There you go Dayaks, Sarawak is fast becoming a police state the moment that peninsular-based opposition politicians barred from coming here. Yes, like Sabah we do have different set of immigration laws from peninsular Malaya but apparently just for the wrong reasons. While Sabah crooked its immigration laws with national registration dept to increase more Mindanao illegals to become Mykad holders cum UMNO voters, here the hookers from China and Phillipines are freely granted with visas, work permits, fake college student pass to enter Sarawak for some cunts and cums dealings that got nothing to do with Sarawak economy other than their cunt and cums money going out and depleting Bank Negara’s foreign exchange reserves, the rakyat workers instead being targeted as if they were much lower than those China and Philiphines whores. And yes, it’s a grave sin to questioning nepotism, cronism, corruption by Yang Dikasihi through his CMS, Titanium, Naim, Kumpulan Parabena, SEDC and the rest of the goons and it’s no better way for Clown Prince Solomon to seek revenge by using directive from State Secretary and Immigration Dept chief to deny entry for those dare to critic their family business. Worst still, both State Secretary and Immigration Dept chief are Dayaks. Typical shameless goons.

Solomon has a long history in swallowing big fish for dinner such as using his Bank Utama to eat a bigger fish RHB Bank some donkey years ago when Bank Negara try to consolidate banking sector into 10 anchor banks only. But Bank Utama, being among the smallest banking group itself holding just too much CMS skeletons in the closet so rather than risking the mega exposure and in complying Bank Negara ruling, RHB Bank was the easy fish to pick even not on willing basis with the founder Rashid Hussein himself practically was in position of gun-point to surrender his bank. With that merger, RHB under Solomon was able to swindle billions of combined cash to lend CMS group basically a blank cheque for spending spree. By the time RHB nearly dried up and CMS secured indefinate booze supply, Solomon quits and EPF (our money too) being forced to clean the mess by taking over RHB. Ironically Bank Negara called it a just time for possible conflict of interest for Solomon to head one of the biggest bank while Yang Dikasihi dad still on the throne. Fucking joke eh?

It was during his RHB days that Solomon finally forged formal alliance with Sarawak’s top triad group when the infamous incident of the alleged beat-up by Solomon to a lady friend in KL. The lady have to deal with the triad mobs and settled out for good and in return the triad group gain access to CMS’ vast business networks and also further strengthen their underground business. Apparently the same triad group also has a long history as ‘guardian/ enforcer’ for SUPP and it formed one big family business when SUPP current chief George Chan let his daughter Anisa Chan marrying Solomon to further cemented Yang Dikasihi total control in turning Sarawak as his own ranch at the backyard. The very reason why the triad group operate their illicit business (hookers from China and Phillipines freely enter Sarawak) with exclusive exemption from Immigration Dept is just tip of the iceberg of this whole Solomon and SUPP triads relations. So no surprise if Kuching are flooded with foot reflexology centres with MBKS can’t seem to resist the acute threat of foot problems. Even the local fishing industry also one of the triad business with helping hands from SEDC in issuing AliBaba fishing licenses in order to facilitate smuggling contrabands (from subsidised diesels, firecrackers to food items) between SUPP triads and Thai counterparts with Singaporean goons act as their foreign exchange intermediaries.

So Solomon try to intimidate the oppositions by denying them entry but letting loose the pimps business freely importing the cunts particularly from China and Philliphines? Hypocrisy indeed, and it’s done at will by Immigration Dept which shows the real ugly face of Yang Dikasihi and Solomon. Fine, instead of intimidating the opposition how about we recall back some intimate memories of Vina Morales and her Solomon connection. Again, hypocrisy among devout Christian while promoting decadence is best described as follows:


