Consider this Dayaks: You may choose to hate it but the 10,000 plus elite members of Sarawak Club, Kelab Golf Sarawak are the actual controller of Sarawak’s resources against the 2 million oppressed Sarawakians (Dayak and non-Dayak alike), just to give some rough idea of how sick the actual power and wealth imbalance created by the democracy of the highest bidder. Both sides got a pretty good mixture of multi-racial composition which means that we Dayaks are not alone who are being marginalised so our approach to fight for ‘Change’ ought to be more on multi-racial alliance, namely with the level-minded Chinese. Then the issue of reclaiming back our Dayak rights such as the CM post only meant for Dayak as the rightful majority. Well Dayaks, this is exactly the same dilemma we faced when discussing the topic of Dayak concentration in civil service: compentency/meritocracy vs nepotism/cronism. The idea of reclaiming Dayak rights for being the majority Sarawakians is a dangerous shit (almost as fanatical as Umno/ Ketuanan Melayu) if you try to mock our deserved treatment just for the sake of being the majority. There are more Dayak crooks ever than before against those Dayaks that really act upon common sense and intelligence. Of course racism will creep out and even if a Dayak would become a CM but choose to ignore that there is equal proportion of oppressed poor non-Dayaks that put the new govt in place, the Dayak CM will be booted out sooner than you think.

That is why all this kind of Dayak fanatic-ism must be discouraged at all cost with Dayak must learn to work with other races in order to fight Yang Dikasihi in more efficient and effective manner. Not all Dayak are poor as not all Chinese are dirty rich timber barons. So what if the govt falls to opposition Dayaks but with zero skills to manage it? You pick yourself as lazy-ass minister but beneath it you let all your Chinese goons to do the calculation, menial jobs? Your new govt policy is to employ as much Dayak regardless of the qualification just to show some Dayak authority? Sounds like another Umno policy and why bother moan and groan for ‘Change’ if the present govt is just good enough and similar in nature? I tell you this shit and again Dayaks, do not become a Dayak fanatic as that is mirroring the Ketuanan Rasuah that’ll enslave your Dayak mentality to shrink further to the lowest point of Sakai Mentality. You might be conveniently replaced in another election as we conveniently replace the current govt when things are played on sentiments to influence the voting trend towards your advantage.

The first two Dayak CM Kalong Ningkan, Tawi Sli were easily dope-out by Yaakub and Yang Dikasihi is because of this mental block of Dayak fanatic-ism in which they got the control but lacked in substance to sustain it. It’s a prefect condition for Yaakub to corner them by making them look incapable of governing by aligning the Chinese business groups not to cooperating with the Dayak-led govt. The same scenario happened to early Sabah state govt under Fuad Stephens (Kadazan but convert later under duress) but Umno went one evil step further by pre-planned the airplane crash which killed the first Dayak Kadazan CM. History told us that a total Dayak-led govt will never materialise just to uphold the Ketuanan Melayu but it’s all can be changed if early Dayak leaders move many steps ahead by allied themselves first with the Chinese and keeping the Malay/Melanau leeches as far way as possible. Multi-racial approach by BN is nothing more than a bully in which the Umno will precede over the Chinese and the only way for the Chinese to keep their business alive is by paying the rents to Umno. This is not the type of alliance we Dayak wish to follow and implement to our Chinese comrades here. Chinese hardworks are not for Dayaks to reap without moving a single effort but rather to learn and emulate them in upgrading our economic status.

If you Dayaks are driven by fanatic-ism then by looking at French Revolution, the obvious group to be round-up and beheaded are those 10,000 plus elite members of Sarawak Club, Kelab Golf Sarawak (the one percent wealthiest Sarawak population control 99 percent of Sarawak resources) just for the sake of wealth/ political power re-distribution? No Dayaks, you’re doing the exact same thing of what Robert Mugabe did in early 2000 when he implemented the violent land re-distribution policy from the white farmers in Zimbabwe. A very nationalistic and patriotic iniative even Mahathir approved it but turn out to be a disaster to Zimbabwe when all those fertile lands actually gone to Mugabe’s cronies with mostly have no idea how to sustain and develop it for generating economic income unlike what the former white farmers did. You see Dayak, it’s easy to drive your people to claim your ‘stolen’ belonging like NCR lands etc but to what extent it will be utilised? Mugabe chased away or even killed the white farmers but we Dayak must know how to deal to our advantage with those Chinese tycoons to develop together the NCR lands without paying the ‘fee’ to the Ketuanan Melayu. Necesarry land laws, acts need to be amended properly but the real donkey ass job is to make the Dayak to work the real worth of the land themselves.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

If Dayak being the land owner and work all the sweat out of it yourself and smart partnership with the Chinese to develop it, then that’s the real worth of multi-racial approach, in real terms. You only ‘kill’ the leeches but keep your partner that willing to work with you. The key word here is ‘worth the value’ and this will dictate you as Dayak whether you are worthy enough to fill the shoes. All those elements of meritocracy, competency, selfless-ness, honesty will determine how worthy you are as anybody can replace you anytime anywhere, Dayak or non-Dayak alike. There’s no reason for ‘Change’ if in the end you’re just another Dayak CM without the required common sense and intelligence to do the things right in the right way. Made no mistake that if all Dayak lands being given its due titles, Dayak would become instant billionaire with vast landed property at disposal. That is a huge responsibility because all those wealth was only meant for the future Dayak generation, your kids, your grandkids as you only ‘borrowed’ it as legit owners at the moment, temporarily. Are Dayaks willing to bear that responsibility with such vast newfound wealth shall not be put up for abuse? Same goes to other resources, opportunities re-claimed like civil service jobs for the Dayaks. Are they worthy enough to fill it just for sake of making up the numbers, out of anger and frustration after being marginalised for so long? Are you willing to fight off the attempt to replace you if you are just another crook anyway? Fanatic-ism can only destroy all the Dayaks’ hardwork and struggle put upon so far.