Warmest greetings to you all Dayaks. Oh well, Ohhhaaaiii Wooo! There you go tiyung dayak, heh! Fine, let us focus now on the b(u)y-election and boy oh boy look what the ‘instant noodle’ projects that already being dished out long before it deemed to be a failure and mistake by BN themselves. Things like internet facilities, new roofings, new timber planks, and last but not least some new land titles for Batang Ai folks. Such an insult yet again to the poor folks. I mean come on, how do you expect them to pay RM80/month for streamyx? How about that pathetic video game console called Makcik PC to be supplied for them as well eh? Better play online game all day long rather than play cock-fighting/ nyabong if all those facilities finally put in place. Next thing is to elevate Nyabong into the next level: streaming online or live all the cock-fighting gambling and create a gambling portal where the folks become the gambling cartels and control the new breed of online casino game. Online Nyabong Portal, now that surely bring some ridiculously big income way bigger than Salcra’s wildest dream.

You see folks, the idea of mocking rural folks’ intelligence will never far from BN agenda. They know that it will be a crucial fight and by all means hook or crook they must retain the seat. All of their filthy tricks nevertheless is very much an amusement for us to see. Things are changing now but they still dwell with their 80s-90s tricks of so-called ‘instant-noodles’ gimmicks. Worst of all of course the jokes from J*bu on Dayak adat/ customs and branding the opposition as outsiders or ‘Orang Luar’ that shouldn’t come here to create disunity among the Dayaks. Ironically he keep on repeating it week in week out now but actually it’s a good thing for J*bu to do it as I’ve predicted so that the reverse thing happened: unnecessary Dayak anger for opposition gain. We shouldn’t overreact to his jokin’ outburst but instead welcome it with BIG HEART and KEEP IT UP!. We welcome it for as long as Buah Kepayang also need some time to prove itself finally as the ultimate golden fruit to fight against the war on Dayak poverty. Sort of.

Now let us rethink back the real meaning of the so-called ‘Outsiders‘ since J*bu points it as threat to Dayak unity regardless of how politically incorrect it may be. Since when outsiders deemed to be a very negative element? Since the early days of outsider like James Brooke beat the crap of Rentap out of it using cannons flat out? Or since Kalong Ningkan duped off by Yaakub thru outsiders link of Umno in which J*bu himself helped to break and divide his own Dayak thereafter? Or since the Federal-controlled civil service policy of taking local ‘gomen’ jobs from the locals such as teachers etc and defy the Dayak (75% of Sarawakians) from getting it and likewise the Melanaus taking control at state-level to defy the Dayak? Or how about outsider DAP, which for donkey years being kept supported by the local Chinese if DAP is such a bad element for Chinese unity defying SUPP’s right to serve the Chinese? Wait, how about if DAP field a Dayak YB and would it be the double evil of outsiders? And also recalled back the National Integration policy would it ought to be anti-outsiders as J*bu dictate the Malaya folks are bad for Dayak unity? Well, perhaps J*bu should promote Amish lifestlye to Dayak: no outside modernity, no TV, no radio, no motorised transportation ie engines as use only donkey carts or manual longboats to travel, everything is down to earth. Not even Nyabong is allowed. Gambling is forbidden. It’s truly ancient lifestyle in a longhouse constructed from ‘pasak’ or wooden nail entirely. A perfect zero outsiders world.

This is what happen when you become a total eunuch, swapping your balls to Yang Dikasihi in return of few crumbs out of dividing your own fellow Dayak folks. You choose to castrate your bravery and serve the enemy instead. For how long? How much can you earn as YB? Let say for 3-4 terms and set-up many bogus AliBaba companies which bring some RM30-50m looted wealth till your death. Enough? Then your kids grew on ill-gotten gains, become retard with easy life even after send them to Australia but end up buying off the degree. What next? As YB or minister you put your fake-degree kids to some GLCs jobs undeservingly and rot them again. By the time your grandkids coming out, they are even worst than retard that taking dopes all day long. So what is your legacy other than avid Dayak golfer? A Dayak dope basically with plundered wealth ended in just three generations. Doping for self-interest is NOT worth it in the end. This is what happen when all of our 29 Dayak ADUNs choose the dope at the expense of the rest of 1 million Dayaks, probably for the next 45 years again. Dopes like getting AliBaba projects, car APs, timber concessions, dubious golden fruit plantation schemes, getting exotic beachfront state lands…all of these actually made our own Dayak leaders become corrupted and happily winked blind eye on what they supposed to do: serve and protect the Dayaks well. Sadly instead of serving the Dayaks, they serve fully for Yang Dikasihi in return for personal dopes.

This is the start of silly season whenever some election is coming. Low intelligence shown as the best a Dayak can get and deserve no more. Greed is the only way forward, Greed First Dayak Last. Sounds like beer slogan? You can only ask for more. Just like taking BN money and vote for opposition, just ask for more! Here religion is irrelevant. You’ll hear a lot of falsehood preaching with things like no more ‘instant noodle’ projects but what a piss eh? ‘Thou shall not steal’…ever wonder why God didn’t tell Abraham to include the word ‘Rasuah’? Nope Dayaks, the word ‘steal’ is self-explain and all-round which mean anything you steal be it from wang rasuah or money from AliBaba projects which bankrupted the Bank Negara is forbidden. It’s logic and no need some fatwa from Vatican to enforce it. Got it Dayaks? It is all political ploy to dupe voters. Just like the call for Dayak unity by Dayak leaders actually an ease for them to divide the Dayak instead. Divider calling for unity. It’s preaching falsehood: Do as I DO, not do as I SAY. Since that is the order of the day, then it’s OK to take BN money and vote for opposition. Thou shall not steal? But it’s given to you and rightly your money you need to claim out of RM billions lost of Sarawak resources money to BN theft.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Apart from your generous contributions (appreciation in advance) for ‘Change’, spare a bit of your prayer time for divine intervention to the fall of BN tyranny. If not this time, the next time will do for as long the Dayak enemy still lives. If the enemy or his uncle lives until 120 years so be it. In this tangible world, God normally take the good person’s soul early on but let the evil one lives longer until the next world. A prayer will do. Now, let us pray for ‘Change’ and ‘Change’ forever:

Holy Spirit; you make me see everything and show the way to reach my ideal. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory. AMEN.

Person must pray this 3 consecutive days without stating one’s wish. After 3rd day your wish will be granted no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to publish this as soon your favour has been granted.

*Just use this simple prayer ads printed by the ever-shameless Borneo Post printed on Friday 31st Oct 2008 Page 23.