Ohhhaiii Dayaks! Right, let us say thank you to Ezam for directly causing BN to lose another ‘minor setback’ KT by-election. Heh, joining Umno probably the best service he did to the opposition in general as the more Ezam moan, the more BN will lose so keep up the good work and stay forever in Umno. Bwahahaha, sorry. The next pit stop got to be the Korrupt Kurup for BN to lose so Sabah Umno must bring Ezam in, again! Likewise here, we should support SUPP being led by the same old Dinos and we must let more criticism from J*bu as all of them will the reverse the effect, unnecessarily angered voters’ intelligence to the opposition’s advantage. Speaking of insulting voters’ intelligence, the issue of vote-buying perhaps another unsolved mystery for Transparency International tried to unravel but given just how wonderful the world of money politics can be it’s better to leave it for all of us to enjoy it for fun since that is the purpose of democracy according to BN: for fun.


Previously when I mentioned how enthusiastic my fellow rural Dayak folks to the idea of taking BN money to vote for opposition instead, really, they enjoy it like a bunch of masturbating monkeys. No offence since all these while throughout their life the only version of democracy they know is the one that is corrupted and narrow version by BN with the exploitation by BN in playing donkey-and-carrot in delay tactics for development to keep them poor for ease of control. The value of their vote deliberately made worthless to the point that their vote is just another traded commodity or the face value of their vote is not by conscience but for fun. The fun factor here is that BN is enjoying splashing money to them just as fun for the Dayaks in receiving that free money. Looking at it is the same way for some stock traders that tracking those stocks that falls below their face value or NTA (net tangible asset) in which those undervalued stocks ought to be performed better thus it’s worth buying and keeping it at dirt cheap price. It’s like buying some junk foods and lucky for you not to swallow some razors but that is the fun part, enjoying eating craps while depleting your brain cells.

Well it’s dead wrong to perceive that. Those stocks with sleeping or almost dormant business operation ought to be kicked out from stock exchange. Some of them rely almost 100 percent on govt contracts to survive leaving the value of the company is just worth a bit more than the fax papers. That is the real worth of such company (mostly dubious Bumi 2nd Board listed companies), almost zero in value without the business operation solely dependant on feeding corrupt AliBaba practices. Once they receive the money upfront, it vanishes quickly while pay no regard whether they complete their work or not. This is how NEP works to protect and benefit the Bumiputera under BN, throwing all projects and hell to the company still working or not. No value at all in their business and the same culture they nurtured in promoting democracy just like they throw the money and feeding corruption to the voters, notaby the rural voters. They are mocking democracy the same way they are mocking Bursa stock exchange with worthless company stocks that gives no value at all to our supposedly free market economy. Welcome to the artificial democracy and capitalism, folks.

It’s ironic to note also how artificial democracy can self-defeat itself just like how artificial capitalism letting its own product to work against them such as giving free-hand fund gambling to someone named Bernie. The ploy is quite fun actually, that is dumping tactic. Fund managers could collectively buy those penny stocks in large volume and simultaneously dump it to trigger haywire short selling frenzy and it’s fun to play around those Bumi-owned company stocks since they are joke stocks anyway. Bonking and dumping it around for fun until the value of the company far below their NTA near zero cents and finally suspended for good. We Dayak can piss BN money in the same way too. Some of Dayak village chiefs I met of whom are the class F contractors themselves just give the hell of the meaning of vote buying as they will press for more money from BN but vote opposition instead. It’s a fun concept as no way BN will stop giving money or risk the opposition gaining more votes so I told them that if BN think you guys can be fooled by their money easily so let show them how cunning you guys Dayak can be: just take the money and dump all votes to the opposition. So what development? Piss it off. Dayak betrayal can never be so fun like this.

tick-bebasEven the fun of playing with spoilt votes could be another thing to ponder, like putting ‘tick’ sign on BN vote as I’ve mentioned before. You like BN money so much so just ‘tick’ on the ballot box as sign of your ‘happy approval’. Spoilt votes will edge BN votes even further as BN also resort to tactics such as sponsoring independent candidates. So why don’t we spoil all the spoilers by putting ‘tick’ sign on independent candidates. This way, the Dayak can fulfill the entire fun factor requirement as what BN did in mocking democracy for fun to all Dayaks. You see Dayaks, democracy is long dead under BN rule with voters’ intelligence being insulted in such a way that you no longer take it seriously so the more BN money you ask and take, what better way to appreciate it other than voting for the opposition. Appreciate insult by making disguised insult in return. Think about it Dayak, you’ll feel much satisfaction by taking insult by merely reverse it. Plus you get paid for it, heh. If not, just vote the opposition or put ‘tick’ sign on the box. Developments are meant to be delayed anyway, so Dayak wouldn’t be dead fighting for it as Dayak inner built-in is being recession-proof, truly a survivor one way or another.

Arguebly the most tricky element of money politics is the role of double sponsor, as I called it to describe the sponsor who splash money on both BN and opposition candidate plus even the indie candidates as well. Yes, they exist ever since the Dayaks started to embrace vote-buying as their income source and this is one of the factors that led to the downfall of PBDS into BN’s fold during early 90s. Basically the double sponsors act on their own (some of them frustrated of their own choice by party being not chosen for candidacy) and given that most of them are timber cronies and contractors, the cash would be distributed by bulk to certain ‘agents’ and these agents are main players on the ground. These agents then even ‘solicit’ for funds so they would receive from both sides of competiting candidates. The money pooled would create a stampede of betrayals for fun. Would you believe this shit, Dayaks? For fun? Yes, the double sponsors like to create chaos and send candidates to survive on razor-thin votes margin. This act of double-crossing or fun-sabotaging is only for people with The Joker mentality: enjoying destruction on both sides. Sounds crazy but sadly certain influential Dayak groups still remains and camping on both side, till this very day. Because the money involved leave almost zero trails behind, the money they kept is far bigger than those hoping for Form E doing donkey jobs. The best part is, they’ll stay to do it for fun.

Looking at this whole crazy dopes of vote-buying, you’ll hardly see the end of it. It’s a joke when Transparency International try to investigate money politics just like ACA conveniently change socks as MACC as there is no cure for corruption, stupidity and ignorance. For us Dayaks we can only minimise it by spoilt votes or just take the money to vote opposition, that’s all. The idea of democracy here is full of mockery so how well you take advantage out of it is the game of the day. Only this time, straight-fight would be high on election agenda so the stake is even higher and trickier as threats, coercion, intimidations will be widespread to take Dayaks in the limbo.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The cycle of vote-buying therefore is like a black hole swallowing all the objects into the brink of disaster and self-destruct hence the danger of it for BN to throw everything in their might means more vicious cycle. This is the consequences of BN’s frustration with elements of threats and coercion to those turning their backs was all for us to face the grunts. Only Robert Mugabe ever reach this state of democracy paranoia in which the single-candidate for election, that is himself only, no matter how sham it may be would be the order of the day. Such a democracy mockery of the highest order while the surrounding lives are left to rot and dead. The process of burning the house/ fire-sale is the next step for which Mugabe will destroy the whole Zimbabwe to finally living in exile with his loots in Dubai, just next door to Thaksin. BN also slowly follow path with national assets and concessions are deliberately consolidated mostly on lopsided terms and ready to burn it all so that nobody will take it. National bankruptcy is what BN is seeking as punishment to dear rakyats and how fit for all of us to survive can only mean one thing: just take the money, every man for himself. Do it for fun. So Dayak, why so serious..?