Hello again Dayaks. It’s flood yet again no thanks to the that engineering conjob aka. Kuching Barrage and deforestation from plantation and timber crooks. It’s just timely that STIDC celebrated its 35th year of running timber scams with all the money gone while giving flood to us in return. Right folks, it’s an act of God that rising water level was due to global warming but it’s an act of Yang Dikasihi’s hidden hand that dictate to whom the timber concession will be given out of total 12 million hectares of all Sarawak lands. It’s the same hand that made the 2 million hectares of Dayak lands hanging wihout land titles while close to 6 million hectares are either pre-owned/ reserved for ripe plucking as plantation and timber conjobs. This is the result of Dayak that keep picking BN to rule Sarawak and none better to confirm and remind this than former BN Dayak chief himself. While some have reserved view on recent Dayak movement and how the same ol’ goons switching sides while still carrying cancer as Sng goons and possibly turned PKR as second Ming Court Affair to frustrate Dayak again, well those undermine are sadly the Dayak themselves. Dayak taking a piss at fellow Dayak. It’s typical anyway, even if you are using new Dayak name but still carry the same ol’ pessimist Dayak’s Sakai Mentality.

Fine, a Dayak putting a doubt on efforts by fellow Dayaks. Actually, it’s better to operate under the benefit of doubt since you are free from pressure while allowing yourself a space to breath. Time is on Dayak side but not for Yang Dikasihi and it is a trigger-happy to raise the issue of succession as a timely balancing act for Dayak groundworks. It’s funny how J*bu being mentioned as possible successor when there is no relation of the word ‘smart’ at all, haha. Nope, not a chance unless you fancy Sarawak at risk for 150 years of backwardness. What Dayak simply require now is confidence and self-belief against all odds. Against fellow Dayak detractors. Against all Dayak nay-sayers. You may not having RM710m as election warchest (RM10m for each DUN seat) but creating confidence and dynamic warfare can make the difference. As our fellow Chinese in DAP has shown, SUPP is all but keep defeating itself. DAP can only fuel up the burner pushing SUPP toward the one-way street called the Irrelevant Street.

What is it that can cause ‘irrelevant’? A lot to be exact such as head-less arrogance, religous hypocrisy, chauvinism, mad-cow racialism, almost superstitious race supremacy, infinite stupidity…all of it that can cause you staying out of reality and out of the wishes of the people. Once you are outdated, you are out for good. You cannot live on past laurels, just like declaring Egypt as sole world superpower just because they built the pyramids or you still proud of your cassette tape player when your neighbour got the latest blu-ray HD DVD player. Complecancy equates falsehood. Just take example of the Chinese empire under Manchus that get hooked up by candu business that almost paralysed the once world’s greatest empire. The Chinese used to be as fanatic about themselves, expanding business empire stretching to America (probably the first to arrive in America) until they implement anti-foreigner policy in order to preserve their own supremacy. Their shipping voyages being cut-off thus cutting their tie with outside world. The endless infightings among themselves, rampant corruption and lawlessness means the opium business is receiving a good business since their own thugs control it and also control the authority and the powerbase. Since China no longer holds the route control for sea and shipping, it’s the opportunity for the European to wrest control for it and it’s the British East India Company who reap it all, with the Dutch VOC joining the fray also to keep Indonesia-Kalimantan-Sulawesi blocks. But British moved a step further by monopolising the opium trade to China and keep China hooked by it so much that China have to surrender Macau and Hong Kong to British as debt settlement. China also heavily in debt that Shanghai being ‘auction’ off to the European group in which certain Shanghai parts being allocated such as for French quarters, German quarters and so forth. Shanghai probably the first Asian city to embrace French gay lifestyle. Right.

You can see the once proud Chinese can be brought down to their knees by their own falsehood that lead to mass migration to other places such as here to Borneo and Malaya. It is their own Chinese that almost destroyed their own nation which explains that when Japanese occupied Shanghai first, it is the weakest spot and thereafter invade the rest of China with ease. Even after WW2 they still fighting and divided among themselves and there goes the new separate island of Taiwan. But the fittest of them manage to find a new lease of life elsewhere with Sarawak here as good example, setting business and exploit it to their advantage. Their civilization taught them how to survive and also device their own downfall. We see now how they break from inward communism to the one we witness now as hybrid of capitalism and socialism that sucked one third of world reserves, around USD2-3 trillions. They hold world economy and up to them to re-invest that vast economic warchest. Now the next thing, are they going to use it or keep for themselves? The answer lies whether the elements of racialist and obsession of their own fanatics for Chinese agenda that will keep themselves alive first while the rest of the world have to pray to survive. China has its fair share reaching the peak and trough as a nation so the same happen if they wish to abuse its vast foreign reserves but risking itself irrelevant for refusing to help other nations to subdue the recession effect.

What the British done in supplying dopes (opium) to manchu China is the same with China done now supplying cheap economic goods that hooked the world with it. Every nation importing cheap dopes from China that creating reserves imbalance in favour to China’s central bank. The British also used their vast wealth to expand their empire from China, India, South Africa, and Singapore until they obsessed with their own British agenda but in the end cocked-up by their own arrogance of presumed British superiority until the Japanese proved otherwise and British empire invincibility quickly become irrelevant. No nation can dominate forever, not even the U.S. that convinced with their American superiority that is rest assured unchallenged even by putting the worst and stupidest President ever only to blow it all. Complacency therefore the best remedy to balance the excess of supremacy by-products. The financial crisis therefore is a blessing in disguise, erasing the fake wealth creation to the point that faking own death is the solution to many corrupt CEOs that spend on personal jets once they received Federal bailouts. Same goes to the recently announced economic stimulus (or sex foreplays, kiss me before we get laid) of which the RM7billion will not reach us all to fend off recession but to feed BN cronies with more overpriced projects. It’s all false and fake.

