Greetings Dayaks. Nope, I still chant Ohhhaaaiii to you all! Afterall, let things calm and settle down. Just like yoga…cool hmmmm ommm ommm…

Ok. First and foremost, don’t feel demotivated as the real battle has just begun. It is just a b(u)y-election in Batang Ai but it is BN who treated it as the final frontier of all motherfuckin’ madness to stop the under-strength opposition. Yes, they win but this is the first time in full internet glory how corrupted they for all of us to witness first hand. It is up for the opposition to file all the evidence but that is another news for another day. In all fairness, Batang Ai voters deserved their crumbs albeit the hard-etched Sakai Mentality still intact most probably til the new crop of voters will replace the current old bollocks. That is another 30 years of waiting, and perhaps still prefer Johor as their second home until they coming back and new mentality within.

For Pakatan pact, it is the time to let the double-agents spot themselves and we shall see the real Dayaks left behind. Probably a new Pakatan chief must be appointed with  DS Anwar must step down, a Dayak Pakatan chief would be ideal. The sense of ‘local-ness’ still very much respected and a must prequisite to meet the voters’ demand. The idea of ‘Change’ must remain but respect the local idea of how ‘Change’ would be implemented. There are enough local Dayak leaders to replace Anwar. Then the sentiment of a local Dayak fighters will be very much appreciated on the ground. There’s nothing against Anwar but respect the local request. Anwar is a terrific great leader but not for Sarawak opposition pact. Advisor, yes he is. He can negotiate to ensure straight fights but leave the final say to the Dayaks. Multi-racialism is non-issue as Dayaks can work together with DAP and DAP with their more tolerant approach is more than willing to accept a local Dayak leader to lead the Sarawak Pakatan pact. Here, we are humble enough to accept defeat but it is a good warning of weaknesses for the next state election (which could be earlier). The real danger is that the threat of crossover in Federal level still in progress and with two wins for Pakatan peninsular, Yang Dikasihi will trigger early DUN dissolution and regardless new Pakatan-lead Federal govt, BN still chip in on Sarawak state. It will be two years or less to regroup and start from scratch again.

The issue now is a sense of Dayak salvation. Yes, it is just one DUN seat and doesn’t change the total DUN equation but the wave of ‘Change’ already started and spread all out for all Dayaks, including you and me. Things that try to kill you can only make stronger, like in this case just a single defeat. We should enjoy the fun of BN’s candid in broad daylight try by hook and by crook to win badly after just a call for Dayak to embrace ‘Change’ and flurry of BN’s bribes development coming. For us it’s not the case as the full state election is the real deal. Afterall, not bad for a tiny band of internet awareness by the Dayaks for the Dayaks. The spread is just begun and nothing can stop it. As far as BN is concerned, they are afraid of their own ghost and at any cost will try to bury it. The same goes to SNAP and PBDS now, they still tangle up with the bollocks of ‘BN supporter at Federal but opposition at state’ mantra. Both of them must kick out the Chinese bollocks once and for all then rebuilt or even merged themselves with all-Dayak representations if they wish to. These bollocks should have just fuck themselves off and join SUPP graveyard instead. Our Chinese brotherhood still rest assured on DAP.

So what next for PKR? Study the voters’ demand first and you’ll see which one you can take. Never deny SNAP-PBDS entity in capturing the Iban heartlands. In fact, SNAP should yield better results as the Dayaks in former SNAP stronghold not necessarily have short memory. They want their men back. My best bet PKR will get big success in sub-urban areas which the Dayak formed one of the major electorates. Perhaps the Dayak Bidayuh areas where growing frustration has been kept to prove a point. Bidayuhs are pissed at DBNA and nobody gave their mandate to support Najib but the few self-centred leaders are. Educated Dayaks are frustrated, especially the Bidayuhs. PKR is their salvation and already even the Bidayuh BN supporters are making the switch now. The hotspot is Bengoh, Opar DUN and Mambong MP seats, the three most hated Bidayuh goons. Unlike the Dayak Iban voters, these Bidayuh area voters are more urbane but their votes being denied by some Chinese SUPP votes and Malay BN-centred votes. This is where DAP will the push the ground for PKR to wrestle some seats.