Vina Morales
Vina Morales

MANILA, March 12, 2004  (STAR) FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo – In a span of four years, Vina Morales has gone through four break-ups but she insists that her heart is intact, thank you. It’s a matter of getting used to it, you know. The first was with Robin Padilla, then with Bukidnon Rep. Juan Miguel Zubiri, then with Roy Ofek (now living with Angela Velez in California) and recently, with Sulaiman Taib (a Muslim from Malaysia, with whom Vina went steady for more than four months). No, religion didn’t get in the way of Vina’s relationship with Sulaiman. “It’s the same God we all worship,” says Vina who’s a member of the Victory Christian Fellowship. “What matters is how you live your life.” In the next breath, Vina denied that she and senatoriable Mar Roxas were ever an item. Asked how she feels now that Mar is romantically linked to Korina Sanchez (who refuses to talk about the matter even if her action speaks louder than her silence), Vina smiles, “I’m happy for them!” Asked further if she’s dedicating Mamahalin Ka Niya, carrier single of her latest album on Star Records, to Korina and/or Angela Velez, Vina laughs. “To all of them,” without naming who “they” are. It’s interesting to note that every break-up coincided with the release of Vina’s album, Total Control when she broke up with Juan Miguel, Reflections (with Roy) and Mamahalin Ka Niya (with Sulaiman).

Being a “break-up” kid, does it still hurt everytime it happens?

“Of course, it does,” says Vina. “Masakit pa rin kahit papano. But the good thing is that you learn from the experience.” Luckily, she has something to focus her mind on, such as the promo of her album which has been taking much of her time lately. “I’m not the type who would sulk. Dati, I would cry and cry, but not anymore. What for? You can’t have everything. I have lots of work. There’s so much to live for,” adds Vina who last year declared her independence and decided to live alone (with only a maid and a driver) at a condo in Pasig City. “But it doesn’t mean that I have become liberated,” assured Vina who used to live with her parents (including younger sister Shaina Magdayao) at the house she built in Susana Heights Subdivision, Quezon City. “I’m still a probinsiyana at heart.” By this time, Vina should be in the US for shows in San Francisco (March 14), San Diego (March 19), Grand Olympic in L.A. (March 27) and Waldorf Symphony Hall in Atlanta (April). When she comes back, she’ll prepare for a major concert at the Araneta Coliseum slated for June 12.

“Work is the best therapy,” she claims.

Besides Mamahalin Ka Niya, Vina’s album carries such classic hits as Yakapin Mo Ako, Pangako and Saan Darating ang Umaga, plus a duet entitled Paano Kaya Magtatagpo with Piolo Pascual who co-wrote the lyrics with Vina (melody by Arnel de Pano). “Piolo wrote the first and third stanzas and I did the second and fourth stanzas. How did we do it? Through texting! Among the Hunks (Jericho Rosales, Diether Ocampo, Carlos Agassi and Bernard Palanca), it’s Piolo who’s closest to me. Vibes kami.”

How Pito-Pito Hit “Gold”

Willie Revillame’s novelty song, Pito-Pito (by Universal Records), is now “certified gold”, thanks to the campaign think tanks of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who bought the rights to the song to the tune of, hold your breath, P500,000. That’s big money in any denomination, isn’t it? But Willie didn’t get a single cent “didn’t he!?!” because the big bulk of the windfall (it is, isn’t it?) went to composer Lito Camo (the guy behind Bayani Agbayani’s hit novelty song Otso-Otso). I wonder, how much did Mr. A.V. got as commission for acting as the middle man in the negotiation? Speaking of Willie, the launching of his game show Pera O Puso? on ABC 5 was postponed. It will premiere along with the station’s other new shows maybe in April. Meanwhile, Willie is busy with the mall tour for Pito-Pito.

Victor A Womanizer?

Just when he’s reported to be happily going steady with Quezon City reelectionist Councilor Aiko Melendez, unwed father Victor Neri is starting to create a reputation as a womanizer. Victor has a right to be one, considering that he’s one of the few truly desirable and fantasized over actors today. Women, and other species besides, are intrigued and attracted by his brooding looks and quiet ways (silent water runs deep, remember?). A Funfare DPA said that “somebody who looked like Victor” was seen coming out of the Mandaluyong City condo unit of a young ABS-CBN actress (was it you, Miss D?), holding hands. Then, Victor was seen with Iza Calzado at a non-showbiz girl’s birthday party in Makati. (On the other hand, Iza was rumored to have almost, but not quite, “won over” brothers Mico and Bernard Palanca, that’s why Bernard was reported to have broken up with Rica Peralejo who assured everybody that her relationship with Bernard, whom she calls “BJ,” is going stronger.) Obviously, Victor is having the time of his (love)life. Before Aiko came into his life (they met and fell in love on the set of Filipinas, Viva Films’ 2003 Metro Filmfest entry), Victor briefly went steady with Angelika dela Cruz.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

It would require a complete skin reconstruction (like Wacko Jacko skin) for any Indian oppositions to enter Sarawak, maybe as fair as those cunts from China or Philiphines if such hypocrisy and discrimination ever be employed by Immigration Dept. For those unsuspecting Dayaks, just boycott the business related to the triads group linked to Solomon: Pandan Thai Delight Restaurant (RH Plaza shoplots, BDC, Kuching), NAZA, Chery, Ssangyong car companies, Kamdar carpet shops, Everise Padungan (building owner the same triad).

