Ohhhaiii again Dayaks! The recently-concluded Dayak Symposium raised some serious Dayak concerns which in fact a long overdue. Nevertheless, it is a good start especially to get rid of Dayak  being tagged as ‘Lain-Lain’ race or called it as ‘miscellaneous items’. Just insert your MyKad into your Astro decoder to find out the exact race denomination if you are the ‘Lain-Lain’ type of Malaysian citizen or not. Probably it’s the same to categorise those muslim Lanuns from Mindanao as ‘Lain-Lain’ but Dayaks are no Lanun or miscellaneous meat minced in one can-food from China. Here at Dyaks Blog, there are still a lot of Dayak concerns that for some may regard it as miscellaneous (you may add yours as well) but still equally a concern after all, so shall we?

The Dyaks Blog’s Other ‘Miscellaneous’ Dayak Resolutions:

1. New concept of plantation scheme must be reviewed to enable the Dayak participants to plant and keep not only the TREES but the FRUITS MONEY as well, beyond that 30 percent shareholdership.

2. Buah Kepayang perhaps not that golden fruit afterall therefore it is irrelevant for J*bu to use it for war against Dayak poverty.

3. Any elected representatives ADUNs,MPs must not own a business entity directly or indirectly in conflict with any government projects such as construction, plantation, housing development, timber concessionaires, etc which include the immediate family members.

4. Elvis impersonation, flamboyantly by any means not related to Dayak music whatsoever.

5. Dayak can use, demand, chant, print the word ‘Allah’ for any Christianity purposes as the word being widely-used by Bahasa Indonesia version of Holy Bible aka. Al-Kitab (the only Malay language version allowed here) since there is no legal version of Holy Bible in our own national language Bahasa Malaysia (huh?). So in all fairness, Dayak can demand to stop any attempts for Al-Quran to be translated in native Dayak language version also.

6. Dayak voters must be duly informed that democracy allows you to choose and support opposition other than BN. It’s d-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y, you stupid fool.

7. Dayak voters must be duly informed that democracy according to BN means you can choose to keep the money and vote opposition instead. How splendid.

8. Dayak students that opted for Chinese high schools shall be given dual recognition both for their Chung Hua SPM equivalent certificates.

9. Dayak best traditional healers/ bomohs must stop rendering services to Yang Dikasihi that continuously seeking invincible and longevity tips. (Hah!)

10. Dayak top engineers must stop selling their Ir name as AliBaba nominess for Yang Dikasihi crony companies, you slimey twats!

11. Any plantation scheme agreements must be made available each in Bahasa Malaysia, English plus native Dayak language and each copies must be given also to Dayak participants themselves for safekeeping instead of govt agency only.

12. All plantation schemes must disclose the overall performance so far (comparison against other state/federal/private plantation schemes) and how much each individual Dayak participant earn from such schemes.

13. Made mandatory the supply of calculator and English-BM dictionary to all Dayak participants in plantation schemes, just to give some idea how crappy the returns might be.

14. Do not push a ghost town into a vibrant, casino town so as to save RM hunderd millions wasted on white elephant projects but allocate the rakyat money elsewhere particularly to other more deserving Dayak areas and needs.

15. Government grants should be given apolitically to any Dayak ethnic NGOs/ associations be it pro BN or not, to avoid unnecessary Dayak clash within. Any Dayak ethnic shouldn’t deserve to be branded as Dayak traitor just because few of their top goons serving the sole Dayak enemy, Yang Dikasihi while the rest of their own Dayak folks are not necessarily pro-BN or silent BN protestors.

16. Dayak applicants shouldn’t being rejected in applying any govt loans just because they have or alleged opposition ties.

17. Dayak must promote self-discipline in safeguarding Church funds be it as Church committee members, otherwise statewide crackdown on Dayak Church money swindlers must be pushed to prevent more public donation at risk in the future with local councils would be enforced as monitoring bodies.

18. Missionary schools deserved to be upgraded as fully-aided schools and not left out as drifter schools, at least better than a sekolah pondok plus Bible Studies to be reintroduced so as to remind Dayak students that it’s not worth to convert and lead a wasteful mullah life, especially the highly educated Dayaks. Just forget about it.

Fellow Dayaks are encouraged to add more resolutions.