Well, the fight is still raging and more determined as ever. The only request is that a Dayak leader must lead the opposition pact in Sarawak and that is the single factor that Dayak electorate will see as their final salvation. A focal point. A salvation against Yang Dikasihi and his minions running personal political dynasty. A simple salvation for the simple-minded Dayaks. Yes, simple mediocre mentality may require simple, local political ploys. Back to drawing board for PKR. That is Sarawak actually, simple no-brainer politics any amount of money will do a big favour. Above all, the Dayaks must be lead by the Dayaks. Beyond Anwar or Yang Dikasihi. Sarawak for Sarawakians might hold true but the truth is a hardy Dayak request: a Dayak ‘Change’ salvation lead by the Dayaks.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Terminator Salvation movie is exactly what the Dayak real dilemma, a helpless Dayak fighting the BN machine. But not for too long. It’s just a battle of one big Dayak war ahead. What, you give up just after one battle? No, Dayak never fall back. Dayak is one tough fuckin’ nut to crack. May the Good Friday be our Dayak salvation to resurrect back our hope for ‘Change’ alive forever. Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban! Enjoy your Easter Sunday, folks. Till then.

p/s. Dyaks Blog reply to Dayak Baru:

Dayakbaru folks,

It’s just one battle lost, well not on level playing field of course. Lost for a great cause can’t compare to a winning by a cheat.

Now let us rewind to drawing board and redo some homeworks.
Perhaps, DS Anwar should quit and let local Dayak opposition leader to take over to oversee Pakatan Sarawak pact. DS Anwar anyhow still become the general advisor but the ‘local issue’ must rest with the local Dayaks. In regard to PKR themselves, they know who are the nuggets to flush out down the toilet. Same goes to SNAP, remove the pro-BN goons that keep pissing around. There’s no two way for SNAP with ‘Pro-BN at Federal/ Opposition at State’ stand. Stop that crap and join forces with Pakatan fully at once.

As far as Dayak electorate are concerned, Pakatan must review and listen more to the real Dayak needs. One word: One Dayak. It is very clear the Dayak mentality/ Sakai Mentality virtually still hard-etched to remove. Plus, the Dayak rural folks still prefer anything local. This is where the role of SNAP still relevant. PKR meanwhile can’t assume to ‘sapu’ all rural folks (ciak be liao lah like that) where awareness on Barisan Najis still alien to them thanks to stinking shameless one-sided media. SNAP still can play a very important ‘local Dayak’ role while PKR and DAP must assist as one unit. Maybe on semi-rural/suburban areas where Dayak folks consist some considerably high concentration, then PKR can negotiate to claim more seats. On Federal level, it is more on PKR and DAP to take the fight and increase the MPs on Dewan Rakyat. On state level, it is DAP and SNAP would be more suitable to take on more DUN seats. But SNAP must get rid of the bollocks and put all the pro-Dayak team whereas PKR must practice mutual concessus with other parties. Give and take more. Remember, there are many Malay/Melanau areas that PKR already infiltrate but more fine tuning with PAS to get the same ‘Change’ message to the equally marginalised folks there.

Dayak awareness is commodity for BN while a hidden treasure for Pakatan Sarawak to dig it out. In short term, Pakatan Sarawak must adjust accordingly to the Dayak mentality level and their ‘simple needs’. They are timid and not keen on outside world, which is why J*bu always poking them on that ‘outsiders’ scam. Fine, wankers.

The way we look at PKR is too rushing in bringing the ‘Change’ message to Batang Ai folks in which they’re yet to differentiate the actual evil of Barisan Najis. Time is not on PKR side. But it is a good experience for PKR to know and love the beauty of Dayak mentality first hand. SNAP actually still highly regarded by the folks there and this is where Nicky Bawin might spot-on. Let us all be proud of our common message and it is our message of ‘Change’ that made some kind of mad-cow rush by Yang Dikasihi and scramble to get this lonely small town. In the end, Batang Ai folks would enjoy the development they deserved while the cronies will get the debolotment as usual. Then after Safoca erected the telco towers there, let the folks enjoy the fun of internet and blogging with all Dayak around the world right here at Dayakbaru. The remaining question now, are they ready to buy some PC and at least pay some RM68 for 384kbs internet monthly? Yes, I heard that. Makcik PC, fucking joke stuff huh.

We now shall move on and keep on spreading the ‘Change’ message. Things that try to piss you can only make you stronger. Ohhhaaaiii WooHoo!

One Dayak, One Enemy, One Destiny.