Ok Dayaks, let us all forget how paranoidly isolated DBNA from the rest of all Bidayuh folks and Dayaks in general that crave for ‘Change’. As some independent NGO (supposedly), just let those Bidayuh goons become beggars that cannot be choosy for whatever crumbs that BN wish to throw at will to them. Democracy never stop you from becoming a beggar, follower, traitor or anything you wish anyway. Right. Speaking of wish, (not that sleazy mpv for mistress) there’s some sort of evolution trick that might explain that all living creatures somehow being passed genetically all the things that they wish/ supposed to do or achieve in the future. Well, I’m not talking giraffe’s long neck is the result of their ancestor to grab more leaves from trees that also grew taller as what the tree genes being encoded to do as well. I’m talking about the same evolution trick that might happen to us Dayaks, particularly our own Dayak leaders cum BN goons. Are they happen to be in the same genetic sequence of ambition by earlier ancestors to keep supporting BN?

How about the opposite genetic sequence of ambition to fight for ‘Change’ then? Now folks, we Dayak is pretty much an infant species of human evolution so our genetic sequence of ambition might be at early stage as well. We are essentially what the early homo sapiens that migrating to Europe from Africa, fighting the wild beasts for their meats or else we end up as the meal instead. This is what the early Neanderthals keep telling themselves to survive so much its inside in their DNA for many generations to come. Their survival ambition already a genetic passing, one of it being physically taller and stronger. With it they device their own hunting tools and so forth. Well, that is what happened pretty much in the Ice Age period where human evolution gain some rapid pace and down couple of thousand years then human began to show some civilisation and now all the way the product of enjoying video games and virtual sex. Soon we can make babies miles apart from our random partner and bid for the best DNA available. Yes, a Dayak with 7 feet height, blue eyes, slight pointed nose, thick hair, can speak all major languages, math and science is a joke to them, with only ambition is how to colonise Mars planet and turn the Red Planet into tropical green paradise new planet. A new planet with no religion of the thickest beard therefore all the people will live peacefully forever. A perfect life on the perfect planet.

That is just some of the ambition gene we could instil first at least on our mind repeatedly so as to develop a DNA code so strong it keep coming in our many kids’ generation to come. Now let set aside the joke by DBNA because it’s a joke to put some ambition gene to support BN for our future Dayak kids. Probably those goons and all of them around the BN feedmills account less than 1 percent of total Dayak population but the spread of two different ambition genes (pro-BN and pro-Change) also using two different mediums; the traditional mainstream media and the altertive media ie. the internet. Fine, the odds are all against us the pro-Change using the alternative media but human evolution trick shows that human have distinct idea of trying something new, against establishment some sort. While evolution took a long process in building certain advantage for human survival like stronger arm and legs, it can be speed up with more exposure, comparison and continous rebuilding process. Dayak is no exception to this process but only at slower pace. Therefore ambition gene play a very crucial role for the Dayak survival and we are blessed with such modernity around us to enable us to break the speed barrier of human evolution.

Yes, I’m talking about another role of human evolution that is adaptation to change. The role of ‘change’ agent indeed. And how the role can be spread will determine how fast the ambition gene will develop as strong component of Dayak DNA. You see folks, Dayak associations is like a fake church with only intention is to swindle your weekly donation. A fake church controlled by false prophets, much like what some Dayak church committee members did nowadays. But being a fake church has it drawbacks that is you cannot cheat all the people all the time at all places. They are quite stationary, fixed and rigid or inflexible. That is the reason why Dayak associations cannot have full membership from all the Dayaks. But the fake church dictate they are the only access and voice intermediaries to God. Heh, some hotline to Jesus eh? Fake church will fail because they are fake and the rest of the Dayak knows they are fake and not the true voice of all Dayaks. That is why you cannot instil something fake as your ambition and in this case the ambition gene. You can only be firm to survive. Likewise the Dayak associations being run by the fake Dayaks and the hated bunch of them goons which also the benefits from the democracy of the highest bidder, they will find a tough time to convince the rest of the Dayak they did the right thing.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Well folks, let us not worry too much. We are no beggar. The idea of having some ambition gene is good and healthy. Dayak evolution meanwhile is a unique case of sudden modernity and this is where pro-Change ambition gene will prevail. The spread of internet and online communication would replace the traditional human evolution way of promoting and passing some ambition gene. The gene itself become a universal message to all Dayaks, a mutual code that reject anything fake elements. Talk to any young Dayaks around and mostly they reject anything got to do with BN. This is no sentiment or hearsay. This is a straight forward evolution process, at least on the thinking side and here the gloomy part of evolution: the rare endangered species and the prospect of extinction. This branch of evolution is either weak to adapt or refuse to accept change around them. And this is what will happen to this very, very small minute portion of Dayaks (the fake church members) against the rest of the Dayaks. This is what happen when pro-Change ambition gene will become dominant in longer term while the pro-BN ambition gene will reduce in number slowly and finally gone extinct. So the next time you make babies and scream ‘Oh God Yes, BN!’ it’s not gonna work either, your kid will become smart enough to know what is fake in order to survive.