Greetings again Dayaks. Ohhhaaaiii…so many phobia things happened for a month eh? Dayakophobia, Blogophobia, Pencenophobia and then Longhousephobia. Heh! In this time and age we got a Dayak hate the name of Dayak while another Dayak hate the crap about Dayak blogs which in turn I’m really unsure how a pensioner think anyway so as not to hate him but to be aware of him. Ok he did send some email to Dyaksblog mail on the useless-ness of blogging to terrify my nerves but that’s only made me to coinned the term of Pencenophobia. The only reason for being a phobia is mixture of hate, intimidation and certainly feeling afraid. But it is a good study on how these phobia psycos’ mind works and how they hate everything about Dayak. Great bollocks but I choose to relate these psycos in simple movie narrations like Taken and Defiance, and from there we can analyse how pissed off it can be for a Dayak trying to take the very essence of ‘Dayak’ and how defiant the responses are from Dayaks wish to defend the word Dayak. Yes, it’s BN blowjobs to divide and rule the Dayaks. Whether to abuse the longhouse voters’ support or asking fellow Dayaks to skip Gawai to pay some homage to Sarawak Queen of Thieves, these BN goons will never stop their blowjobs for good.

The movie Taken is one kick-ass movie right from the start. Starring Liam Neeson as ex-special agent find himself battling gangs and thugs that kidnapped her virgin daughter from being sold to the highest bidder in a virgin auction den. The price: Euro450k and paid by some dirty bastard fuckface (looks like the hideous YB Willy ‘Ol Badak) but Liam Neeson manage to jump in time shoot the fuckface right to his head. Walla spoiler! But that is what this Dayak fuckface called by Dayakbaru goons as Yusuf Ulu trying to do with ‘Dayak’ to be dropped. And what better piss to know this fuckface came from same fuckface Dayak-based hiding behind multi-racial shit party PRS. Instead of dropping the Dayak term, the fuckface should ask the govt to drop other fucking slur like ‘Lakia’ or the dubious ‘Bumiputera’ which only serves Umno-putra a license to steal taxpayers’ money. To add more insult, the daily like Borneo Post (which broke this shit first) even ask around few Dayaks to approve it as if the whole Dayaks subscribe to it. Fuck you Borneo Post you little slime. And the next day Borneo Post ask again to some Dayak YBs and mostly they are not agree to it. Again fuck you Borneo Post. You stir the shit and go around is it smelly yes or no. Fuck you Borneo Post (sounds lovely isn’t it).

What came next is wave and wave of protests. Even the Chinese, Malays shook their heads and feel all should go back to China and Indon to find solace of origins. This is where a true universal sense of collective defiance arrived. The modus operandi of how Dayak should be dropped echoed the call to replace Orang Ulu with Lun Daya. Again this all fuckface nutjobs. Lun Dayak is much better because Orang Ulu is a Malay word and prone to be mingled with Orang Utan innuendo. Tell you what OUNA, you know it’s a Malay word so will you let us piss off get out from Malaya and formed independent Sarawak Republic in first place instead? If none of the Dayak paramount leaders agree to terms of Malaya and that include Orang Ulu chiefs we now could have Sarawak Republic with initial British administration and boy what joy is that. But no, these Dayak imbeciles felt they are weaker than zero-resources Singapore and feel the Kalimantan Sukarno commies are much worse than Umno which turn out today treat Dayak second to none of Nazis treating the Jews. If ex-commies Chin Peng still denied homecoming, same goes to Yaakub. Let him rot with the loots from duping the Dayaks and rot he will at England. Commies, Nazis, Umno they are all the same fuckers.

This event of a Dayak fuckface leader ashamed of Dayak term means a sudden resurgence of Dayak defiance from ordinary Dayaks folks to the Dayak leaders themselves. The movie Defiance sums up everything you need to defend your own community. Starring Daniel Craig as Jewish resistance leader Tuvia Bielski, he lead all his Jews clansmen hiding in the forest away from German’s Nazi selective killings on Jews. It is no miracle to find ample supply of food to feed hundreds of refugees, survive on harsh winter period, train them to use weapons and keep on moving further down the forest end up joining forces with Russian soldiers fighting the same enemy but Russia still reserve their animosity against Jews. It is only their mental strength and belief that preserve their defiance against Nazi and survive til the end of the war with mostly migrated to America for new life. While Dayak is not under siege in that manner but the traits are. While the top Jews intellectual were recruited as weapon specialist and treated as Nazi comrades, the same thing happen for Dayak leaders and intellectuals today as they opt to serve Dayaks’ No.1 common enemy Yang Dikasihi.

Therefore the scare-mongering of Dayak term is part of the hidden oppressive agenda and as I called it as Dayakophobia as much regard to the ploy of Blogophobia by Dayak Pensioner to shit-stirring Dayak blogs of their perceived useless-ness. No, Pencenophobia is what seems to be the right antidote to counter Dayak Pensioner if he embodied what gomen pensioner used to be as BN goons til their death. If Dayak Pensioner’s taunting on blogs isn’t enough, look no further on how sick BN can be on abusing Dayak longhouse entity to keep the Dayaks voting BN also til their death. The debate on longhouse role is far from over as they are many pro and cons about longhouse life. For once, do not view it as another blunder like a fuckface Yusuf Ulu dropping the Dayak term but rather on how Dayak can become progressive and competitive race. Dayak will never discard the longhouse, period. But Dayak must have the courage to move out and become independent. Give yourself a chance to fully appreciate your own talent. When you live a non-competitive life and look around next to you also another non-competitive Dayak then highly likely you will end up aimless in your lazy and simple life ‘kais pagi makan pagi’.