Last but not least, the news from Mkini that relate to the incidents:

The debate which irks Taib’s family
(Malaysiakini 26/12/08)

The following is an excerpt from the Hansard regarding the parliamentary debate on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Bill (MACC) on Dec 16.

Chong Chieng Jen [Bandar Kuching]: Terima kasih, terima kasih. Yang Amat Berhormat sekarang sebelum dia (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) hendak bersara, saya ucapkan tahniah kepada dia kerana dia membentangkan rang undang-undang ini kerana late is better than never.

Ada satu hakikat yang boleh tidak boleh dinafikan oleh Barisan Nasional adalah tekanan yang diberikan oleh rakyat dalam political tsunami yang berlaku pada 8 Mac tahun ini dalam pilihan raya ini. Ini adalah tekanan dan mesej yang kuat diberi oleh rakyat Malaysia.

Oleh itu ini adalah salah sebabnya Yang Amat Berhormat Perdana Menteri membentangkan rang undang-undang ini. Nampaknya there is some light in the tunnel dan haraplah kita ini tunnel, don’t leave us to another twilight zone.

Oleh itu saya tidak akan menghujahkan berkenaan apa-apa kelemahan yang ada dalam rang undang-undang ini, tetapi saya akan beri sedikit huraian mengenai keadaan rasuah di Sarawak. Di Sarawak, sekiranya semasa seseorang sebutkan rasuah, the first person that come into the mind of the people of Sarawak dengan izin, adalah Ketua Menteri Sarawak.

Alexander Nanta Linggi [Kapit]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, that is not true lah. There are millions of people there.

Chong Chieng Jen [Bandar Kuching]: Ini adalah pandangan rakyat di Sarawak dan ini bukan sahaja pandangan rakyat di Sarawak. Seawal tahun 2003, 15 May 2003, satu artikel yang dilaporkan di surat khabar The Age Australia. Tajuknya dengan izin, “Being well connected goes along way in Malaysia”. Saya akan baca beberapa paragraf dalam artikel ini.

“In some part of Malaysia, business and politics are inextricably linked, writes Michael Backman. The Sarawak state government gave two road construction contracts worth a combined RM79.86 million to the Malaysian company CMS Group last week.

“Last month, it gave CMS an even bigger contract, worth at least RM1,332 million over 15 years, to maintain all of Sarawak’s roads. The group’s most recent annual report says it is the largest and fastest-going conglomerate in the state. As well it might. It is, you might say well connected. CMS Group chairman is Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib.”

Sekarang dia bukan lagi chairman, dia adalah Timbalan Menteri dalam Kementerian Pelancongan.

“His younger brother, Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib is deputy chairman. Their father is Abu Taib Mahmud. He is chief minister of Sarawak and has been since 1981.

”CMS Group originally was a monopoly cement producer established to feed the building boom then under way in both states. In 1989, the Sabah government sold its stake and the Sarawak government decided that the company should list on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

“Abdul Taib’s family emerged as its controlling shareholders. The cement company was transformed into a conglomerate as a result of a host of government contracts.”

Kenapa BPR tidak siasat? Di sini ada satu possible explanation. Dia (Backman) kata: “Abdul Taib has a special place in Malaysian politics. His party is a component of Prime Minister Mahathir’s ruling coalition and come election time, Abdul Taib consistently delivers all or most of Sarawak’s seats in the national Parliament to Mahatihir coalition.”

Adakah kedudukan seseorang dalam politik ini menjadi satu sebab kedudukan yang kuat dan sokongan yang kuat diberi kepada Barisan Nasional menjadi satu sebab BPR tidak membuat siasatan. Artikel yang saya sebut ini diterbitkan dalam The Age Australia. Ini adalah pandangan di luar negara terhadap Ketua Menteri Sarawak. [Tepuk]

Seorang Ahli: Saman dia.

