Good day, my fellow Dayaks! Ohhhaaaiii! Hot and cold nowadays with that artificial rains all over Sarawak now. As much as I enjoyed all the blogs around and the all the Dayak news with the non-stop bickerings and relentless stupidity for us to see in full blogosphere glory, it’s like the same theatrical trick all over again. It is typical Dayak even quarelling among each other in the same longhouse over a stupid durian tree not knowing it’s all gone by their own Tuai Rumah that sold their only lands to Salcra and their goons. As our fellow Dayak Bidayuh folks currently affected badly by the Bengoh Dam and how the surrounding granite limestone mountains being ripped out without competitive open tender to stone quarry operators, little the folks there wonder it was their own ex-YB that sold almost all their souls to Yang Dikasihi thru his goons Naim Cendera. Yes, that slimey cunning fox ex-YB that managed to convince cheat fellow Dayak to sell almost all their lands just behind the Bengoh’s mountain range (much earlier prior to Bengoh dam start-work order) to provide direct main road access, speedy set up of stone quarry (no open tender due process) and cheap source of concretes for the dam. As for the vast area of logs, the timber cronies of SUPP are all grinding their way for cheap timber for quarry’s site clearance. That is how cheap a Dayak leader can be, almost comedic no-shame to get few bucks so the hell for the villagers to get the peanut compensation money.

That is just one example of a pathetic so-called Dayak leader willing to goon for BN, cheaply. Stinking cheap for a false politic of development. Move up further and wide, you can see the rest of Dayak leaders are nothing sort of loyal brainless pigs. Running around in BN-built den ready to eat any crumbs BN throw to them. Yes, it’s that filthy true scenario. Their world of self-interest was so guarded they cannot think anything else except saying Yes Betul Betul! One can wonder is there any brain left for Dayak leaders to think right, as if it’s all been removed by Yang Dikasihi and replace it with only one instruction: fear me Yang Dikasihi. Dayak can only become a loyal follower but never a great leader, something Yang Dikasihi can be dead sure capitalise on it. With his Chinese cronies all act as gatekeeper for the Dayaks, the tide is hardly reversed.

But real big test is that, what if Umno coming in to Sarawak shall Yang Dikasihi is dead and gone (as another succession plan from Federal BN)? Only then Dayak leaders finally wakes up and feels threaten when Umno comes to Sarawak? It will give a seriously negative image to eyes of Dayaks if our own Dayak leaders choose to swallow their pride letting again another new minority Umno Sarawak rule all over Sarawak combined majority Dayak plus Chinese. The fact that Dayaks in PBB,SUPP,PRS,SPDP and even in PKR or DAP are all mostly second fiddle will certainly in much worse position, a joke literally, to be single-handedly controlled by minnows Umno. Or maybe another window of opportunity for Dayak to break up from Yang Dikasihi’s wrench of PBB-PRS-SPDP-SUPP, regroup finally to a new Dayak party against Umno? Turn to MDC as last resort? When will Dayak leaders will stop being greedy stupid dogs? Remember, from Yaakub to Yang Dikasihi, none will hand over power so easily as many already being fooled as next CM like Wan Madehi, Sulaiman Daud, Abang Abu Bakar, Danny Tajem etc all being whacked out for good. The only way out is for Umno to come in and continue the Sarawak gang-bang, of course squeezing all the top SUPP Foochow goons timbermen for final assault to bring Umno in. Same shit, different name.

That is the future of Sarawak, under Umno. Federal BN will not give up the Sabah-Sarawak ‘fixed deposit’ (while the whole Peninsular lost to Pakatan) in post-Yang Dikasihi era. And that’s all up to our top 100 Dayak leaders-businessmen-politicians to choose, not us the rest of some 1 million Dayaks. 0.0001 percent rule of no-balls idiots. The previous talk of PRS-SPDP merger is just to hack Dayak leaders each other heads off and all will be gone de-registered, again, leaving PBB their last homecoming. The old goons of Chinese Kapit Rajah will always hell bent on destroying Dayak again and again, Tajem Masing or Entulu. It’s easy task to handle the dogs with selecive memory. Now that’s mostly on Dayak Iban BN camp being spoiled, next is the Dayak Bidayuh BN camp to be spoiled, recycle all his Dayak 70s-80s-90s divide-and-rule ploy. Yang Dikasihi knows which Dayak to be buttered and spoilt. Like de-virginised a young innocent virgin lady. Sudah rosak hantam, buang saja cari lain. When PBB finally able to break all Dayak leaders, then Umno will come. Same agenda, different dynasty. Either they continue the Melanau dynasty or Malay dominance, it’s gonna be Umno. Dayak leaders are left with not much option even now, forever Yes Man and fast losing another 2 million hectares Dayak NCR lands in the next decade. Many dams will be built just to feed Malaya TNB, Brunei, Mindanao Lanuns, Kalimantan Maduras all Orang Kita and not to all local Sarawak homes, longhouses first. Dayak extinction gonna be far worse than Orang Utans.

Read this again, think about it:
The top 100 Dayak leaders leaders-businessmen-politician’s total wealth of possibly near RM100-250 million and divide that with some 1 million Sarawak Dayaks, divide again for nearly 50 years after joining Malaysia supporting BN. See the cost of feeding top Dayak cronies sleepy greedy while the rest of Dayaks are struggling, some survive on eating tapioca leaves, preserved wild boar meats and that dog pet-food grade Beras Nasional husky rice. Yes, that’s all BN can produce to feed the poor like Dayaks with Bernas’ Beras Nasional. Bernas, the national rice monopoly co-owned none other than ex Perlis MB Shahidan Kassim and Chinese Kapit Rajah, the same goon again all the way always cheat the Dayaks from screwing top Dayak leaders to rural Dayak folks.

Got it? A very few group of top 100 Dayaks’ greed against some 1 million Dayaks’s hope, future and justice maybe in the next 50-100 years all in the name of being scared to this one White Haired Rajah Yang Dikasihi. That is one man to be afraid off. Really worth it?

Nearly 50 years joining Malaysia surely this is not what those early Dayak paramount leaders like Tun Jugah want to see Sarawak and the Dayaks are being marginalised, abused and exploited. And certainly not to produce corrupt Yes-Men Dayak leaders scared to only one man control it all. And surely that Sarawak’s 20-points agreement can never contain promotion of corruption, nepotism, cronism, abusing autonomy control, robbing NCR lands all of it to deny justice to all Dayaks. Very sad Dayak future isn’t it. Well not too late to join our Dayak folks in Johor or KL, away from Sarawak a place like no other…of hopelessness and backwardness and crazy greedy idiots.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Take the spread of ‘Change’ message as your Dayak duty in any simplest way you may prefer it. It is not for the sake of change alone, contrary to what that Bidayuh BN old muppets tried to claim and undermine the ‘Change’ message. Only those super ball-licking BN leaders would say otherwise because they scared of open competition and open democracy so they use fear tactics if we press for change. Such a crazy psyco! We press for change to spread the message that injustice to Dayaks and all those corrupt and political dynasty must end. The threat of BN evils are real affecting all of us Sarawakians, Dayaks alike all of you have a duty to stop BN rule one way or another. A simple message or prayer will always be a good start. God bless Dayaks, God damn the crooks.