Hello my dear Dayaks. To cut things short, all I can say that the message of One Dayak, One Unity must be spread out and the following article/comment says it all for the benefit of all Dayaks, which I hereby post.


In the early 90’s Taib came up with his so called visionary “Politics of Development“. In various gatherings and speeches, he told Sarawakians then that his new found idea would transform Sarawak into a model state in Malaysia. Under this noble idea, land will be developed and people will reap huge benefits and would improve their economic and social being, so he claimed However, large tracts of land are owned by the Dayaks who have acquired them through native customary rights which is provided for under Sarawak Land Code 1958. Taib saw that the land code as a stumbling block for his “Politics of Development“. So, he went on to change the provisions of the land code pertaining to Native Customary Land especially S5(2) not once but FOUR times. The manner in which he passed those amendments is akin to a boat owner fixing leaks in his boat!

The Amendments

In 1994 minister in charge of land matters was given the power to extinguish native customary rights to land.

In 1996, the onus was placed on a native claimant to prove that he has customary rights to the land

In 1998 mechanisms for assessment and payment of compensation were put in place in event of compulsory acquisition.

In 2000 the amendment deleted “any lawful methods” as set out in S5(2)(f).

In 2002 following Nor Nyawai case, Land Surveyors Ordinance 2002, was passed allowing only licensed surveyor to make, authorize or sign any cadastral map. It means only Land & Survey Department can come up with a map!

Following Nor Nyawai case, Taib passed another law relating to land matters – the Land Surveyors Ordinance 2002 which provides for only licensed surveyor to make, authorise or sign any cadastral map. It means only Land & Survey Department can come up with a map! So Dayaks can no longer prepare their own map of their own area by themselves or by a third party.

So by now, Taib has fixed all the leaks, and the Dayaks are in a fix!

The net effect of these amendments is to legalize the process of taking away native customary right land (NCL) and alienate them to politicians, cronies, relatives who in turn sell them to big time oil palm planters!

And so began the process of land grabbing by the State which is run by state Barisan National , led by party Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu of which Taib is the president.

As the laws are being changed, the process of giving away licences and provisional leases to whosoever Taib desires, began in earnest. A number of licences and provisional leases have been issued by Taib to his family members, cronies and who later sell them to local and private oil palm planters.

The provisional leases holders armed with the lease waste not time and start working on the land indicated in the lease with little regard to the presence of people’s garden, farm house, farmed area, buildings/structures or even burial ground!. To them everything that stands on their new found land is theirs and can be removed or bulldozed at will. Past records have indeed proved that they could do it with impunity! They have the “papers” whereas the NCL owners have nothing to show other than the crops that they have planted for ages!

This is how some of the confrontations occurred between the new land owners the NCL owners who are 99% Dayaks. The number of cases that are pending court hearing is almost reaching 200. But some just gave up fighting against the might of Sarawak state government – a government who always claim that they care for the rakyat at least during election time!!

Where can the NCL owners turn to defend their rights?

Nobody, Nobody, Nobody !!!!

If they report the case to the Land & Survey Department they would be told that they are squatting on state land.

If they go to the police, no action will ever be taken. The report if ever written/recorded, will just gather dust!

If they go to their Dayak politicians, they will be told invariably not to go against the government.

However if they take the law into their hands, by blocking entrance to the disputed land, they will be charged for committing some form of criminal act! But the new land owners can engage “gangsters” to harass the NCL land owners, such as “The Niah Muder case”

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Yes, this a Dayak ultimatum to all of you whether you are science based or non-science PhD holders or just a kampong Dayak folks. It doesn’t matter. It’s just a piece of paper made from the same material of your toilet paper anyway. What use of your intellect if you as a Dayak choose to deny ‘Change’ and serve Yang Dikasihi instead. Sakai Mentality definately reduced you to just another lazy Dayak fuckers.

It’s always down to one choice only:  either you with us the Dayaks or with the Yang Dikasihi