Morning, morning Dayaks. First of all and probably the first thing most of us do in the morning escapade is get rid of your crap and flush it all out squeky clean. Sometime, you can’t flush it out and that thing is called the nuggets and it really piss you off when your Duck is dry and no other detergent can flush the nugget down the toilet. Got it folk? It’s the  same with some Dayak bollocks with their utter crap backward mentality @ Sakai Mentality still intact in this time and age, plus to your horror try their very best to tell other fellow Dayaks to be backward. Preaching backwardness it is. And with no shame but full of pride for being backward and resistance to any form of modernity. Pretty sick eh? There’s more craps to come.

Blogosphere can be viewed as another form of ever-expanding human progress by promoting greater level of idea exchange. An era of where the flow of information doesn’t depend on your everyday dailies anymore. The result is people become more aware, more critical, more independent thinking, in fact you yourself is an update machine which 10-15 years ago is merely too much for Beyond 2000 to tell. Internet probably speed up human civilisation at current rate leaping 150 years ahead. No, we’re not talking about inter-marriage with some female Aliens (with sexy dozen tits?) as the next level of human progress but suffice to scope down on us Dayaks. Yawn…! Dayak and technology…Yawn…Fine. But this where fucking crap of Dayak bollocks still lurking around promoting their ancient backward thinking upon the new Dayak generations. And this particular Dayak bollock named ‘Pensioner‘ (Dayakbaru commentator) easily epitomised what is the Dayak bollocks all about: they hate blogs but love to leave their nuggets in the blogs.

This Dayak ‘Pensioner’ is the type of slowly endangered species within the Dayak community, really worth as Dayak antique for new next generation of Dayaks to study of how backward a Dayak once can be. It is fascinating given how the world and blogosphere now evolve, many Dayaks with this bollock mentality still exist and even proud themselves for being backward. Which beg the question, can you survive now with such an outdated nuggets? Survive in the sense of being the bollocks of the blogs. Well, for certain instances you can literally speaking. Being an antique is unique and can be a living legend or a living specimen for being a backward Dayak. Against all odds. That is why we must examine how some people can face and manage the odds and wow the people, the very judges of whom will think you have point to prove. Just like the Dayak ‘Pensioner’ and Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle, the biggest surprise of reality show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ basically your next-door spinster (‘Andartu’ as some of you say), never been kissed, no computer, avid church choir, avid karaoke singer and suddenly make the cut and bang! look what happened when she appear on national TV to sing. Even Simon Cowell melted down with her singing, and the rest is internet Youtube history.

So what the difference here for Dayak ‘Pensioner’? Susan Boyle might not the typical 17-year old singing Idol but unfashionable, almost half-century spinster with greying hair but dashing all the way to prove her voice, which resemble what Dayak ‘Pensioner’ trying to do dash the Dayakbaru with typical backward, almost-BN-worship-alike, rural Dayak mindset to woo the new upcoming Dayak generation of why Dayak blogs deemed to be a failure and such a waste. We may amaze of what Susan Boyle did with her great singing but not entirely the same with Dayak ‘Pensioner’ ramblings.  Ok, to be fair it’s quite an amusement to note all of his backward hallmarks given that how much Dayak embrace technology and the challenge of changing the rural Dayak thinking in general and utilising blogs is the least the Dayak can do now to promote the idea of ‘Change’ virtually.

Yes, they are still people with unfashionable outlook and thinking but not many can convince that we should neglect modernity out at all. Ironically, there are certain things too should remain in original form for the next generation to treasure. In physical forms, maybe longhouses should be preserved but rarely some form of mentality can be preserved. Same goes to when kids asking ‘How is the 80s period look like? Still wearing bell-bottom?’ Simple. Just visit Wisma Saberkas or Wisma Hopoh. There, you can feel how 80s like. Susan Boyle also remind us the gown, the dress that don the girls in 80s. Even more hardcore is the Dayak ‘Pensioner’ with 80s Dayak thinking and 80s is the period full of Dayak politics cannibalising each other to show Yang Dikasihi and Yaakub who are the best, the top Dayak dogs. Now, most of them the Dayak bollocks maybe suffer from selective memory but all Dayaks now will never forget their antics, their shameless ball-lickin’ politics that mark the darkest chapter in Dayak political history that continues to cloud the very Dayak now that wish to change that.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Sadly for Dayak ‘Pensioner’, it’s way too backward for asking the new Dayaks to believe ever all the Dayak bollocks and wish to see all Dayak remain backward devoid of progress and thinking development through the new world of blogosphere. Dayak ‘Pensioner’ should go back and fuck yourself real hard. It is the people like Dayak ‘Pensioner’ that degrade Dayak into obscurity and into the black hole of backwardness. Nevertheless, the mentality of Dayak ‘Pensioner’ will not left out as a waste but instead treat it as a rare item of collectibles. A Dayak antiques. And it’s really worthwhile for any Dayak to view a sample of the uniqueness of how an antique can survive in fast evolving world. Susan Boyle effortless and singlehandedly stand out against the odds, unfashionably but convinced us that being outdated doesn’t matter at all if you sing your heart out as long you don’t force it but let it out naturally. But for Dayak ‘Pensioner’? Just a great piece of antique for virtual Dayak museum where backwardness is greatly preserved.