Greetings and Ohhhaaaiii Dayaks. Well folks, as Gawai celebration still few months ahead our folks in Batang Ai already WooHoo!!! with their goodies in hand. Yes, the instant noodles and all that. As much as RM10-15 million will flow inside Batang Ai GDP for next few weeks. Not bad for a sleepy ‘ol town much better than the Lachau town even with new shophouses. It is during this period that everybody become so generous, suddenly a new genset being delivered to switch on the TV all day long. Heh, Apai Alak with his kedai runcit nyak must be so busy with good sales. Turn out he is enjoying good sales. His petrol sales is up and being the Tuai Rumah himself, his petrol stock was in sufficient level. He is quite open person, jolly and friendly plus he let both BN and PKR to hold some ceramah. He doesn’t mind. Beketok jak, aku tok urang berdagang empu. He is very business minded and perhaps one of the very few business centred Dayak around. He own few motorboats to ferry those folks to town, help them to trade pepper, rubber stocks and he is just very few sources of everyday goods like sugar, flour, cheap beers, liquors, cigarrates etc. Things that keep his longhouse at least some civilisation. Well, very civilised in the sense that he installed some parabola satellite TV dish and show all those Indonesian channels with dangdut songs which he claimed much better than Astro. Heh. Well, at least better than reading and listening to craps like Eastern Times, Utusan Sarawak or WaiFM.

Being the headman, he did keeping the Nyabong/ cockfighting culture in his longhouse but with his authority he is able to confine such addictive culture in check. Quite systematic actually with many set of diciplines to follow like always keep the prized cock healthy and tip top condition. Wash them in running river gently instead of using  collected rain water. The code here is practice with honour and that is Apai Alak try to preserve and teach the youngsters to follow. Come the big day weekend, all the best cock fighters will assemble their ‘warrior’ and only the best and the VERY best win and winner takes ALL. People put their trust and money for all your effort in raising the best cock. Reputation can only bring more money and glory. But do the opposite, no one can guarantee your chance next. You live or die. Don’t come to show your face. Cheat will be condemn to death. Mati nuan nyak. Even the Foochow towkays fear this and know the Dayak will not spare your life for being the cheat. It’s big business and money involved. One towkay have to count all the biddings alone in hours amounting to few RM hundred thousands of betting money. Dare to piss it all like putting a metal sheet on cock’s chest like one from Philipino guy that try to cheat. You just assume what happen to him though. This is a game for gentlemen, a warrior’s game. Hundreds of years of tradition and custom to be respected and followed strictly. Fight with all your bare hands and fight to the end. Manhood at the very best of test. The only thing to ensure you’re dead is by cutting your opponent’s head off. Yes, the happy ‘ol headhunting years. You yourself and no cheat. Man to man battle in a miniature scale, that is the Nyabong cockfighting.

Having said that, no one can separate folks like Apai Alak from what they believe and feel honour to keep it. Just like tattoo your body according to the spirits endowed according to your animal signs. Tattoo you throat and endure pain for a month eat nothing but porridge…just beat it. It’s much more than that, folks. Nobody ask you to take it but instinct holds you otherwise. It’s the Dayak instinct, the gut feeling that probably explain why Dayaks behave like that and stubbornly grip it no matter what. Things like they believe in rice spirits that helps their paddy harvest, sacred trees, sacred birds, crocs may choose non-Dayak flesh over Dayak flesh if Dayak respect the crocs, illness due to disrespect to hidden spirits…all of these you all folks find nonsense in this internet free-porn age of virtual modern indulgence. Ironically nothing can stop the Dayaks to discard their believe anytime soon. Not even one-man gang J*bu. Not even with that distribution of Manual Adat Iban just to mock and remind the Dayak longhouse chiefs of their astute knowledge of Dayak customs/ Adat Dayak Iban. It is J*bu that mock and disrespect Adat Iban, the very Dayak custom that have endure all battles and destruction attempted by Brunei sultanate goons, the Brooke Rajahs and down to the present Melanau dynasty maniacs, all of them bollocks that try to destroy the very thing that created Dayak until today.

