Ohhhaaaiii Dayaks. First of all, let us pay homage to yet another SNUB to Bidayuh BN goons. SERVE YOU RIGHT, BONKERS. Must be a pain in the arse for Georgie Boy to pacify Serian MP YB Richie Riot for not getting his damn boy-toy at Putrajaya, eh. This whole snub thing to Bidayuh BN goons just keep on going like how Jennifer Aniston being snubbed, humping, snubbed again, bang her brain out again, snubbed again by John Mayer. Ahahaha, right. So, any difference on Jennifer Aniston and those Bidayuh BN goons? That would be a great spot the difference, nah that’s another thrash for the day. This is really a good example to anyone wish to study Dayak mentality that is full of crude stupidity, of being duped again and again by BN for nothing. From DBNA fallacy to the recent Batang Ai boondoggles, the beauty of Dayak stupidity in fact unlimited beyond any milky way universe combined out there.

For all the craps we’ve been told that Dayak must be kept under BN forever, the biggest beneficiary will always be back for Umno’s favour. Yes, for the outsider’s gain. No, not the other group of outsider like PKR as propagated by J*bu but it’s Umno the other outsider on behalf of Sarawak BN. Sarawak, and Sabah too, would remain as the last and final herd of ignorant goats before being push into the slaughterhouse. As much as our half comrades in Peninsular keep on rejecting BN, Umno would at least find some solace on the other half of Malaysia that is the Dayaks of Sarawak and Sabah responsible for keeping almost one third of MPs block at Federal level or literally can make or break Umno. Therefore, the game of propaganda on media dailies like the ever-shameless Borneo Post, the no-brainer Eastern Times plus the fear-mongering Utusan Sarawak will ensure the one third of MPs fall into Umno’s fold for at least how long Sarawak BN can kept the Dayaks far from the truth of their own evil.

Perhaps call it the war to keep the Dayaks ignorant. In order to do that, BN must window-dressing all the time. Can’t get Federal minister job? Pick some crumbs like National Service chairmanship. Better than nothing. Semadi nadai. Fuck. Just keep support BN huh. Deputy Minister for Dayaks and feel happy about it? Oh yeah, it’s playing with Dildos to keep you happy. RM4 million for DBNA to be perpetuated as if the biggest harvest of all time and testament of how Dayak must behave and die for BN? Sell-out your daughter to the highest bidder, may the best virgin killer wins. No shame and no guilt to sell your own daughter just to pay some backdated bills. So you got the money and let your daughter become professional idiot. She will come back and see my big tits, she can get more nickels when you die. Nope, she will abundant you like an old stray, flea-infested dog deserved to be crushed by 18-tonnes dump truck so bad that your meat minched flat-out it is easily wash out in the drain. That is how a sold-out must die.

And that is why the message of ‘Change’ is like a tidal wave keep on smashing the shores, like the Simanggang tidal waves made annual event by J*bu only for him to ride the jetski on the rampaging waves. The one-third of MPs will remain the most precious block of Dewan Rakyat and the only frontier by Umno to preserve their delusional Ketuanan Melayu. Well, that One Malaysia crap by Barisan Najis is just a quick make-over of Ketuanan Melayu. Botox on your old wrinkled face. A fake job for the those who are afraid of own shadow. Unlike Hamas, Hezbollah or FARC they are not using Botox to deny their terrorist stand which beg to differ for Umno as well, as Umno rightly must be listed as terrorist organisation against their own people. Now look back and see what Dayak have done to support all these lunatics hiding their terror-mask as government of the day. You the Dayak teacher or ‘gomen staffs’ choose to support BN can only think government of the day will remain as it is and expect quick benefits in upgrading of your meagre salary scale. Very much a bollock true to its form.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

From now on, every tax you pay, every Big Mac burger you eat and GST tax, all gone to Ketuanan Melayu. One Malaysia can only leave a some hopeful taste to your Big Mac but still pick the nickel out of you. And the millions of you choose to eat the crap. The same crap that feed the cronies fat, in a far bigger scale of tax moneybags everytime some AliBaba projects exchange their Dildos. And you the Dayaks choose to go to bed and sleep with it. As thing will come to worse, Umno will come to Sarawak and start planting their MPs and YB Aduns to regain the lost ground in Peninsular. Similarly the Dayaks in Johor will have to get some MP or YB Aduns in Johor state assembly to even things up. A Dayak YB in Johor. Such a One Malaysia indeed, a never-ending Ketuanan Melayu scam which the Dayaks choose to happily ignore and sleep with it. With Umno well-planted in Sarawak then the Ketuanan Melayu scam will flourish like what Sabah did with the Mindanao lanuns enjoyed: a quickie Mykad and a legit voter. The Kalimantan Maduras will flocks here while the Dayaks still sleeping with the Maduras will get their Mykad and join the ranks as Umno guardians. Yes, there are about 5-10 million Dayaks (mostly Christians) in whole of Borneo but Umno can ignore that in matter of few years in a giant Mykad scam for the Mindanao and Madura thugs. They are muslim and ‘Orang Kita’ by Umno and should be the Ketuanan Melayu scam guardians for Sabah and Sarawak. Mission accomplished. One Malaysia. Dayak keep on sleeping.