What happen here meanwhile pretty much the same with Umno trying to use the same excuse for Malay supremacy agenda which is by large truly a false agenda. The new dimension of supremacy being created with scores of artificial advantage in order to arrest the feared economic imbalance which favours the Chinese ethnics. This is wrong and in long term will bankrupt our resources and already some signs that will expose our hollow economy. All of these caused by false supremacy. You cannot champion your own race that clearly refuse to change and make them work hard, even harder than the Chinese. You can only make them weak by forever giving them subsidies, handouts which in the end just add another cost for our country to become more efficient and productive. Yes, the cost of corruption and the product of race supremacy. The word Bumiputera therefore truly insane when fanned by racist politician to champion Malay rights just to piss others as ‘pendatang‘ when the actual Bumiputera is Orang Asli and to some extent us the native Dayak Sarawak and Sabah. Orang Asli should become Prime Minister if Malaysia only belongs to the real original son of soil Bumiputera, not some pendatang from Indonesia Jawa, Minangkabau, Arabs, or some pirates from Mindanao. All of these are recipe for making yourself irrelevant and no amount of money can win you more votes or defections. Umno is all but devising its own downfall with more and more Malay folks themselves now regard Umno as irrelevant. Same goes to SUPP now even with their pledge to bring new, younger leadership line-ups, the Chinese will still vote their heart out to DAP. Well the only thing ‘young’ for SUPP is Geogie Boy’s hair, become darker as he grew older. Typical BN goon that refuse to face reality.

If Dayak really that fanatic and keeping racist Dayak in mind then Sarawak shouldn’t join Malaya in first place. Yes, the early Dayak leaders that agreed to it benefits but only to themselves with their family and siblings generations later on now reaping the rewards (prime area lands, timber licenses etc) but not us all the general Dayaks. Now the Dayak being racist for what? Your own family or the rest of Dayaks? Dayak First or Greed First? Save your own ass first. That’s the racist real agenda and not to the actual Dayak race that you supposed to protect. Those who called themselves as ‘Dayak First’ or ‘Real Dayak’ are nothing but the same goons that sold out and divided his own people. So you as leaders, YBs, ministers, can collect wealth, self-interest let say to RM100m-RM200m personal treasure in some 10-20 years in power, what can you do to enjoy it when you reached 80 years of age? Play China dolls and Thai ladyboys? Your son and grandson to spoil the AliBaba companies till they broke and goes back as poor Dayak like your elder Dayak kampong used to be, for the Chinese that used to work with your as looters-partners to laugh at you as typical ‘Lakia’ that so sakai cannot handle big amount of money? You see Dayak, self-serving agendas by far just not worth it. No Dayak can sustain his wealth from political looting. By doing that, you can only risk yourself for being irrelevant sooner than you thought. Ironically, sheer stupidity also works the on the same irrelevant principle. Just ask J*bu and find out if Buah Kepayang is still relevant to Dayaks as the golden fruit to fight the war against Dayak poverty. Strange enough, some Dayak even try to defy logic by letting himself to become irrelevant by romancing to join SUPP…as irrelevant as Elvis impersonator to Dayak music. With the right costume, jumpsuit and big hairdo, just change your name to *Johnicol Elvis or something to stay relevant at least in time for DAMA. Yes that Dayak Elvis indeed, heh.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Dayak is far too ignorant to ape and wonder around with the idea of false Dayakism and how to exploit it for self-interest. We are too fragile to be divided and just volatile to be united as well. We are rushed to embrace modernity without full conscience and intelligence to deal with it, let alone to think about being superior to others. What we should do now is dump the old and current corrupt Dayak leaders ALL OF IT once and for all, rebuilt Dayak from scratch. Better late than never. The defecting Dayaks and former BN goons are better stay out and let the new crop of Dayak leaders in charge. They can give some advice but that’s all, you are all sinned by Yaakub (maybe forgiven a bit) but unfit to lead again. Once a whore, always a whore. For now, 29 Dayak ADUNs can decide whether to risk Dayak in the brink of irrelevant under BN or let the Dayak choose to piss and get rid of them. SUPP choose to swim against the wishes of the Chinese voters and no way can they survive in one-way Irrelevant Street as the Chinese voters will push SUPP to the dead end for good. So to all Dayak BN leaders, no Dayak will help you out once you choose to stay inside the Irrelevant Street. Dayak can no longer tolerate being tagged as serving the enemy Yang Dikasihi. So choose to make only yourself benefit the most or creating a thousand more fortunate Dayaks? Go for a change of govt or piss more Dayak kids inside confused education system with junk degrees for a prospect of being jobless graduates is no better than working as lazy ass cronies in civil service? Daniel Tajem could be right about the bleak Dayak future if still under BN but wrong for him not to expose all BN sins once and for all, even risking his own goons as he got nothing to lose (no thanks to Yaakub) except to all ordinary Dayaks that will lose more in the future. Only then, it’s much easier for us to send BN Dayak leaders to a one-way, dead-end Irrelevant Street for good and for fun.

*If your name terribly sounds like Nyorok or looks like the hideous Old Badak, probably not suitable as Dayak Elvis.