Chong Chieng Jen [Bandar Kuching]: Kalau kita meneliti company search mengenai CMS Berhad isterinya memegang RM37 million share dalam CMS. Seorang anaknya Sulaiman memegang RM29 million share dalam CMS. Anak keduanya Abu Bakar memegang RM29 million share lagi.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua, sekiranya kita pergi ke website CMS Berhad kita boleh dapati bahawa berpuluh-puluh surat kontrak pembinaan yang dianugerahkan oleh Kerajaan Sarawak kepada CMS dan kebanyakannya tanpa apa-apa tender dan value nya berpuluh-puluh sehingga beratus-ratus million ringgit Malaysia dan ada banyak tuduhan…

N Gobalakrishnan [Padang Serai]: Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Bandar Kuching, terima kasih Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Yang Berhormat Bandar Kuching mengatakan tentang puluhan kontrak yang diagihkan kepada CMS Group.

Saya ingin tanya Yang Berhormat Menteri juga adakah Ahli-ahli Parlimen yang ada dalam Dewan ini dan juga menteri-menteri dan juga pegawai-pegawai kerajaan yang diamanahkan untuk menjaga keharmonian dan juga pengagihan kontrak-kontrak di negara ini adakah mereka semua ini tidak tahu tentang ini ataupun mereka buat tidak tahu ataupun mereka sanggup melihat rakyat negara ini merana?

Adakah mereka ini mahu melihat kejatuhan satu demokrasi? Adakah Yang Berhormat Bandar Kuching merasakan ini sedang berlaku?

Chong Chieng Jen [Bandar Kuching]: Saya percaya bahawa ramai tahu tentang keadaan ini tetapi kerana he can deliver the sits to Barisan Nasional. Oleh itu tidak ada apa-apa siasatan.

Saya ada suruh orang pergi ke Australia buat some land search sebuah company side host private limited adalah pemilik at the lake Hewton dan side host private limited itu juga syarikat anak-anak Ketua Menteri Sarawak.

Juga tuduhan yang dibuat di Jepun mengenai ada kickback atas kayu balak yang dieksport ke Jepun dari Sarawak dan saya fikir penganugerahan kontrak-kontrak Kerajaan Sarawak kepada CMS, bukankah ini satu conflict of interest?

Cabinet Minister di Sarawak mengatakan bahawa semasa keputusan dibuat Ketua Menteri akan ruckus himself keluar dari bilik mesyuarat ini tapi walaupun dia tidak hadir di bilik mesyuarat his shadow is there. His shadow is there.

Oleh itu, Cabinet Minister Sarawak yang lain mereka tidak berani tidak berikan kontrak kepada syarikat yang dimiliki oleh ahli keluarganya. Kini di Sarawak ramai kontraktor di Sarawak tidak dapat diberi kontrak oleh kerajaan, no first hand.

Tidak dapat dianugerahkan oleh kontrak Sarawak. Mereka hanya jadi subkontraktor-subkontrak dan ada pula sub-sub kontraktor. Itulah satu kenyataan dan hakikat yang benar yang berlaku di Sarawak. Oleh itu saya rasa…

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Dr Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar]: Masa Yang Berhormat.

Chong Chieng Jen [Bandar Kuching]: Ya saya akan gulung. Definisi rasuah kita mesti memperluaskan definisi rasuah. Tak betul hanya mengehadkan kepada ratification for a favour tapi ia haruslah melingkungi keadaan-keadaan seperti memberi kontrak seperti conflict of interest.

Di Thailand, Thaksin telah dihukum penjara dua tahun kerana atas tuduhan conflict of interest bukan rasuah di mana ia memberi tanah kerajaan kepada syarikat isterinya dengan harga yang murah sahaja. Ini dia dikenakan hukum dua tahun penjara.

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Dr Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar]: Yang Berhormat.

Chong Chieng Jen [Bandar Kuching]: Apa yang akan berlaku di sini? Akhirnya, saya memberi cabaran kepada commission, suruhanjaya yang akan ditubuhkan di bawah rang undang-undang ini. Make it your first priority to investigate the Ketua Menteri Sarawak selepas ditubuhkan suruhanjaya itu. [Tepuk]

Saya harap cabaran ini akan diterima dengan baik dan siasatan akan dibuat. Terima kasih.


