Greetings Dayaks. Still remember when Borneo Post published the article on Dragon school aka SMK Tun Abdul Razak (fairly hideous name, eh) some time ago? Yes, how you wish we still have all-English medium school right now with mostly English Australian teachers, competent headmaster, almost military-styled disciplinary system all thoroughly intended to produce simply an effective education for all. No racist politics agenda shits like that, nothing. Just a good education system, and yet that simple objective seems to be the heaviest burden ever for Education Ministry to think of.

The implementation of PPMSI or that teaching Math and Science subjects using English language, while a no nonsense originale from sometime the erratic Mahapokrit, a swift move to improve English command to all young Malaysian students is all but a weak implementation and that’s all only after 6 years and RM4.5 billion cost later. We all know how Mahapokrit can create money out of thin air with things like monopoly of scarce items like operating gaming outlets and satellite TVs, and goons like Vincent Tan and Ananda Krishnan are all unofficial money launderer for Umno, the same goes to the ‘flaw’ of PPMSI. That flaw includes the re-training of teachers, supply of notebooks, which made the Umno cronies of those training centres/private universities, IT suppliers rich and happy. Good money for training craps.

What happen next? The teachers are forced to upgrade their degree, some out for personal loans and have to mix their time with family commitments which in the end shows the teachers still unable to command the English language sufficiently to teach the two subjects. A loss of time, money and effort both for the teachers and taxpayers’ money but the big gainers are Umno cronies. When the govt finally decides to switch back to BM again, it’s all simply wasted to the drain. The arguments were hollow and short-sighted, come on, they fear the worst victim are those rural students and admittedly the teachers’ command in English still a major hurdle.

Actually, it’s all about the stupid nationalists’ fear. They fear threaten of own mother-tongue being subdued. Fucking bullshit. Why they just say afraid of American culture, turn into Christianity which is clear reason and don’t hide it. Then you say BM should be uplifted on par with other world languages. But who we are compare to the Japanese, the Germans that already far advance from us 200-300 years earlier. Those developed nations already long time ago compete with the British well enough to put their language on par. Now what is this BM to talk about advancement and developed nation?

That’s why, a good study point is here in Sarawak using the Dragon school example to debunk the rural students’ being at disadvantage. During those 1950s-1960s period most of Dragon school students are poor, rural students which of course include the Dayaks but fairly a mixture of Malay and Chinese students. No problem for rural kids to study in all-English medium. Almost perfect. Interestingly, even the subject of Bible Study was no problem at all even for the Malay students. Such a tolerance and forward thinking in 1950s Sarawak, and it’s all being done in English. Best of all, the teachers are real English or Australians. Now refer those elder Dayaks or former Dragon school students, mostly speak perfect English better than some local graduate Dayaks.

We can only hope that all of this stupid education system can stop. While govt allow Mandarin or Tamil schools to run, apart from govt-run schools using BM medium, then there is no reason to promote or re-introduce the English-medium schools which currently limited to international or private-run schools. You can bet your last nickel that the Malay parents are first to enroll their kids in such govt-run English-medium schools. Or anything that sounds English schools such as St.Joseph, St.Mary, St.Thomas schools in Kuching which mostly the top choice for Malay parents. Ironically, not much enthusiasm for Islamic schools like SMK Agama which are meant for Malay students, what’s more nonsensical for Dayak or Chinese student to enroll such school. Creepy hypocrites, aren’t they.

So what’s there for Dayak students? In most national debacles like this, and how Dayak being the lowest chain of effect, Dayak students would always be the worst losers. It always been that bad, being a Dayak and rural. Twice of the worst. Well maybe not at all. The early poor rural Dayak students of former Dragon schools proved otherwise. Any kid, if exposed early of English language from pre-school, to primary school way up to high school, shouldn’t be a hard objective.  Again, all-English medium schools are not a threat to national patriotism or influence your race origin. You’re still a Dayak, a Malay, a Chinese, an Indian, no problem whatsoever. Singaporean Malays are still as much Malay they are even in Singapore’s mostly English speaking nation. All those nationalists’ fear are a myth and false.

All-English medium school should be given another round of entry to our education system, just as much as the govt willing to listen to the significantly-suspect concerns of the repressive nationalists. With all those sunk cost of RM4.5 billion to implement PPSMI,  that money can be used instead to construct purpose-built English schools, or convert selected schools into English schools or hire real English teachers either as part-trainers or consultants. If you want to go for all English, then all English it is. Same goes for those prefer BM or Chinese or Indian schools, everyone are free to choose. But as hypocrite rule us all, the first to enroll to English schools are unsurprisingly gonna be Malay kids which make SMK Agama would sounds like an obscure mullah college.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Perhaps SMK Tun Abdul Razak name should be reverted back to SMK (English) Dragon and let Dayak enjoying English education system from pre-school to high school again. Nothing much more promising than that. Never bin 2 skool? Throw it away, boy!