A great day with a great hope indeed, Dayaks. As we witness the new U.S. king of pop-ulation, Barack Obama finally set the record straight in proving that a black can be so white you dont have to rinse yourself in chemicals to become white and to pay your chemical debts certainly by faking your faith. While we examine Obama’s speech and just how on earth will he face the mess like how Bush finally can co-exist with fish, there’s one Obama’s quote on greatness which is equally important to all of us Dayaks: “Greatness never given, but earned”. In other word, a direct reference on J*bu. Yes, our fake paramount leader should EARN his praise and let the Dayaks have the final word whether he deserve to DEMAND it or not. There’s nothing that’ll bogged him down as he’ll have all the time travelling to rural areas trying to prove that Buah Kepayang is truly a golden fruit afterall. Even a fruit has to wait and grow in order to earn its true worth. Right.

Well folks, things like respect, appraisal, greatness are very subjective and mostly dependent on achievements according to our BN version of democracy. The real danger is that, we tend to overlook all achievements especially by BN that deserve an automatic, unquestionable recognition no matter how significant it is or not. Sorry Dayaks but you all shouldn’t buy that dopes anymore. Being grateful and forced to be grateful without asking the wisdom behind such achievements can only means more development being treated as commodity. The longer you keep and delay it, the higher the value of future developments and BN have done a relatively good job in ‘trading’ the developments. It took 40-50 years for Sarawak to enjoy some decent roads(we called it as double-lane highway) while it took probably another 100 years to built a comprehensive highway, roads networks statewide back and forth coast-to-coast with probable cost of RM50billion to spread over. That is a small portion of Petronas’ profits that Sarawak pumped so far only for that meagre 5 percent dopes to be grateful with.

Given that example alone there’s no reason why we should feel grateful and heed our respect to the product of a twisted democracy. Maybe not as severe as some African countries plus Bangladesh, our country nevertheless is far cry from implementing a genuinely civilised democracy. Perceived as well developing nation but with 3rd world practices. You know something Dayak, if all infrastructure relatively being built and put in place or development on apolitical basis regardless of which govt of the day (or simple ideal democracy for all) then likely the basis of democracy shifted on the next level: purely competiting on common sense and intelligence. Right now, our democracy largely on the basis of holding ransom, literally put a gun to your head to ensure BN’s victory. It’s a shame we have this sort of democracy while for most developed nations, what’s inside your brain will guarantee your candidacy that is intelligence or baja kompos. That is the reason here why many shameful politicians keep getting their way inside the process of democracy with all their intention is to bankrupt the Treasury and Bank Negara, not to mention all those stupid ideas and remarks by MPs, YBs and ministers. Therefore for Dayaks, the idea of only BN can bring development and play God with it is morally wrong as development meant to be for everyone, an obligation not a priviledge and definately not as prized commodity ready to be stockpiled so as to artificially increase its value.

Therefore, to address this sort of BN’s democracy is like fighting a zombie given that there’s no such thing as free and fair election here. It’s long dead and that’s made BN become more irrelevant by the day and yet barging its arrogance to our dismay, disgust and unspeakable annoyance. Hypocrisy is the only avenue for BN to keep preaching falsehood with all branches of judiciary and security being marched on their tune. You see folks, it’s BN made itself irrelevant/ a hate figure and not the opposition. Self-defeat jokers like Ez*m, J*bu, Keng Yeik, Georgie Boy etc can only speed up the natural process for BN and that is how the opposition would channel their resources against BN: using the mirror to make BN scared of its own shadow. Opposition did nothing much actually, just tweak it back to BN. The more jokes, the better. Got that Dayaks? We spoil whatever spoilers by BN wish to inflict upon us. This is exactly what happen to SUPP here in which the Chinese knew whom to believe as jokers that try to insult their intelligence. They care about their business as well so they’ll make SUPP believe that SUPP still got their support but in the end handing shock awakening to SUPP. Chinese are smarter twats. They support and take a piss at the same time. Best part of all, it’s all legal despite being a loophole of democracy. It’s fun and that is how we’re going to take insults and send it back to BN: do it for fun.

Beneath all the crazy ploys to undermine Dayak struggles, Dayak still survive and will survive no matter what it takes even for all insults whatsoever. Whenever J*bu scoffed fellow criticising Dayaks “Anang Bekenyak!“, we Dayak must be inspired by Obama’s “Yes We Can“. Whenever BN throw money to you Dayaks, just vote for opposition and if in doubt, just put ‘tick’ sign on independent candidate. Dayak must learn to spoil the ‘spoilers’ because we can and there’s no specific law against spoilt votes as there will always no action against BN’s money politics. Election Commission ought to be proactive to tackle money politics if those making the reports are quickly threaten. Therefore, the action must come within Dayak themselves, counter-sabotage whatever BN trying to do to subdue the Dayaks in the first place. Yes, the tide slowly goes against BN as more and more Dayaks will happily support opposition while remain as BN party members. This time, it’ll be more widespread but reclusive than ever during the dying days of Permas and PBDS. This all can be revealed for now but the double-cross jobs will be both serious and fun. Spank that, Yaakub!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Suffice to say that ‘Change’ that took place in U.S. actually a victory over stupidity rather than breaking the racism barrier with common sense somehow prevailed to a great relief. In stark contrast, U.S democracy somehow condone their own money politics in the form of ‘lobbying’ but endorsed in such a way that democracy and capitalism feed each other as well as screwing up. Just ask Bernie. Maybe Bernie will fake his death and swim to Bahamas. That would be the greatest piss of all, in one shot. For us Dayaks, we too can take a piss at BN where stupidity or common sense no longer required seriously in democracy but for fun. By all means Dayak, yes we can!