Leadership, hardly a proud legacy among the Dayaks. You may hack my guts down for saying that, for being ungrateful and so forth but if any one thing that can summarise the state of pathetic leadership by our own Dayak leaders is surely that sick movie called ‘Farewell To The King’ starring Nick Nolte. Partially shot at makeshift longhouse prop at former boy scout camp at Matang, the movie actually nothing more than just a mockery to the Dayaks the way I see it as how Dayak can be easily duped into a false leadership no matter how meaningful the leader to them, regardless of the leader himself is genuine in helping the Dayaks or just enjoying making the Dayaks as his loyal bunch of bonkers. Ever since the Brunei sultanate and Brookes’ rule over the Borneo, not a single Dayak really worth a leader, none and as I said it many times before that our joke stuff of Dayak history and civilisation coupled with the hard-etched Sakai Mentality, Ketuanan Rasuah, Buah Kepayang-ism et all making it almost impossible to equate Dayak to any form of real leadership.

The fact that we don’t have a single powerful Dayak leader other than self-proclaimed/ fake/ puppet paramount leader to lead us all Dayak against Yang Dikasihi simply shows that Dayak will remain weak and ever divided. You can list down all the qualities of Dayak past and present so-called leaders and wish that we can find such Dayak encompassed most of the qualities but sorry my boy, the odds you may find it is just like waiting for Jesus’ Second Coming or just like a lucky instinct by Morpheus in finding Neo. Dayak leaders clearly lacked intelligence, a single most acute quality that absent to all of them with some of them abusing their talent for greed and self-interest which explain to us why none of them ever question the wisdom of govt decision no matter how silly or wrong it is. Using your father’s surname to become a leader is wrong when you know that Sibu-Kapit-Belaga-Bintulu road will remain the world’s greatest fairy tale if not that your own father and SUPP prick Stephen Yong can reverse the oil royalty to 95 percent (enough for Federal to get admin fee 5 percent) which leave us all Dayak enjoying the pathetically semi-developed Sarawak while you whole-heartedly defend our enemy Yang Dikasihi at Parliament. Leadership by surname-riding basically as corrupt and fake as being a leader based on gooning or ball-carrier.

Let’s turn to scores of leadership discussion by fellow Dayaks which rather rest on theoretical attributes of so-called ideal Dayak leaders. So some of you might fancy a rich, flamboyant Dayak to be your leader but that is just another Elvis impersonator from DAMA to represent Dayak music that sounds like petty street musician: fake, hollow and filthy. Those Dayak leaders will not risk their every single ill-gotten wealth other than held themselves ransom and to serve Yang Dikasihi. Therefore the ideal Dayak leader ought to be highly corrupt and the greatest quality of all is being a corrupt? That is the product of democracy of the highest bidder and Ketuanan Rasuah which give the Dayaks in general a narrow perspective of an ideal leader. We are lead by corrupt leaders. Doesn’t matter if the leader has the four pillars so-called the heart of a king, a warrior, mentor, friend but instead grip it all in one big fist of corrupt hand, Dayak can only expect more betrayals and backstabbing. Divide-and-rule in autopilot mode.

Does it really matter if a leader is born or made? How about both? Sometime it is and just as important, at least according to Jack Welch, former General Electric boss and possibly the world’s greatest CEO. Jack Welch believes that the best leader is a blend of both ‘born’ and ‘made’ attributes or simply, it’s inside his blood genetically (from their parents as leaders) and made better with proper guidance and practice. Inherited and acquired qualities. But Dayaks are far from it, both. To try to pool, compare and cherry-pick a Dayak leadership based on past and present Dayak leaders can only enclosed ourself further. It is the same concept of jaguh kampung. No merits at all since intelligence is almost diluted by greed and just compare to other pool of leaders from nearest race, let say, the quality of Foochow business visionaries and cunning mind to survive in limited resources (unlike some Dayak that easily surrender their resources for cheap dope), our pool of Dayak leaders are far from it. Just because you scared of Sukarno and its Dutch masters try to coup over Borneo, what is the difference at all since Umno, Yaakub and Yang Dikasihi are doing worse now: robbing, cheating the Dayaks which show how poor our Dayak leadership all these while.

Leadership actually closely associated with bravery. Brave on the principle of truth in order to survive no matter how autocratic or democratic he is. Likewise for CEO, he must be brave in steering the company against economic uncertainties such as deciding on downsizing, cost-cutting programmes which is cruel and painful but must be done or risk the whole company slowly collapse and bust. He will not stay at comfort zone just for the sake of self-interest but for company’s long term survival and always groom the right heir to face the ever competitive business world. He is not afraid of change at all. But what our Dayak leaders doing are all the opposite: prefer to cocoon themselves for greed and grew up so fat they can’t move a bit arm of conscience right or wrong. To call them as our leaders seems like an endless insult. And then there is a funny notion among the Dayaks that easily regard the highly educated Dayak such as doctors which deemed as automatic vote as leaders. A good scientist or doctor NOT necessarily a good leaders and boy, how many time doctor-politicians gone psyco these days? Some can’t stand to release extra energy, some indeed breed a genie or toyol to steal from others, some just seems cannot think properly at all and the list goes on and on. But Dayaks are quick to pick any Dayak doctor and then parade him as their only hopeful saviour. Life can be so easy for doctor politicians eh? Fucking prick.

Right, you may ask what is the best leadership quality needed or any Dayak really worth himself as a leader? It’s all about passion, honesty and sacrifice. The sad thing is you hardly find it all in one person, not even Jack Welch. Countless times that U.S. politics try to lure Jack Welch into running public office but he refused. He knows that he will not fit the corrupt world of politics where common sense and intelligence hardly appreciated to get your job done. He is happy giving public talk and mention only General Electric as example and all his books money about himself and GE are for charity for as long as he lives. Now look at Dayak and its state of leadership. Damn it’s pathetic. Full of corrupt goon dopes. You can figure it out how pathetic it is when a Dayak minister passionately insisting on few RM billions of extra fund allocation for predominantly Malay area of Kota Samarahan’s development projects while the rest of Dayak areas can only trust their longboats to travel and survive. There you go Dayak minister my ass. It’s just too much honesty from him that Kota Samarahan peat soil condition required more money than common sense to build better roads. Ah, what a longboat to sacrifice for Dayak folks in Song!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The five ‘craps’ (detractors might say, fuck them) of leadership that is passion(Neo), honesty(Gandhi) and sacrifice(Jesus) plus the all-round common sense(anyone but not J*bu) and intelligence(Jack Welch) is required for any battle-hardened leader wish to command the trust from all Dayaks in order to finish off Yang Dikasihi once and for all. Beware of the corrupt Dayak leaders that looting and whoring from his PKK Class A, CIDB G7 AliBaba contract license to gauge and thump his chest for a fake leadership only for him to fight for self-interest purposes since all his money coming from gooning Umno and Yang Dikasihi. To include such Dayak leaders as your reference point is one dangerous dope and make Dayaks just another crackpots being delusional even further more. Will a smart ass CEO automatically become a great president or a Dayak doctor or anthropologist deemed as the Dayak savior? Never give a shit about it, my Dayak folks. Also, never give a shit even some anthropologist may backstab Yang Dikasihi and lead a revolt only to dupe, betray all of us Dayaks again with the ploy from Kapit Chinese Rajah only to let Solomon continue the Melanau political dynasty. Fine, just replace the word ‘sacrifice’ with another word: cannibalism.