Morning Dayaks. Remember just what Georgie Boy claimed few weeks ago that the weather would be wet but no floods, seems like nowadays that to become a minister you do not necessarily have a high IQ other than a pea-sized brain would do. You know, pick up your rain coat and spank that lazy-ass sleeping-day-long bomba guys to bring few sampans and Ahoy! to the Dayaks you’re rescued! No flood my ass. The ever-shameless Borneo Post and the no-brainer Eastern Times would happy to front-page your silly ass as the flood savior but the real reason that will never be reported is the fact that the Kuching Barage (was built by CMS/PPES Works anyway) was nothing more than just an engineering con-jobs by the bunch of Australian engineer crooks which result in levels of river beds being trapped and increased gradually unable to flow like it supposed to be. Therefore our flood situation basically being deliberately designed or a man-made disaster to the people while few cronies pocketing their silly AliBaba engineering fees.

Right then folks, it’s hard for the ever-shameless Borneo Post and the no-brainer Eastern Times to report and expose all the tricks by Yang Dikasihi and his goons so let us recalled back what our chap Gabby Adit said previously regarding the so-called political castration among Dayak leaders. To the furore of our Dayak folks, it just confirmed what has been the long-suspected tactics of fear and holding our Dayak leaders ransom, from the Dayak YBs down to the village/ longhouse chiefs. The modus operandi basically simple, rampant vote buying from the money distribution networks that were either shifted from the ‘donor’ to the voters directly or indirectly by the so-called agents that even involved in ‘helping’ to transport them to polling station. Well, it is a matter of the money being moved from left to the right pocket to the extent that some money was being used to plant few independent ‘spoilers’. It may not from the YB himself but from his cronies before the election and after the election the money changed formed into MRP funds. The money guardians therefore usually the cronies or the actual contractors that implemented the projects or the timber concession holders nearby. In some cases, even the village chief himself become the contractor (mostly class F) to reap his ‘rewards’ and sadly the development money which meant for the rakyat ended elsewhere which explain why the grass still creep out from the dubiously thin layer of tar-sealed kampung roads. Longhouse’s new-found glory means it’s no longer function as community shelter but worth a decisive election fortress. Multiply it for the rest of Dayak villages/ longhouses all these years to just imagine how much of the money as one giant blank cheque gone into thin air. Ah, and it’s so easy for Krian DUN YB Nyorok-Nyorok to deny it all.

Ironically it is the same principle in processing buah kepayang, the golden fruit according to J*bu. The once poisonous fruit can be easily boiled and washed away its cyanide content to become another edible peanut. Yes folks, washing away the potent substance in order to consume it just like those Dayak leaders being politically castrated of their potential from against Yang Dikasihi to the tune of fearing and serving him. Being castrated means one thing; obedience but obedience without conscience/ donkey-grade obedience is dead dangerous and history shows just how disastrous it can be such as in the example of ancient Chinese empire in which the eunuchs, once the lowest caste of enemy captive being physically castrated (scrotums removed, devoid of reproduction function) but subsequently made as the advisors for the emperor. Series of bad and miscalculated advice by the eunuchs (while some practice corruption/ self-serving agenda) lead to the downfall of the emperor after emperor and finally the Northern barbaric Manchus took over the vast Chinese empire which lead to another period of Chinese obscurity into Opium War and finally China being held ransom to European concession holders, such as British companies. That is why Dayak should reject at any cost these kind of Dayak that being ‘castrated’ but appointed as fake leaders that preach falsehood, gives miscalculated and illusory advice which in the end will cost the Dayak resources dearly, that is the Dayak lands.

The game plan for these ‘Dayak eunuchs’ will remain the same in continuing the evil BN propaganda while pocketing themselves the money and hell know if the village folks being paid fully any single cent at all if all these money politics was meant to ‘benefit’ all level of supporters from top to down, from the party agents to the targeted voters. There’s only one source of the opium but being spread all over to make the Dayaks being addicted and hooked for more. As the British company(the sole opium supplier) finally able to make China in huge opium debt and forced to lease Hong Kong as landed settlement, the Dayak will move in that direction with already bit by bit the lands being taken by the cronies. Land is the most precious treasure of all and Dayaks tend to take it for granted as Dayaks no longer have the ‘balls’ required to defend their own and only remaining resources. That’s why we must pressure our Dayak ministers to stop manipulating Dayak lands and being held accountable for it, as being exposed by fellow Dayak bloggers around continuously, which is a real and present danger to all of us Dayaks. Some of you will say it’s just hearsay against development but the ploy to silence the critics have long begun just as the Dayak finally realise that Buah Kepayang indeed just an illusory golden fruit.

Dayak eunuchs arguably at the moment enjoying their hey day as both corruptor and advisor to the Yang Dikasihi but Yang Dikasihi knows that he’ll need them for as long he wish to maintain his political dynasty. The balance now lies on the ‘concession settlement’ in which is exactly what Yang Dikasihi want to get first-hand; the Dayak lands for his cronies and no better way than keeping the Dayak poor for ease of control by hooking up the Dayak eunuchs. Gabby Adit is brave enough to expose this which in turn reveals even more extensive tactics of political castration and vote-buying as one big well-organised systematic bribery chains so successful and perfectly legal with only the Italian mafioso can master such complex underground authority via fear tactics. Even the HengHua triads here have to comply with cops for business but this one done in a perfect synchronisation and with virtually unlimited funds. Jokes aside, the most the opposition can tell those folks is to just keep the money and vote the opposition instead. Right. At the moment, opposition must maintain their momentum as time is on Dayaks’ side, don’t stop spanking J*bu to get more jokes and let the Dayak eunuchs self-destruct as what history told us. Ill-gotten money will get you nowhere in the end.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The recent remarks by Yang Dikasihi for him to support the merger of PRS and SPDP and all these Dayak eunuchs will in turn made themselves even easier target for Yang Dikasihi to held them ransom since they are in one entity soon. Either they knee down to him or plant the usual Dayak goons to split them and finally being deregistered by ROS leaving Yang Dikasihi and PBB claim their seats (like what J*bu did previously) and holding the sole majority DUN block, so bet the last Buah Kepayang it will happen folks. Likewise, Yang Dikasihi will plant some ‘Dayak Saifuls’ as pain in the ass to split the oppositions when the time comes. He’ll destroy both Dayak sides so beware the Dayak that married with the Melanau, hah! The multi-racial political party approach by Yang Dikasihi is nothing but a ploy to fool the Dayak and destroy the newly rejuvenated Dayak renaissance and the same goes to the Chinese community which increasingly under the threat of the crooked Foochow thugs of whom both will split the SUPP and DAP. Yang Dikasihi will never happy to see us Dayak unite (and forming alliance with the level-minded Chinese) and the tactics will keep changing to divide and rule us all over again. The opium, the eunuchs and the buah kepayang will remain the same to create Dayak disunity so the opposition should spread well no matter from which group as long as you’re duly remind ourselves that unity is best fought by having the common enemy first and foremost that is Yang Dikasihi.