Somehow somewhere if most Dayak can remember some donkey years back, our fake paramount leader J*bu vehemently during his heyday as state agricultural minister came out with scores of ridiculously insane ideas, from releasing fish fry such as tilapia aka Ikan J*bu (only to damage the river ecosystem), to palm oil only to be shrouded with Salcra’s crappy returns, nepotism, cronyism secrecy and last but not least, to try in vain to elevate buah kepayang as possible next golden fruit to be planted in large-scale farming. Fucking brilliant eh? Being agricultural minister is one of the best job in the world in which your resources to dupe people is endless, as long as it can be grown. Unlike works minister or education minister, you need some projects to launch or finished to show your success and capability to serve the people. No projects, no signs of development but empty promises and you’re doomed. That is why J*bu was ab-using his post as agricultural minister to pick at random any plants or fruits as the next golden fruit plus some magic fish too. He always mislead the people in believing something that is in truth as worthless but made as illusory golden fruit such as in the case of buah kepayang as unsung heroes; ordinary fruits should never be taken for granted but made a saviour or martyr in war against poverty, sort of. But J*bu’s picking on buah kepayang so far the most lunatic if not the most ridiculous by any standard as Sarawak’s next golden fruit after palm oil.

Therefore, let’s called it as Politic Of Buah Kepayang. A politic full of false hope and false ideas in which selected illusory golden fruit can eradicate poverty which is a clear insult to common sense and general intelligence to all Dayaks and non-Dayaks alike. Having some ideas to eliminate poverty is good but to make something out of nothing without actual worth is either convenient crap or plain hallucination from the truth: buah kepayang as potential golden fruit against Dayak poverty. Throughout the history of Sarawak, there are many plants are indeed worthy as cash crops which made its way as traded commodity and formed into food industries with great efforts from business communities and politicians but to make false hope out of it is something close to lunacy and worse of all, a proud legacy. It just feels right when it done by J*bu as it epitomise what Dayak leaders’ real capabilities are other than gooning Yang Dikasihi but in fact just show how dopey clown intelligent they are. It’s an insult to other Dayaks that worked so hard to quell themselves out of Dayak’s Sakai Mentality only for their own leaders shows that Dayak are still in laughable state of intelligence mediocrity. This is a dangerous shit, my Dayak folks. When you are a minister and easily manipulating words like large-scale farming, golden fruits, eradicate poverty, mix it and sell it like a processed junk food to Dayak masses, you can only imagine what junk food can do to your brain if consume in large numbers in long term: Destroying good brain cells and retard the Dayaks.

Beneath all the false hopes and false ideology, you can see slowly that J*bu is treating Salcra as his mini CMS as to what Yang Dikasihi treat CMS as one giant cash cow of Salcra. That is the end-product of Politic Of Buah Kepayang. Make Dayak to believe in crap junk food, take their money and retard their brain in the process. The ploy here is always to take the land resources and what convenient way to dupe it from the Dayaks by promoting a false hope on illusory golden fruit. For instance the cash generated from palm oil business is from open market CPO trading and that is why Dayaks are only encouraged in plantation side but never beyond that. The basic resources such as land and even the Dayak shareholdings must be kept at lowest cost possible while milking the last drop of kernels for the top chain business goes to political cronies which do not benefit the target group of poverty among the Dayaks. Plantation need lands, not suspended air to grow upon but Dayaks sit between them as nuisance so the only way to get their land is by letting them to join but the best they can received is harvesting the palm oil fresh bunch fruits money and leave all the big money of refining, trading open market CPO, other plantation inputs to the goons. You see Dayaks, large-scale plantation is one good hallucination against poverty be it any kind of fruit. It is the same modus operandi: bonking on false hope to exploit the Dayak lands. It’s like the case of Indian surrogate mother to Japanese couple: pay the poor Indian cheaply (using Dayak lands but give them crappy returns) in order for the couple to get their baby (Salcra goons get the big money). Best of all, there’s no specific legal repercursion against this practice in India (here there’s no law against false hope on dopey buah kepayang). You can promote any fruits or fish but make sure it is practical and profitable even until the end-product to cash on it. Even SEDC lost so much in promoting sago so the odds are well againts buah kepayang in the same sense.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

That is why when you try to talk about ‘Change’ to the Dayaks, one of many things for Dayaks to move forward is to change/ stop this brand of politics of false hope or Politics Of Buah Kepayang. You don’t see it in tangible manner but the psychological trick behind it is to keep Dayak believe in mediocre intelligent ideas hence promoting a community full of mediocre intelligence. When a Dayak mingle with other Dayak and see not much level of intelligence awareness among them, the probability for them to be kept ignorant, ill-informed and ultimately kept poor for ease of control is remain large for BN for ripe pickings. For such enclosed Dayaks of course they are proud for such false ideas such as J*bu’s ideas while for the rest of the world, we can only hope that it’ll not be picked up by some NBC channels as a serial late night jokes. J*bu may hold different post now but his lunatic ideas remain unchanged (like try to dupe us that whole Sarawak bridge replacement projects to late Yang Dikasihi son Bekir, Sulaiman, brother Arip Mahmud-linked company, Titanium Construction is based on technical merits and experience. Note: experience, my ass. Yeah right for such a new RM2 AliBaba company) and will keep coming out so just enjoy the freak show, my Dayak folks. The more, the better for Dayak to reverse it. Right. To some extent of how feasible or laughable buah kepayang is on big farming scale is up for you to believe. But I believe that buah kepayang is good enough as profitable pasar tani items but certainly way too bad to be made as next golden fruit as mystic god to worship in the war against Dayak poverty. So The Politic Of Buah Kepayang? Dayaks must say NO-NO-NO!