Yes, the Dayaks may embrace casual drinkings starting with the younger generation of Dayak although binge drinking alcoholic is hard to resist. It’s all about guidance. Dayaks are very enthuastic about running a drinking joints but require proper support if we wish to produce immaculate Irish pubs business by the Dayaks for the Dayak drinkers. The same goes to cockfighting gambling. Gambling by any form if purely regulated, legalised can easily become integral part of economy and bleed life to any barren dry draught lands but Borneo is no Vegas where casino industry is the only ultimate solution to change a desert into vibrant city, decadence-promoting aside. It is the believe that you can hold the custom in orderly manner that eventually what make the custom alive and worth keeping it. A custom is very much valued if no attempt to manipulation by one man and slowly reduce the core value of it, instead of improving and preserved it. But that is what J*bu trying to do to Dayak Adat: dubiously manipulate, alter, redefine it as Adat Ngundi BN. With the people that hold the precious custom on behalf of the Dayaks such as the Tuai Rumah/ longhouse chiefs already some of them letting themselves to be used and corrupted, the Dayak Adat surely and slowly in great jeopardy. It is a sad precedence for Dayaks with State Land Code already altered for legitimised the native land grabs for the cronies and now this type of diminishment of Dayak Adat into Adat Ngundi BN. Worst of all it’s all done by the very (fake) Dayak leader like J*bu that suppose to protect and preserve it, all in the name of serving the enemy Yang Dikasihi.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

My response to this nonsensical manipulation of adat:

Really? Never mix the religion, belief system in politics?

Then what the hell is J*bu doing in distributing the so-called Manual Adat Iban to longhouse chiefs/ TR? Since when Dayak adat must view outside elements deemed disrespectful? Or specifically mention the name PKR as disrespectful? Why don’t J*bu create another Adat Dayak Manual to curb the drinking and nyabong gambling culture? You see folks, it’s J*bu that mock the Dayak adat for his own myopic brand of politics. How about those masking the unfair state land code to rob the native land and give it to the plantation cronies? Any Dayak adat can be quoted to denouce such disrespect for Dayak rights huh? You know that some excavator operator died in Bakun after he tried to flatten a sacred tree feared by the Punans prior for access road to the dam? Isn’t it a disrecpect for Dayak adat?

What if that sacred bird to Dayaks called burong ketupong or burong girik suddenly whistle ‘krik krik kuok kuok ngundi p-k-r’ and all Dayaks must obey, do not do anything do not work except go out and vote p-k-r? Don’t you know a Dayak can shoot the bird and prevent the ill-fated from happening, like death? What, shoot all that birds available whenever Dayak spot it? You can mock the belief system but never attempt to rewrite or redefine it to your whims and fancies. The Dayak adat exist long before the Dayak knew what is that thing called democracy plus political parties BN or PKR while Brooke Rajahs try in vain to search that magic metal inserted in some Dayak warriors’ vein to make you ‘kebal’ or invincible which the Dayak still holds today, and sadly sold to the highest bidder.

Black magic you might think of Dayak adats but Dayak know whom to believe. So you take some Dayak adat manual rather more than its face value? Better rewrite it and specifically mention by wording all the opposition names possible and make it a new custom/adat to vote for BN. Adat Ngundi BN, that’s sound better and simply perfect. How about the Holy Bible then? Why not distribute it to all Dayak leaders, to all tuai rumah? Yes, distribute Holy Bibles. What, sound mocking the knowledge of Dayak about Christianity? Don’t know the meaning of Steal and Bribe is the same? Don’t shoot the burong ketupong/girik because Thou shall not kill?

Enough of this outsider-adat crap. Leave the Dayak adat alone to the Dayaks and WRONG for one man to dubiously manipulate it.

Adat Ngundi BN? Here’s how to piss it: