Pure hypocrisy. That’s all how Utusan Malaysia can get off the hook after front-paged the vomitous crap on defending the so-called protected species bred by Umno. In fact most Malay with forward-thinking would burn this shit-stirring crap outright. For all the nonsensical ‘Pendatang’ by Ahmad Ismail and the reporter being lock-up for alledgedly twisting the ‘Pendatang’ issue and later detained her for ‘safeguarding’ purposes from external threat, it is no-brainer why Utusan Malaysia to be, let say, closed down for good.  I mean, somehow we here can tolerate the arse-lickin’ Eastern Times because we know Eastern Times is a toilet paper joke and always will be but for once Utusan Malaysia really worth next to terrorist propaganda. Think of how Kim Jong Il (North Korea No.1 lunatic) and Sheikh Nasrallah (Hezbollah chief mullah) jointly owned Al-Jazeera TV and issue live TV broadcast calling all the lunatic citizens of the world to kill and put an end to Western civilisation. For the record, this is how Hitler fan his shits and anger through all the German bilds or dailies to portray the Nazi party as the German savior and anything disgusting like those pointed-nosed Jews (but wealthy, scientists, businessmen group) must be stopped and the native German must take command. For starters, how about playing Monopoly game on Poland? Hate the Jews? Let’s gas them. It’s all about hate on hollow ground. This is what Umno will do because they are increasingly paranoid or scared of their own shadow that one day slowly but surely the economically-dominant Chinese will take the political block raising the possibility the Malay on the brink of being the puppet on their own land like the pre-Merdeka times. BOLLOCKS. This is nobody’s fault that one day Malay still can’t stand on their own two feet but their own laziness and backwardness. NEP is nothing but ‘Never-Ending Poverty’ for Malays? So for how long this kind of sick subsidy mentality will continue? Nobody is threatening the Malay except their very own, or precisely Umno.

So to all fair-minded Malays, you may rise up against injustice as what our common prophet Nabi Isa Jesus Kristus urge us to do all the time. Yes, Bangkitlah Melayu but together KITA SEMUA ORANG MELAYU ORANG ASLI ORANG PENDATANG (YANG SAH SAHAJA), KITA TUMBANGKAN UTUSAN MELAYSIA! It’s Umno that weaken the Malays and keep telling the Malays they are weak people that must be spoon-fed when in fact Malays are not beggars. Nobody want to be and perceived as beggars, not even Orang Asli that supposed to be the only real native son of soil Bumiputera worth/ reserved as sole Prime Minister. Nope, all of us have two arms two legs functioning brain so why fear others that do well and should be killed for being smart while laziness must be protected and rewarded? Fine. You want to know why the Chinese are genetically smart long before Western civilisation? Well, they are inter-marriage with the Aliens which explain why their facial structure more like narrow-faced Aliens. Chinese folk legends say their decendent came from the sky and this is all oral history among the Northern China natives. Only Alien technology can speed up early China civilisations and throughout the world it’s all too Alien-familiar universal triangular monuments being built up like the ancient Mayan pyramid to the Egypt’s great pyramids. To fear the Chinese, Umno must look upon other Alien-infested intelligence in other parts of the world. Or if you think I made up the Alien things so be it but remember, there is this Chinese guy named Hang Tuah or real name is Chang Chuah from muslim-chinese Xian province China that is summoned by the Emperor to help Malacca as their crown jewel from the imminent influence of naval power like Portugese, British and the Dutch. The rest is mocked up to feed our high school thinking that is all great about Hang Tuah the sultan protector. Why on earth is that Jacky Chan not given a Datukship for filming Police Story in KL as both Hang Tuah and Jacky Chan are Chinese is beyond Shah Rukh Khan dirty and silly dance.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Got is folks? You and I can made things up just like Utusan Melayu’s fear-mongering shits. Instead of asking the Malay to fend off the Chinese paranoia thing, let us all rise up/ kita semua bangkit and THRASH this shit called Utusan Melaysia. For Dayak folks, you can use Utusan Melayu paper to wrap the Buah Kepayang (which J*bu spectacularly never disclosed) so the fruit can be neutralised of its cynide content other than usual boiling or put in on running river water.