Ohhhaaaiii Dayaks. This is not National Geographic or some MCA in-house video. Just have a spare of thought for any Dayak out there whether you are a Dayak spoiler or a Dayak bonker. Why would you think this is an important crap anyway? Simple. Of all these years ever since the Dayak embraced this gambling thing called democracy, the menace of Dayak running around giving a quick fuck to frustrate each other is still very much alive and even worse than what all those money politics you have seen nowdays. Fine. What define a spoiler and a bonker? Ok, specifically in this case for Dayak politics, a spoiler and bonker both functioning as pain in the ass but because of we believe in democracy and allow everybody the freedom to contest then little attention being given to their principle first and foremost. Maybe in the past those running as indie with very strong track record and followings was in fact in a very small minute number and bear almost zero meaningful benefits to the betterment of democracy in general. Except that most of them jumping frogging become instant millionaire to strengthen the ruling party. Why some people like to do that? To prove what? In what factor they believe their own independent struggle worth fighting for? Well those are the many things that separate spoiler and bonker. Both are the same as evil twins but ironically differ in many ways might surprise us. Like humans and chimps share almost the same 95 percent primate DNAs but still many humans choose to ape all the same basic behaviour of chimps like See No Evil / Hear No Evil or free sex all day long etc.


The principle of individualism arguably the most basic belief for any Indie candidate. You believe in the struggle of the people but you see the political party as unrealiable, corrupt and the same punk you hate in high school happen to be the party’s secretary-general. You believe that the party must kick out the punks running inside to become a better party. You believe that by disrupting the straight fight, you can at least take a piss to those punks indirectly. Self-satisfaction therefore priceless. The only difference is that, as a spoiler you take many corner fights to prove your individualism beyond reproach while a bonker saw it as opportunity as double piss. A bonker will not only act as spoiler but let himself being ‘approached’ by competing party to fucked-up things around making it worse. The bonker here practically more shameless than a spoiler and most of the time less educated of all competing candidates and even a former psyco was and can become an indie candidate as well.

Valuable Asset?

Since it’s a free fight for all and the fact that a former psyco allow to run as well, the next level of deceit and playing fox comes into full gear. Since our democracy of the highest bidder works perfectly in uneven playing field, the indie candidates can only become a very VALUABLE asset to the ruling party. A spoiler normally stood up with certain aspect of principle or at least some believable honesty about him to serve the people while bonkers clearly can be seen just another paid runner on behalf of ruling party. A bonker will demand more money from ruling party that ever-willing to accomodate his request. With that role alone there is no regard on education background to run as indie, unlike some spoiler that regard even the smallest thing counts. Both spoiler and bonker know their devastating role in upsetting any straight fight so the more indies the better chances for ruling party to win. The smart one that know their ‘value’ can bonking around for more money.

The More The Merrier?

Having said that, the role of indie candidate could take another height if one of the candidate either from competing party field some unpopular name. The dissent group may view the indie as alternative platform and may choose any indie to act as their front. Now, the odds is really damaging if the ruling party did the mistake from the unpopular choice. The spoiler can still impose some threat although not necessarily taking sides but the bonker will do it. With no shame, he will offer himself for the dissent group and  also their fundings. In a rather small constituency, the odds of winning really split up and anybody can become the surprise winner. Voters will spoilt for choice and suddenly the galore of indies coming up out of nowhere. The more the merrier.  Wanna become Calon Bebas Chap Kepayang? Here, take this RM50K now. Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Free democracy? Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Former psyco? Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Told ya, you spoiler. Are you happy now? Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Feel proud to take a piss? Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Respect my right? Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

So are you really worth that much as a proud Dayak spoiler or Dayak bonker? Huh? Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!