Hahaha Dayaks, sorry my bad. Ok, let us recall the total nutjob by James M*sing, our Dayak Land Cannibalism Minister about the so-called ‘element of smartness’ among the Dayaks. A moment of silent please….Ok Ohhhaaaiii, LAUGH your heart out! For such a serial cheat to come out and tell the world that the smartest thing for any Dayak can do is reject any manipulation by opposition turn out to be one of the stupidest remark so far. Really, stupidest in the sense that it is BN that keep the Dayak voters poor and ill-informed until they become the prized commodity that BN can keep and auction off just to remain as the gomen of the day. M*sing is worried that the more Dayak lack some smartness the easier they can be manipulated. Oh what bollocks! How mischiveous for M*sing to talk about smartness to the Dayaks. Remember, he don’t even dare to admit crony capitalism ever happened in Sarawak, can’t even differentiate a crony from an ally friend. How smart is that for a highly educated Dayak like M*sing?

So when a Dayak become smarter then he’ll not fall for opposition manipulation? But how about the current rural Dayaks without proper exposure of BN evils that keep voting BN yet still get, er, almost nothing? Before M*sing talk about the word ‘Smart’ and ‘Dayak’, it’s better for M*sing to keep the Dayaks poor, ill-informed for ease of BN control since that is all what BN wanted: to keep on ruling. Just like swindling money from the fools, huh. All that shows just how low Dayak BN goons intelligence can be. Oh yeah a kind reminder, to become a delivery boy doesn’t require that much element of smartness though, almost zero intelligence to become Yes Men. Just ask J*bu. Just look at Buah Kepayang envisioned by J*bu to fight Dayak poverty assuming that Dayak are all that naive to wait for a savior from poverty. Well, the scam runned by BN can only be done if Dayak mostly lack the element of smartness. Yes, lacking intelligence. Dayak are not intelligent enough to differentiate all those plantation schemes are mostly state-level Ponzi scam. Dayak are not intelligent enough to differentiate the worth of their vote as long as they received quickie cash. It’s all very hard to differentiate whether you are being cheated on broad daylight if you are lacking some intelligence.

Ironically for M*sing, he try to portray the ‘Change’ message as another form of manipulation which he feared would be easily believed by these Dayaks that lack some element of smartness. Yes, to be convinced by the opposition shows that you are lacking the element of smartness. How convenient eh? Vote BN to show you are a very smart Dayak indeed. At least here in Sarawak, that’s all what the Dayak can do to please the gomen of the day. This is the result of 45 years of BN’s hard-etched cult-like belief to the ever-obedient donkey-grade Dayaks. This is perhaps the longest-running scam by any democracy in the world to deliberately hijacked their own voter’s intelligence. Hijacked intelligence by far the only effective ploy devoid by alternative, bipartisan media and preserving/delaying/keeping development like wine as democratic auction items just to turn Dayaks into BN zombies that can only know best as delivery boys (epitomised by own Dayak BN leaders goons). But not all is busted as Dayak will find some salvation in Johor. You heard it right, our folks in Johor. Dayak Johor are less prone as BN zombies. And that is what all Dayak must emulate, free your mind from being BN zombies and free your conscience from all the propaganda spin doctors such as the ever-shameless Borneo Post, the no-brainer Eastern Times and the subconciously retard Utusan Sarawak.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

The meaning of ‘smart’ for Dayak perhaps a crossbreed of vomitous insult and sacred enlightenment. What M*sing said is such a timely launching of Stinger missile only to make a U-turn back and blow his heat-up ass instead. These poor and ill-informed Dayaks become the prized commodity for BN and it is BN priority to keep them poor but doubt it will not be forever. And this is where the educated Dayaks will change the balance of this kind of hijacked intelligence devised by BN. For the time being, rural voters esp. the Dayaks are the only defence barrier but the message of ‘Change’ is like tidal wave, bore it’s way time and again until the barrier being wash away. You can never enslave people’s mind indefinately. BN can win as many votes out of a cheat but actually lost the total respect from the Dayaks. The war against Dayak awareness by BN (to hijak Dayak’s mind and soul) can no longer assume that Dayak are forever ought to be lacking some element of smartness. Don’t count the chicken just yet.