Different longhouse sets different mentality though. If most of the occupants are hardworking and work their vast area of farms gardens cash crops and practice good saving habits (own initiative to go to the nearest bank ASB agent office no matter what how far), that longhouse deserved to be a good role model. Same goes if you stay in housing estate terrace houses when you see your neighbours with kids all are good students then highly likely you must catch up with the standard bearer of putting good focus on education for your kids. “So your kid enter university already lah?” “Mine too next year.” Fuck it, smart ass.

The concept of being competitive and independent is totally different for being selfish or materialistic per se. You know your own limit and standard so you only raise your bar accordingly. You may ask your Chinese neighbour how/where/when/whom to get a job in Brunei or Singapore and how they keep their dollar currency salary or brave yourself to join fellow Dayaks braving unforgiving sea to become highly paid oil-riggers offshore workers. Learn from others and then you know it’s no secret recipe afterall. Just hardwork and a bit risk-taking. You live in town area make you competitive enough to finally own your own property or house and still have your own Dayak roots back in longhouse. You choose to retire early and taking care the rest of lands left to you by your parents or grandparents and hopefully bear fruit again. Things you can’t afford to do it last time but now you do it back.

With that mentality, a Dayak can have footings in both urban survival-ship and not losing anything he left back in rural longhouse. Or called it live in both worlds. Of course education and employment opportunity play a big role in shaping what you are but it is you that make the first step out with courage. A courage to become a competitive and independent Dayaks. Far from being trapped by BN’s subsidy mentality and scare tactics by the repressive asshole Tuai Rumah that instead for being the local leader the Tuai Rumah is the BN equivalent of Taliban agent as the repressive Mullah for ‘Anang Ngelaban Printah’ propaganda which only perpetuate the poverty cycle like dynamo for BN to forever enslaved the made-to-believe weak Dayaks. Yes, it’s ‘Dayak To Be Kept Poor For Ease Of Control’ cycle.

What really pissing most of us Dayaks is that how BN abuse the longhouse entity to their advantage but to the Dayak’s detriment. The idea of free democracy is almost absent. Tuai Rumah tag-teamed with BN looters to agree on lopsided plantation agreements with meagre MRP funds being used to project BN as caring as they seems to be but only those Dayak already ventured out knew it all as practical fucking bullshit. It is not impossible that in near future when Dayak lands are taken and only the land beneath the longhouse is left so the final salvo for BN is propagating the strata title for longhouse. A hanging from the air type of land title (air-suspended land title). You Dayaks have to defy gravity in order to own your longhouse, terrible shit to believe indeed.

Chinese don’t have traditional farm house except at Kuching Waterfront museum or Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai to remind the current generation of who they are first settled in here at Borneo but you can find Chinese everywhere wherever the river flows. The farm house did not define them. Their survival until now out of nothing is the proof of their own defination. How Dayak can be no different? We bleed the same red blood two arms two legs and functioning brain. You serve no fucking Rajah, no one except your own fate and your own kingdom within.

Now you choose:
1. Defend longhouse for the sake of sudden urgency to defend it, or
2. Defend longhouse for what it may shape you as one cohesive unit but individually you are just as competitive and independent as other races.

Or the biggest mantra of all, the 1Dayak concept for universal Dayak unity. What, the word ‘Dayak’ considered as terrorrist term and a threat to national security? MDC for the Dayak terrorists eh? Fuck. You know what Dayak, the hate for Dayak even for a slightest priviledge already started long before Sarawak being duped into joining the national conjob called Malaysia. Dayak never begged for anything they already owned, rightfully. Dayak will never systematically banished like the Red Indians into the Reserves Land. Respect the Sarawak Queen of Thieves and forgo the Gawai celebration? Typical blowjob for BN. So what you as Dayak the Lakia? It’s the Lakias that feed the Chinese shops every Gawai and Christmas. Yes, that Lakias used to be poor and stupid but afford to feed the Chinamen. Without the Lakia money, the Chinamen can go to Vancouver and cheat the English-speaking French Canadian idiots there. Hate the Dayak stupid Lakia but not their money. So in the end, everyone including the Chinamen have to love the Dayaks and beg for Lakia’s money. Yes, hate the Dayak in order to love the Dayak. This Dayak Pensioner hate Dayak blogs but can’t live to love them. Likewise BN cannot afford to hurt everything about the Dayak behind all purpose or propaganda.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

To all prophets of doom shit-stirring for Dayakophobia and Blogophobia, you can only deserve a lovely Fuck You Nazists. You can kill a Dayak, stop a Dayak blog, skip Gawai celebration or abuse Dayak longhouse for a BN blowjobs but you’ll never kill everything about Dayak. And oh yeah don’t forget, fuck you Borneo Post.