Politicians are funny and complex people. Most of the time, they stay on the game practically try to balance greed and goodwill. They try to help the poor but at the same time try to pocket something for himself, kind of ‘gentle thief’. Ok, no such thing as good criminal but that is what some of the Kuching mobsters did as great donors to charities, patron of Lions Rotary club and that caring society crap while choking fellow business communities for protection money. The concept of being a philanthropist here is simple: charity will cleanse your past misdeeds. So for gang leaders they’ll keep their extortion business knowing that the charity, the association and finally the people will forgive you as long as you donate back well, in big amounts of course. 

Somehow politicians work in the same way. The only difference is that politician cannot keep much of the uppercut(MRP funds) while gang leader can keep most of the loots but both still need to give back to the people in form of donation and projects promised. Otherwise, expect the wrath from the voters and for the gang leader, the secret mob club will bring in a new boss for replacement. The point I’m trying to draw here is just how tricky it is to cover your greed against goodwill. To much of the greed you’ll risk your top job but too much goodwill will leave you next to nothing and to live in this world it’s frustrating because nobody works for free. Believe me that you have to persuade your priest or bishop just to video-call Jesus unless you bring some VAT69 for a quick sip. Fine, I made it up, no such thing as 3G phone to heaven but so far the only time you can rigged this greed-goodwill balance is when you’re an independent candidate.

So you may ask why an independent candidate? Simple, he is not string-attached which means he probably end up taking both benefits of greed and goodwill. On the greed side the winner takes all but on the goodwill side, people might not punish you or maybe ignored whether you contribute back or not. Greed here refers solely your function, as planted spoiler or hoping to get elected and taking all the allowances for yourself even for a single term is good enough if you are former street beggar before. Lose out and you still going back to your noble profession with just minor crop of your guise beard. That is why sometime we should be grateful with democracy that allows anybody to contest in election particularly the independent candidates. Some do it for fun even for the last 30-40 years like in U.S. where consumer advocate/ activist Ralph Nader run mostly as independent presidential candidate in almost each election with him wearing that same old brown coat. How smelly his coat now is doesn’t matter as he was among the pioneer activist that advocate the use of seat belts in passenger cars in 1960s and recently the airbags.

Well, Ralph Nader treats too much goodwill and never had the chance to hold top public office but thanks to him, we are saved by the seat belts and airbags. Sadly there are not many of this example here but there are way too much bad examples of super-greed Dayak YBs, like being given a Toyota Fortuner as on-duty car but he’ll treat it like his personal Thai ladyboy and lick it for weeks. Its funny how some independent candidates depend too much on delusion as their campaign agenda rather than practical ideas to serve the people. Perhaps we live around many aspects of superstitions that somehow can ignite our imagination and inspiration to those who believe in you. In other word you can tell any spoof and with the right apparels (skull caps, goatie beard) and you’ll become instant mullah. Just like Azharudin Mamat’s claim that he dreamt of shaking hands with a pious figure that motivate him to run for KT by-election as indie. Oh, shut up! That is some spoof in a grand order! Come on, would you believe me if I dream last night that George Michael and Larry Craig touched me inside male toilet so as I run for mayor post and make Kuching the best public toilets managed by city council under my care? Ok, at least for once we agreed that a toilet management course is just as important for city councilors as recommended by Deputy Housing & Local Govt minister Akih Robert Lau. Jeezus, your business card got that Toilet Management Diploma printed eh!

Having a dream to help others is good but if your dream occurred oddly during election campaign period only is only a plain insult to those fellow believers and devout religious people. Your trick is half-baked only to reveal your desire for greed is more than goodwill. Luckily for us Dayaks we are not that fanatical to religious spoof despite some of us still practicing animist dopes such as black magic. Only time will tell that some Dayak independent candidate dream of jogging with Jesus at Reservoir Park and the next day during ceramah campaign you can claim, “I may not walk on water but really Jesus choose Power running shoes over Nike. Recession hurts and all of us must manage money wisely.” The next thing you could promise is to get rid those crooked church committee members from swindling the church fund, sort of folks. With some independent YB now can even afford to give development funds, it’ll encourage more and more mental crackpots to join the fray in the next election and how damaging it is for ‘Change’ to take place if the opposition fail to deal with it at early stage.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Sadly the sickening trend of crazy pothead independent candidates being allowed to run a public show is somewhat dangerous and disgusting of how they sell their ideas based on illusory dreams, not to mention the damage done as spoilers in allowing certain hated candidate or incumbent YB to win the election to the expense of the opposition and the people’s hope for ‘Change’. It’s enough that this sort of people to piss a possible straight fight election, we don’t deserved any sort of their clown ideas. Yes, democracy allows these to happen but certain idiots shouldn’t prick their way inside. Therefore Election Commission must do their part in scrutinise each candidate in more strict manner with a thorough fit-and-proper test. It’s highly recommended that each candidate will undergo a dream-interpretation test where candidate’s brain activity will reveal how honest they are whether they are focusing more on greed or goodwill or you are just plain spoiler candidate. So there’s some type of dream that’ll deemed a direct disqualification: dreaming of touching a car spoiler with a guy named Johnicol or something.