Malaysia, truly lunatic Asia. That’s all can be wrapped up like ‘bak chang’ (pork dumplings in glutinous rice wrapped in leaves) of how this whole tug-of-war between the Mullahs and the Catholics over the legal owner of the word ‘Allah’. It’s supposed to be a non-issue like eating bak chang minus the pork as bak chang share the same glutinous rice for making ketupat another Malay delicacy. But we are not fond in sharing. We are not on talking terms. Decades of mistrust and suspicions created this stupid lunacy.

Why on earth the Christians use the word ‘Allah’ in most of their religous publications like bibles, newsletters, choir books etc? The root is, as usual, the evil of Umno. The early days of  Malaysia formation with the issue of national security well blanketed all the things even to protect the national language Bahasa Melayu from being dictated and used by non-Muslims other than Umno and the ever-goofy DBP. Little did they know that BM used by most Malaysians including the Christian Sarawak and Sabah natives so how to disseminate the Christian teachings and preachings in a simplest common language like BM? Importation of Indonesian version of Christian publications.

While there are many cross-translation of native language from the English publications brought by the early missionaries (Catholics and Anglicans alike), the BM language still the prefered choice. It is related to the education level in early days since  not all natives were that proficient in English. It is only logical and convenient to bring and share the Bahasa Indonesia version of the bible, called ‘Al-Kitab’ (or The Bible). Then the bone of contention comes. The Umno goons found out the Al-Kitab also using the word ‘Allah’ in relating the God Almighty or Allah Maha Kuasa. This is where the gravest restriction on the use of ‘Allah’ become law according to the Umno version of Islam. And any Christian publications wish to defy the ban considered as threat to national security for the fear of Muslims that catched up the publications can be misled by the common usage of the word ‘Allah’ since ‘Allah’ word is reserved to Islam only and that is the law laid down by Umno and their brand of Islam.

How the Christians, particularly the Catholic Church end this stalemate? Consider to use the ‘improved’ version of BM translated bible which replace the word ‘Allah’ with ‘Elohim’? WTF? How about ‘Jehovah’? Who are Umno to dictate the word for ‘Allah’? Now if David Korresh can brand his own cult church and order his followers to burn themselves alive before the FBI catch up their cult animal party, isn’t it the same direction by Umno to dictate what the Christians can or cannot do or face punishment? This is no longer a restriction order or ban but a slimey Umno tricks to prop themself up as the great guardian of Islam in the eyes of Malaysian Muslims. Umno realise that the support even from the Malays were reduced in big numbers as Malays are better informed of the real devil of Umno and this issue would be a goldmine propaganda for Umno, sort of. Just like the previous Vulture-Look Minister Syed Botak says that do not pressure the government into sensitive issues as the Malays are already tolerant enough all these years. The functioning brain will say it is Umno that cornered the Christians from using BM at first place so when the Bahasa Indonesia bibles being used the word ‘Allah’ already there so how can it is being reversed? Reverse engineering like studying back the Russian satellite junk to send another space tourist to confirm that the moon indeed quite round in shape? It is the Christians that already tolerant enough and not owing anyone a single cent, certainly not from Umno Mullahs. Christians afterall are very patience folks, like Jesus teaching ‘after being slapped at right face, let the left face be slapped as well’. Strange but that’s how Jesus dealt with the oppositions. Even Nik Aziz will be amazed of how to finish off Umno with such humble approach.

The issue of the word ‘Allah’ will never arise if the restriction didn’t came out in the first place thus reducing the need to sourcing alternate BM language Christian publications from Indonesia many years or decades ago. For Dayaks, it is common to use Yusuf to call Joseph, Maria or Mariam, Gabriel or Jibrail, Jacob or Yaakub or Yesus for Jesus. It is the same thing, just like the use of ‘Allah’ as common terminology. Time mends, some folks say. But Umno Mullahs never allow it and want to fear-mongering the Malay folks that it is dangerous for Christians to share the word ‘Allah’ and may distort your ‘akidah’ to become infidels or kafirs. Crazy shit.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Since the Christians already get used to the word ‘Allah’ and risk all the cumbersome to detune the word to something else like ‘Elohim’, just minus the word ‘H’ from ‘Allah’ to become ‘ALLA’. It’s still sounds similar and easily recognised for use in BM version church conducts like mass or other prayers. Other option like reversing the word ‘Allah’ into ‘Halla’ but you cannot call God like calling your buddy for cold beer (Holla El Chapo!). Alla kinda OK a bit. It’s AL and LA. ‘AL’ in Arabic (Alcohol, Alchemist words) is like ‘the’ while ‘LA’ is Dayak for some Chinese dialects. So loose translation is ‘The Dayak’ as God. Heh. All in all, it is a mixture of some Arabic, BM, Chinese slangs in one word. Malaysia, truly lunatic Asia.