As The Dyaks Blog examine lots of Dayak  extrovert-ness, the Dayak leaders’ myopic thinking, endless ball-licking and stupidity which is beyond definite common sense, little we can hope for much change for the immediate time around. But one thing for sure will always remain hard-etched to anyone Dayak or non-Dayak alike that claim to be the rightful guardian of faith: hypocrisy. Yes my Dayak folks, the issue of hypocrisy and let me draw the fine line that separate the divine world of religion and the guilty pleasure of cults. Hypocrisy element is good, just like greed in business only for a small amount but if in excess it will lead to arrogance and disasters. In our country the BolehLand where politics is all about race, religion and all that lunatic manipulations in order to strengthen one’s moral authority and blatant disregard of avoiding holier-thou-you mentality, those religious hypocrites works are basically governed by half-greed and half-insanity. I’ll dwell and dissect each loony to better understand the world according to hypocrites.

Take an example of why certain Malay peninsular visitors seem to distrust of how halal things in Sarawak can be even for a drinking water. Simple reason: they are hypocrites. Halal itself is very discrimitory and narrow in every things a muslim can trust. Some even resort to clean food utensils or their own feet by using any ground soils to purify themselves from infidels or pigs. Hypocrisy creates distrust which will create phobia. The world according to them must be free from infidels’ filth but remember that 90 percent of taxpayers are non-muslim, Chinese to be precise so their salary as govt officers ought to be haram as the Chinese money was all their hardwork sweat from eating porks. The best system for such infidels money (especially GST on gambling and liqour sales tax) to be used by govt is by cleaning it through a giant ground soil money filter machine so the money collected is certified halal for general circulation. Sarawak airports will provide free soil bath for any muslims coming in or out in order to cleanse their body and mind from us the infidels.

Hypocrisy also the reason why Home Ministry still regard Bahasa Malaysia version of Christian bibles considered as national security and also the ban of using the word ‘Allah’ in Christian tabloids. Anything that potentially will distort the faith of muslims will be scrutinised followed by fatwa restriction such as banning yoga exercise. If taking the account of national security and possible faith distortion then Home Ministry should jail for life or sentence death penalty to the recently released biochemical weapons expert (linked to Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah), but hypocrisy tells otherwise. Govt is happily defend their cult version of a religion rather than looking the real meaning of national security which explain why Malaysia is home to many mullah terrorists planning their attack to Southern Thailand, Mindanao and Indonesia. The mullahs will claim they act to defend their muslim brothers but no religion will permit killings unless they listen to a false terror prophet all these while throughout the history of mankind. Save for those 72 virgins as heavenly reward for being a martyr.

How do feel if your newborn baby is a divine reincarnation of a Buddhist god? No worry, it only happen to places nearer to the spiritual cults such as Tibet, Nepal, Buthan but not here. Again, the same reason of hypocrisy being revealed as why the sudden increase of cases of Buddhist monk reincarnation which only lead to possible fake Dalai Lamas giving spoof blessings anywhere Buddhist might go. Along with it is the money generated from the spoof: donations. But the taboo fear-mongering will prevent the truth from those fake Buddhas as nobody will question it and will risk the very divine religion into another David Koresh or Heavens’ Gate cult. People that believe in cult are like the patient of neurological disorder, their nerve no matter how ill shouldn’t be altered or risk their life as the nerves basically hold their life one way or another. Religious hypocrisy is funny, the more you keep it as fake, the more divine it will be.

No hypocrisy will complete without mentioning the Jews and the subject of betrayal or in essence, the subject of distrust. Recalled back the recent discovery of the Gospel Of Judas which suggest that Judas did not betray Jesus but merely fulfilling the God’s plan that Jesus somehow will be sacrificed. Someone clear the bollocks. Either the earlier gospels were tricked out or Jews wish to revamp Judas as willingly happy betrayer. My guess is still the elements of hypocrisy as hypocrisy by-products is betrayal as what Bernie Madoff done to his fellow Jews in his USD50 billion Ponzi scam. Jews worldwide that being duped by Bernie all these while and throughout their Jews history are bind by the common trust that every Jews responsible for the action by fellow Jews but Bernie knows that hypocrisy deluded him into swindling their money. The essence of business is never far from cheating no matter what the binding responsibility dopes might be. Any hypocrites, like Bernie, will never do what they’ve preach: Taking care of your own kind just to prey on them, a fox guarding farm of hens. The world’s biggest scam by Bernard Madoff shows just how big the destruction made from hypocrisy can be.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys

What’s in there for us Dayaks, particularly Christian Dayaks to learn from dopes of hypocrisy? Basically a real and present danger as we speak now. Regardless of Anglican, Catholic, SDA, SIB or a brand of Christian witnessing some cross for coconut leaves, hypocrites must be stopped and discarded away ever for being another religious Dayaks. You might be just another unsuspecting Dayaks but beware of those holding the post as church committee members that there are 90 percent chances that they surely will siphoned the church funds somewhere else. Because our local govt laws which include those under council jurisdictions did not permit supervisory power in monitoring religious funds and activities for possible criminal breach of trust, those public money such as weekly mass collections or donations received are all at great risk for organised swindle, by the hypocrite Dayak churchgoers themselves. That is the reason why some church despite numerous grants and donations from govt somehow unable to balance their accounts from deficit, let alone to construct a new church. The growing trend now is that church will be viewed as possible source of looting/ easy money other than your weekly prayer gathering. Hypocrisy can only breed more betrayal, distrust and ultimately hate no matter what is the religion and worst of all, turning religion into a cult.