Strange it may sound but that’s it my dear Dayaks, you have to forget about the word ‘respect’ in order for all Dayaks to move forward and go for ‘Change’. What is respect anyway? Why do you still regard it highly? Do you have to earn it or moan to demand it? My subject of respect is long overdue and no better way to fix it out other than redefining the word ‘respect’ once and for all. There is some fucking tendency for many of us that equate respect with support. Just like a number of votes for Dayak YBs simply means the evidence of a great support by the voters. Are you really sure is that all really matter particularly to you all Dayaks? Let me tell you something folks: you are fucking damn wrong and because you believe in that shit and keep being subdued mentally by that ‘respect’ crap, Dayaks will never see the ‘Change’. And multiply the number of Dayaks still having the general sense of sheer ignorance and stupidity, as far as the word ‘respect’ concerned, Dayaks are either lose out or slowly extinct in the near future and why bother since many of you never realise that ‘respect’ is just another commodity for political trade.

Politic Of Development by Yang Dikashi dictates that the development deserved upon support received and that is how it’ll gonna work as long as the cure for stupidity can be found. And support, as I said, derived mainly from manipulated respect. Yes, you all being duped to show some respect for those leaders that constantly demand it even for anything they do no matter how silly it is or if it’ll insult your intelligence. The system created by BN, Umno and Yang Dikasihi plus all the Dayak goons is all about creating a giant illusion: respect by fear. Fear for development will be stopped if you not voting them and all those supposedly obligation by govt (such as education rights etc) will be deliberately delayed or stopped. You can see the very sickness of this system as ‘no vote, no talk’ by some commentator prick that try to ask other Dayak to register as voter knowing that any vote can be easily bought anyway. You see Dayaks, there are many ways to fucked-up a vote and you no need to tell others to register as voter. They will do it but forgo the idea of support & respect. There are many voters out there but being hallucinated or even just being plain stupid by letting themselves duped by BN again and again. Just like a teenage rape constantly going on until she feels good about it without bothering to report it as statutory rape. Do you highly respect such a whore voters after given the effort to getting them registered as voter initially? Hell no, you can simply buy their vote and keep yourself elected. Same as when you try to get laid, just buy the girl out. So who do you respect more then, a voter or non-voter? No, go and fuck yourself to find it out.

This is what happen when democracy no longer hold its true value or meaning as it no longer regard truly the people’s voice in the form of recognising their needs and value their intelligence. Shits like vote buying, phantom voters, rigged postal voters are all the essence of insult and the whole meaning of ‘respect’ as far as this diluted democracy is concerned, no longer required. You may get the most votes but NOT the entire respect from the people that are voters and non-voters alike. You win by fucked up the system. There’s no reason whatsoever for such leader to demand the respect, let alone by virtue to earn it. Nope, far from it. Why try to earn when you can ‘buy’ it? Because of this corrupted democracy of the highest bidder, a whole new concept of respect by BN is the worst tactic ever since the slavery was banned some century ago. Slavery system works in the same way but on both physical and mental torture aspect. With it comes the trade elements, buying and manipulating the slaves to make them work like a machine. Same goes to buying the votes and ultimately buying your respect, albeit not a physical form of slavery, it is a direct act of hijacking the voters’ mentality.

And guess what any machine needs to keep going? Fuel, and lots of it. By making the voters as another obedient machine, the leaders can kick them as they like as long they are fed with. The machine cannot kick back but will keep the fuel to run and even if the machine breaks down, another one can be brought in easily to do the work. The idea of respect is almost zero here and that is the turning point. No, you will not hear a machine getting angry and wreck havoc at plants but simply lie dead waiting to be replaced. I’m giving you this scenario of where the world without machines is a dead place, stone age place where Flintstones starts all over again. A world without democracy. A world where you can crush someone’s head with a big chunk of rock just because he looks like an ugly disgusting Old Badak or some old rhinoceros. A world without the need to respect and be respected. With that, you don’t have to earn or buy a respect as much as the idea of you become a voter is dead. Why would you need that shit? It’s every man for himself anyway. Do you fancy living in Zimbabwe in which the world there is as good as the stone age man fighting a baboon for a watering hole and there you got a system of fake democracy where your salary is few hundred billion per month only enough for you to buy a candy? Such a big fucking joke. Got it my Dayak folks, it’s the world where respect made equal to a plain insult.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Before anyone of you try to feed others the word ‘respect’, asking them to become ‘voters’, ‘democracy’ and all those bollocks from your arse, just think about the insult you can possibly generate from your same hairy arse. Think about a candidate without using a party symbol but using merely his own name to campaign in some election. Maybe loosen the rules a bit so that even animals like donkeys, badak or something can stand for an election. Or even a fruit, like buah kepayang. Between those candidates then you can see who got the best intelligent ideas in order to get our respect and trust to represent us. Every man, animal, fruit fight for himself/ itself. Democracy then can only be fully utilised and can be trusted as highly reliable to mandate us a working govt. Now the real question is, would you vote for a golden fruit or a stupid animal as your YB? Not until the campaign slogan that says “I’m With The Stupid!“.