Ohhhaaaiii yet again, Dayaks. Right folks, it seems that we gonna muddling around b(u)y-elections from each side of our nation. Dua Bukit, Satu Batang as you folks might say but don’t mistaken it for some boob-job movie, Oiii! Well it is possible for even a Tiga Bukit (threesome orgies) plus another sure one in Sabah, the Pensiangan parliamentary seat that is full of disease sounds like a corrupt and kurap or something.

Well, let us recalled back on the previous two b(u)y-elections in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. Notice how the Ezam factor can caused so much self-defeat for BN rather than to undermine PR. This is the danger for being a popular hate figure in which the BN has to pay, even make themselves a fool by splashing money to that shameless bunch of class F AliBaba contractors. With the Batang Ai DUN seat is up for grabs, our PR peninsular footies (and also BN malaya plus Ezam himself) may not able to join us here in big numbers but the hate factor is going nowhere. We gonna miss Ezam also, big time, but we do have the Dayak-version of him…none other than our fake Dayak paramount leader, J*bu.

PR Sarawak will never match the financial dopes from BN (the helicopters, Salcra 4WDs, Johnson/’Junsuen’ boats, lots of pigs plus cheap liquors for longhouse feasts and maybe some Dayak Elvis for kampong concerts) but BN will bring along their hateful Ezam factor which in this case is J*bu himself. J*bu will not stay low-profile, choose not to campaign for BN because it will be a big weird so somehow J*bu must come and spill all of his illusory Buah Kepayang politics of large-scale farming for war against Dayak poverty. Even the presence of J*bu will spell bad omen disaster for any obvious goon that allign to him so by all means we Dayak must welcome J*bu to join the BN campaign in Batang Ai to provoke much unnecessary Dayak anger but a good fun to enjoy it as hilarious Dayak jokes.

So let us peel off this skin of Buah Kepayang and figure out if any difference of hate factor between Ezam and J*bu. Your additional observation is greatly appreciated here as well, so shall we?

1. Obsession:
Ezam claimed himself to be so committed in fighting graft (such as heading a circus called GERAK) so much that prompted him to rejoin Umno and Pak Lah’s ACA reform (yawn!). Meanwhile for J*bu he is obbessed with everything about oil palm so much that the only tagline suitable for him is that “Salcra is Mine!”. Actually both of them have secret obbession that is hidden by their usual ploy of fighting against corruption and glorifying oil palm respectively, that is for Ezam it’s all about burying Anwar for good no matter what whereas for J*bu it all about proving Buah Kepayang as the ultimate golden fruit to finish off the war against Dayak poverty once and for all.

2. Self-praise:
Ezam always remind us how committed he is against graft but never reveal much of the alleged six boxes of files containing BN misdeeds which both himself and Anwar thought to be holding it previously. Self-glorification for J*bu meanwhile is way beyond boxes but down the memory lane like a CD of Dayak Elvis Segulai Sejalai Greatest Hits which enough for SDGA members feeling bored and get out for a smoke outside instead.

3. Reflecting Self-Defeatism:
For Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu b(u)y-elections, apart from that Ezam hate factor it was the elements of self-defeats (from general arrogance to plain money politics for class F AliBaba contractors) by BN that compound their own overall stupidity which for PR can only highlight for the voters to decide. The more BN use their money and Ezam speeches, the more PR ‘reflect’ back online to the voters for pure amusement. OK, for Batang Ai voters they may not expose so much by the internet warfare but the essence is the same: the more J*bu try to bring his goons and families a.k.a. bringing his own political dynasty to sweep all over Lubok Antu area under PBB roof, the more obvious it is for J*bu to setting up his own ‘Buah Kepayang Dynasty’ to the horror for us all Dayaks. With Dayak Elvis Called Johny already in Engkilili bag, J*bu’s Buah Kepayang Dynasty will see Batang Ai as his another imperial Buah Kepayang province. So for J*bu to field his own PBB goons against Masing’s PRS camp would turn an ugly BN infighting and this is how PR can ‘reflect’ back for Batang Ai voters to decide for ‘Change’ or ‘Buah Kepayang Dynasty’.

But I let you folks, Dayaks alike to add any of your noted differences no matter how ridiculously useful for us here to analyse.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Likewise for Ezam to come here would be a big dream come true to be tag-teamed with J*bu (kinda of mee Jawa with sambal Buah Kepayang?). Double trouble for BN indeed.