Will others be banned from S’wak?
(MalaysiaKini Dec 26 2008)

The state government may use its immigration powers to deny entry to more Peninsula-based politicians, including PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, in the face of what is seen as growing local support for the opposition.

This followed the ban imposed by the state immigration authorities on N Gobalakrishnan, PKR parliamentarian for Padang Serai (Kedah), two days ago to attend a party seminar outside of Kuching and to pay a Christmas visit to his adoptive Iban parents in central Sarawak. The opposition parliamentarian flew in at 5.15 pm on Wednesday and was told by immigration officers at Kuching International Airport that he had been denied entry. According to the state immigration, Gobalakrishnan had to apply for a permit to enter Sarawak under section 66 (i) of the Immigration Act.

As a rule, Peninsular Malaysians need not apply for an entry permit so long as they carry their passport with them. The immigration officers also informed Gobalakrishnan that they were acting on a directive from the state secretary’s office. The MP had initially refused to be deported. However, he eventually board the 9.50pm AirAsia flight back to Kuala Lumpur. He had instructed his party colleague, Padungan state assemblyperson Dominique Ng, who is also a lawyer, to challenge the ban in court.

Entry ban ‘politically motivated’

Given the Christmas eve’s incident, there are worries that the state authorities may now try to invoke the same law to stop national-level party leaders from coming to Sarawak. The opposition has made Sarawak a key battleground in its bid to oust the ruling BN government in the next state elections due at the latest by 2011. Ng told Malaysiakini today that while he appreciates the importance of the special provision in the Immigration Act resulting from the 1963 agreement in the formation of Malaysia to protect the interests of Sarawakians from being swarmed by workers from other parts of the country, the action against Gobalakrisnan was however politically-motivated. The latest development came on the heels of PKR supreme council’s decision to appoint the parliamentary opposition leader and MP for Permatang Pauh to be the party’s state chief in both Sarawak and Sabah.

The party has planned a series of activities, including dinner gatherings ,seminars and training courses in the coming months, and Anwar has also instructed all PKR elected representatives to visit Sarawak on a regular basis ahead of the state election. The latest activity was a two-day seminar for election workers held in Sri Aman, about 240km from Kuching, on Dec 22 and 23, which was to be attended by Gobalakrishnan. Several top PKR Dayak leaders however made it to the seminar. They included Ngemah Gabriel Adit (right) – an Independent turn PKR state representative – state PKR deputy chief Nicholas Bawin, former Lubok Antu MP Jawah Gerang, former Sri Aman MP Jimmy Donald and a well-known Orang Ulu lawyer Baru Bian, who is expected to be named party candidate for Ba’kelalan in northern Sarawak.

The response to the seminar was tremendous, according to Bawin, a former president of Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) who is also expected to be named PKR candidate for the predominantly Iban state constituency of Batang Ai. “There is a groundswell of support throughout Sarawak for PKR,” Bawin told Malaysiakini. At the seminar, former MP Jawah and over 1,000 of his supporters in Lubok Antu handed their membership forms to PKR secretary-general Sallehuddin Hashim.

Taib angered by debate in Parliament

The ban on Gobalakrishan came as a surprise as he had visited Sarawak previously. The MP was a guest of the state government during the recent Gawai Dayak celebrations and was given VIP treatment with a chauffeur-driven car, said Ng. Apart from his intention to attend the PKR seminar in Sri Aman, he was to go to Kapit, a town in central Sarawak, to celebrate Christmas with his adoptive Iban parents in Nanga Sut.

Gobalakrishnan said he believed the decision to bar him from entering the state was linked to a speech he made in Parliament in support of fellow parliamentarian, DAP MP for Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen, regarding corruption in Sarawak.He said he later met Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s son Sulaiman, who is deputy tourism minister, in the Parliament lobby. According to Gobalakrishnan, the deputy minister had warned him that he (Sulaiman) would finish off PKR in Sarawak. Sulaiman, who took over the parliamentary seat of Samarahan from his father at the March 2008 elections, was said to have been angered by the PKR MP’s remarks about his family-controlled business group, CMS, in Parliament.