It’s hard to resist temptation. Really, a Maybank lady officer can offer some ASB loan scheme by just prop-up her lovely looks and bang! she got the customer signed up. “If I’m a Bumi like you I’ll quickly get this loan and enjoy higher returns from ASB”, her common magic charm to subdue the propestive customer.

No, Maybank never sells scam like Bernie or here the local version of Bernie aka our EPF funds but the point here is how you control your own temptation from simple manipulation. This is no Friday or Sunday sermon but Jesus did teach us how to deal with the ever-creative devil that always play around with temptation and affect our reasoning. Maybe call it The Art Of Flirting Temptation or something. Just like trying to balance your desire for greed and goodwill as politicians. It’s a work of art literally speaking. All of these require a special talent of denial, compulsive lying and perhaps a great dose of bragging like a statesman but holding a fake degree but your great oratory skills make people believe that you are indeed a great genuine Phd holder regardless of how much you ‘bought’ it from some obscure Hawaii or Polynesian Island university for a mere USD20K.

Why would you do that knowing it’s wrong to fake yourself? Temptation to fake? Temptation to deny? Temptation to dupe others? You see folks, temptation can make you unable to differentiate even the slightest thing like a crony or friend, or is that your mistress or lady friend? Sarawak in 20 years time would be the world’s fastest growing economy or the world’s savagest act of cannibalism against own indegenious people/ Dayaks? Likewise the Dayaks can always feel the temptation not to vote the wrong evil government if they feel unhappy for a corrupt government? Why temptation of lying tends to make you experience some sort of mouth-foaming? Anxiety could be the answer. Remember the debate of Anwar and Shabery Chik last year prior to Permatang Pauh election? Shabery Chik clearly unable to clear the air about where the Petronas money gone other than into thin air, let alone to wipe off the foaming from the side of his mouth.

Therefore anxiety or the guilt-feeling will make you suddenly feels hot and worried. Lying will bring more lies and so on until you reach the boiling point and blows up. This is the weak point that some lawyers quick to exploit especially during cross-examining a witness. And this is where some politicians really excell at that is to keep cool. Dr.Mahapokrit is very good example at keeping cool while play around with his selective memory but not so for some even a lawyer cannot keep his cool but just choose to keep on deny with crap like “Sounds like me, looks like me but it’s not me”. Either you are very good in systematic lying or trained/ instructed to be a good liar. But better still, you do it without showing some mouth-foaming.

Now comes the vital part that is bringing up the bollocks or some fairy tales to defend your denial. Anything to legitimise your crap like offering mischiveously high returns on investment such as deposit your money to Bernie or some Iceland bank accounts. Or simply sign up for Maybank ASB loan just because of the sweet lusty perfume smell by the Maybank lady…Ohh yeah..! Nope you pervert, you choose to believe it and tempted by it knowing it’s all just a crap. Can you turn a stone into a bread? Hello, anybody home? Can you turn a crony into a friend just because Yang Dikasihi said so as long it’s all legal within the law of the land? Oi, cronism is legal not ‘haram’ so it’s a common practice in the sense that lobbyying is OK. DAP promised RM6K welfare money to lower income family but it’s all wrong amounting as bribe but court thankfully said otherwise so play around with temptations be it ‘Instant noodle’ projects or promise to free Sarawak from modern-day tyranny Yang Dikasihi. Can you turn a promise into a bribe? It’s all about playing with temptation.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Can you turn cannibalism as a vital form of human development that is important for human civilisation? That if Dayak can only survive by cannibalism alone.